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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Smelling Salts, Please!

Get me some smelling salts;
I've got a case of the vapors!
And it's all because of a book.

This week must be package-on-the-porch week for me
(did you see yesterday's post?), because today, wouldn't you know,
another box came skidding across the rain-slicked porch floor,
to go slam! up against the front door.

I saw the return address, grabbed some fresh coffee,
and got ready for some serious indulgence.

 'Cause what can be better than a box of books?
 Can't wait to turn these pages.
I never pay more than ten dollars for a home decorating book,
and often less, so when this Early American Country Homes was recently published,
it was a challenge to get it at that price.  But I did.  Sweet.

The Irish house book looks wonderful;
the English and Irish have such a natural way of decorating.
I couldn't imitate it, but I can have fun looking at it.

This one I'll bring to the beach house this weekend.

But the book that kept me glued to the study sofa today
for longer than I should have been glued was this:
 It is a book entirely about dishes!
How sweet is that?
Did you know that George and Martha had a half dozen
different china patterns?  Who knew the Father of our country
was a dish devotee?  Now you know.
And here they are:
Guess what is the most popular china pattern ever.
Ha!  You are all wrong.  (So was I.)  Because it is this:
 Spode Christmas Tree, and who in their right mind would have guessed that?
The rest of the Top Ten All Time Best Sellers, below.  Is it sad that I can name every one?
 Among the Top One Hundred:

The book has loads of patterns that I've never seen before,
like these plates with their beautiful fish designs:

Not quite sure what kind of bird this is, but this plate is gorgeous, and it will haunt my dreams.

As my Aunt May used to say, "Could you die?  Could you just die?"
 Mmmm . . . Staffordshire.  Love that transferware!
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of china patterns, nearly all
dinner plates with a couple of smaller plates tossed in for good measure.
No cups, no bowls, but let's face it . . . it is the plate that makes the pattern.

What a good thing that it's a crock pot dinner tonight, otherwise, it might be takeout Chinese at That Old House.
After all, I have my priorities, and today it's the new toys books.
Yesterday, the cellar was again assaulted with jackhammers, as the French drain guys (who are decidedly not French)
expanded their little tunnels and -- we hope -- made the basement truly waterproof.
It's been raining all day and so far, so good.
Have a lovely Wednesday!  Go read a good book.  Or two.  That's what I have planned.  -- Cass


  1. Love the books. I have that Yorktowne Phaltzgraf pattern

  2. I get so excited when I get books in the mail, All of your look great but I admit, I was drawn to the one on the plates. Yes, I confess I am a dishaholic and would probably be on the hunt for a few patterns! Enjoy a good night of reading!


  3. Cass.
    I knew you were a closet Plateaholic..
    but had not a clue as the severity of your particular case..
    After much thought and considerable research, I Doctor Momma Loui♥, prescribe for you complete rest, preferably comfortably settled into your favorite of all spots..
    with a within reach a nice cup or glass of your favorite beverage..
    then you MUST commence reading to your hearts delight..
    from any of the zillions of decorating books of your choice..
    which should at least for awhile,take your mind off the cause of your affliction.. PLATES!
    If the matter of recovery is not sufficiently met in a timely manner, the only recourse will be to subject you to MORE shock therapy in the form of PLATE SHOPPING until you have it completely banished from your system..
    This is not a guarantee for complete recovery.. However, a 12 step process for the same is currently being researched!
    take two and call me if needed!
    signing off..
    Dr. Momma Loui♥

  4. Wow, what beautiful books! They'll help make the winter go by fast for sure. A cup of tea, cozy fire (or blanket) and one of these lovely books would be wonderful. Pamela

  5. I've now drooled all over my laptop!!! Cass -- you're bad! That looks like a wonderful book (the dish one) -- and I covet the others as well -- I love -- where you can get books for $1 plus $3.99 shipping -- I always look there first!

    You are a woman after my own heart! there are way too many books at Linderhof and I keep bring more in -- but they are soooo cheap!

  6. OH- Serious soul sister here! I LOVE books..I dream books...I collect books...and many of my own are home decorating books. You know those clubs they used to have where you got home decorating books at bargain prices? yeah...well I loved those clubs so much that my husband and I both had memberships and he never even knew it!;>) I'm sure they thought he was a mega decorator!

    Have the dinner plate one. I have the Spode. It has been passed down thru husband's family and we do the same tradition with our kids. When they get married we start them off with 2 place settings of Christmas dishes and add a setting every year. By the time they've been married 12 years they have a full service...and then we buy companion pieces. xo Diana

  7. Cass, I would have been glued to the pages too, and Carl would have gone without supper. I love books. The other day at a big box store I couldn't let loose of a book on, what else? Stones and landscaping.

    All the plates are so lovely, I never knew there were so many patterns.

  8. I can't imagine a bigger treat for a fall day. Are you still snuggled up with your new stash?

  9. Hi Cass,
    It was so good to hear from you! I love this post...those are really great books I need to check out!
    And the give-away you won below...You hit the jackpot there girl, wonderful stuff!
    Love your sense of humor!!

  10. I agree. It's the plate that makes the pattern. I would love that book about dishes. I just love patterns. Love the whites too!

    That was interesting about Spode Christmas tree, but it IS everywhere.

  11. Cass,
    Ordering that book about dishes right now! This blogging costs me money. I told Jack this morning no more visiting antique places because I always see something and I don't want to spend any more shipping stuff!


  12. "That Old House" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

  13. I love that book DISH I am getting on Amazon right now and ordering me that book love it girl !!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Cass...First don't you just love that "Nana Diana" :):) I have tons of decorating books also. I will be going to Mount Vernon soon. I sure will be looking for the china. Enjoy your books. Smiles Susie

  15. Oh my goodness, I think I need that book!!! I can totally understand why you lingered over that book. How interesting, that old George was a dish addict and I have always loved the Tobacco Leaf pattern. I guessed the Spode Christmas Tree and I have the pattern. I also have the Desert Rose pattern that was given to me by my dear mother and I love to use my Pink Dogwood depression glass with it. I am now going to place an order with you guessed it, AMAZON. You are bad girl.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  16. *Drool* The PERFECT way to spend an afternoon, in my book (pun intended)

    You said "Is it sad that I can name every one?" I think its WONDERFUL that you are so knowledgeable in our favorite subject.

    We were at a recent clambake & it was drizzling outside, when one of the gals said to me "How do you like this awful weather?" I blurted " I LOVE IT!" Give me a rainy day, with a fire in the fireplace, a quilt on my lap & a book in my hand & I'm happy. Oh & don't forget the cuppa tea!

    I'm off to check out some of those books right now. Thanks for sharing them.


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