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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gobble Gobble Goodwill

Way back on Tuesday, That Old House had a post about my new
Pottery Barn turkey plates, paired with different color dinner plates.  

Curious as to which was the most popular color combination?
If you think it's the red dinner plate pairing, you are right.

Here's how it all turned out:
Robin's Egg Blue -- 4 votes
Red -- 7 votes
Turquoise -- 4 votes
Green -- 4 votes
"All of them" -- 3 votes
And also getting 3 votes . . . the original Pottery Barn display tablesetting plates, which were a golden yellow.
Even though I didn't have any golden yellow plates to use.

This is the tabletop display from the PB outlet on Long Island,
where I got the turkey plates back on Saturday:

Well, guess what?
You just never know what you'll find at our local Goodwill Store.
 And on Tuesday, late afternoon, I found big dinner plates, golden yellow, for 99-cents apiece.
 Pretty slick, huh?

Our Goodwill yielded a few other goodies.
Should that be "a few other goodwillies?"
Maybe not.

Anyway, I found a milk glass pitcher for 99-cents. 

 Silver serving pieces, $1.99 each.  After polishing, they will look fabulous on a buffet table.
They are very heavy, too; they don't feel chintzy.
(Now there's a word you don't hear much nowadays -- chintzy.
Probably because it's not Politcally Correct to offend chintz, or Mario Buatta.)
 And since I'm a sucker for Majolica, and Majolica-type wares . . . a chunky pitcher.
Not old -- from the 1990s I think.  But great color and vintage style.
 What kind of flower do you think this is?  Dogwood?  Magnolia?
 There are buds on the front of the pitcher.  Any clues?
 Well, as that little cream colored, carved Dollar Tree pumpkin
in front of the Giant Mr. Turkey Centerpiece says -- Give Thanks!
For Goodwill, for the fun of playing with dishes, and for friends who understand.

Off  now through the rain, for brunch in New Brunswick with daughter Anne. 
Hmmm . . . there's a Goodwill down there, too.  -- Cass

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  1. Wow...perfect, Cass! Gotta love the price! I have been eyeing those turkey plates, too! I think that's a magnolia. The thingy in the center looks like the ones on the tree at my old house. Hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Love that pitcher -- I think it's a magnolia as well. Not that there are that many on the prairie but there are a few -- they LOVE our summers -- it's the winters they don't like!

    I like the gold as well -- perhaps because gold seems more autumnal!

    Had fun talking to you last night --

  3. Great find. The yellow really works for me! (Surprise) And the serving pieces are wonderful. Isn't it amazing what people don't want or don't like that ends up in Goodwill?

    Chintzy is a great word....I will not worry about offending fabric! lol!

  4. WOW..... great tableset....your Autumn , your HAlloween and your Thanksgiving.... will be perfect!!!! xoxoxoxoxo, Flavia

  5. Lucky you!! I LOVE red but think the golden is best -- love those PB plates!! Sounds like your GW is a lot like mine :)


  6. Cool Deal you found there! Love how that turned out! Can I come for dinner? LOL! Anyway, I also think that is a magnolia! Have a great day!


  7. Isn't it great how one signature pattern plate can evoke so many different moods when combined with different solid colors? The yellow plates were a wonderful find, just right for fall tablesetting!

  8. The golden yellow looks great Cass....Good Will Hunting (the movie) has a new meaning to me now. YOU ROCK!!!

    Here's the weird thing. 15 minutes ago, I was sorting through a huge pile of papers and stuff and there was the November 2011 PB catalog in the middle of it all. I have never received it before and didn't look at it when it arrived....just put it in the pile of things to forget about which I am all too good at. Anywho.... can you believe it....guess who is on the cover? Your Mr. Tom Turkey plate himself. On the cover the plate is on a white charger trimmed in a gold edging. Inside, he is on a white bigger plate that sits on a gold charger. I would never be able to make a choice from all these photos.....I'll have to use paper plates instead and have my sons draw around their hands in crayon. I'll send you some if you want to trade. NO? No thanks? Hey, it's Thanksgiving as in, "Thanks Cass for giving me your plates."

    Well at any rate, your table is going to look Turk-erific. You will show us photos of the spread right?

    Have a great day.


  9. I would have picked the red and yellow also.
    I still have not done any decorating for Fall - can't get motivated. :(

  10. The red or the yellow does it for me and then the green. I am not sure about the blue, to spring like. I love the plates. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  11. I liked the red too until I saw the gold. Lucky find! Wish I could find something like that at the GW here!! Beautiful setting!!

  12. Cass~ One of these days I am going to track down your goodwill and go there before you! You find the most lovely things there. I have searched high and low for lovely things and the best our goodwill has to offer are amazing books. :)

  13. I would have gobbled those finds up too. Love that pitcher. Swoon.

  14. I can't believe you found those yellow plates for .99 each! They are perfect with the turkey plates. I must admit I didn't offer my comment on the plate colour but I did like the pale blue ones depending on what was used for the table covering. But, I now see the the yellow is perfect and the red a close runnerup. It'll make a beautiful table I'm sure. Pamela

  15. I think I'll start using that word, Goodwillies! or good willikers!

    Amazing finds--the plates, the silver serving pieces, and E T C! Your table will be festive --but I'm sure it always is, just a different festive look.

  16. Oh I love your plates and with the gold I think screams fall and Thanksgiving. What great finds. Maybe a magnolia on that pitcher.

  17. They look beautiful with the gold plates. I'm so glad you found some!

    You made me giggle about chintz.
    After you made me giggle about goodwillies.

  18. Yay for the red! What Good Will stores do you go to in New Jersey? I never seem to know where any are...Thanks!

  19. Cass -- I think blue and white go with EVERY color -- pink, yellow, orange, rust, green, red and of course, blue -- even aqua!

    It wasn't too late for me!

  20. Looking good! You have a really great Goodwill.

    Have fun with Anne.


  21. Those are all fabulous! I would love for you to join us for Treasure Hunt Thursdays!!

  22. Cass, thanks for stopping by my blog today!! Looks like you scored at GW too!! LOVE the way your table looks! It's gorgeous! Those silver pieces look like the ones I featured yesterday! Aren't those amazing finds?? LOVE IT ALL!

  23. The gold plates are perfect. Beautiful table setting.

    Believe that you have a magnolia on your pitcher... but then who knows!! I'm no expert.

  24. The gold combo is great and so pretty, terrific Goodwill hunting! I love the pitcher with anything. Your table is all set for Thanksgiving, such gold color for fall. Hugs,


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