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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trees And Teas on Tuesday

In case you have been following the
Tale Of The Giant Oak
and wondering if it can be saved, I have good news.

In brief, there is a large, very old oak tree at the far corner of our property.
You can read my Friday post about its near-death experience here.
The tree in question is right in the middle of this picture, taken
from our dining room.  He is the big husky fellow with the wide arching canopy.

Our neighbors believe the tree is dying; it's what their tree surgeon told them and they contracted with him to take it down.
We see no telltale signs of tree distress, but we're not tree mavens.  So we hired an arborist to give us an unbiased opinion.

He came today, and gave us good news.
The tree, he said, is very old, but is in good health and is solid.

Now we negotiate with the neighbors.  We'll give them a copy of the arborist's report.
We aren't letting this old tree go without trying our best to stay the execution;
we'll call the governor for clemency if we have to.  :-) 
Good Things Come In Packages That Are Left on Your Front Porch.
Yes, they do!
Yesterday, the postman brought a box of goodies to That Old House, from
Kathy, who blogs at A Tiny Cottage On Grand.

Because I won Kathy's 100-followers Giveaway!
Join me as I rummage through this box of wonders.
Just be warned -- I'm gonna take a load of pictures.

OK -- dig in!

First out -- two feedsack bags, printed, tied,
and full of lovely tea bags!
Look at the dried rose in the ribbon ties.  Beautiful!
Maybe not beautiful, but fun; a spider
and some bat confetti sprinkles, tied in a bag
with what looks for all the world like mummy wrappings!
This girl can wrap!
Twelve beautiful notecards by Tracy Porter.
Gorgeous, and also beautifully presented.

Now what's all this?
A couple of saucers, wrapped in tissue, tied with ribbon.
Methinks this package may be related to the saucers.
 Yes!  Two cups!

I adore flower-painted tea cups, but especially
when there are flowers on the inside.  That is so special.

The pile is getting bigger, and we're not done yet!

Filet crochet lace.
Be still my heart.
There is enough of this handmade filet crochet lace to edge a pillow sham,
or to edge a small curtain in, say, someone's kitchen.  Like, mine?
 Oh come to Mama!
 It's a big gorgeous white ironstone platter!
Seriously, this is a fabulous vintage Homer Laughlin platter.
Isn't white ironstone just so pure and beautiful?  It is perfect form and function.
 A vintage book!
It's a beauty; soft green and wonderful gilt.
There's nothing like the mystique of old books.
So many things!  But don't go yet; we aren't done!

 As the old Ginsu knife commercials used to say,
"But wait!  There's more!"

 Beautiful white napkins, with Battenburg lace trim.
And so charmingly presented, with ribbon and flowers.

A big gorgeous lavender soap from France.
I love lavender soap in our upstairs bath,
and am in need of a new one!  Serendipity.
How cute is this little guy?
He's a pear candle.

 Wow . . . growing still!

Vintage sheet music, nicely foxed.
A lovely old crystal drop.  Love the arrow-y shape.

Wow.  I am overwhelmed.
Kathy told me she was gathering things she thought I would like,
but I never expected so many wonderful gifts.
And all wrapped and presented with such care and grace, too.
 Did I tell you that the box smelled deliciously of lavender?

 Tell you what -- let's have tea, you and I.

We'll use my new vintage cups, because they are simply beautiful!
 Go ahead, choose your tea from amongst the delicious ones Kathy sent in those feedsack bags:

Whoops!  Not that one; the raspberry tea is for me.
 Oh dear!  Mr. Spider is butting in on our tea party.
But it's okay; he seems to be ignoring my raspberry tea,
and instead is heading for one of yours.
I'm good with that.

If you are curious -- and who among us isn't? -- the tea cups and saucers were made by Lamberton, in the USA.
The pattern is "Linda Lee," in the company's Ivory China.  They are pre-1952, as that's when the company stopped production.
Interestingly, the part of America where Lamberton China was made was Trenton, New Jersey.
Does that Ivory China color remind you of any other American china maker?
Trenton is also the ancestral home of Lenox China.

So thank you, Kathy!  Who knows where these cups and saucers have been in their lifetimes,
but just this week they traveled from your home on Alabama's Gulf Coast, all the way back to New Jersey.
Where they were born.
Go visit Kathy at A Tiny Cottage On Grand; her blog is lovely!

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Whew!  Tea is the Tuesday drink of choice, methinks.
And methinks I'm going to go put the kettle on, and brew up that raspberry tea.

While I listen to the jack hammering continue in the cellar.  Story tomorrow!  -- Cass


  1. So glad to hear about that tree! Same thing happened to us... getting a second opinion saved our tree! Hope they decide to keep it ...what a gorgeous tree!! Wow did you ever win big! What a treasure trove you won!! Congrats!

    Miss Bloomers

  2. Holy cow! Looks like you hit the winner's circle with all those things tucked into one box! WOW!

    And that old tree? Well, if you look at the picture you posted I think I see a cross below and behind it on the left. I think that's a sign, don't you? (It's the first thing I noticed) xo Diana

  3. Cass!!
    great news for Mr Oak..
    (I am sure you know your Governor by first,nick and last names, with all his #'s on speed dial on every phone you possess! better watch it neighbors!)
    and now back to the treasure trove!
    you hit the mother lode!
    now I've gotta run and check out Kathy and her blog.. i'll be in the area very soon!
    warmest and congratulatory hugs...

  4. I am so glad the tree is Ok, and even more glad you got a second look. Looks like the first guy just wanted to cut it to make money. It is a beauty and deserves to live. After all, only God can make a tree. Richard from My Old Historic house.

  5. Hurray for the oak tree! I hope this puts an end to the debate. Don't make me come over there and tie myself to the tree, OK?

    What a wondrous bounty of treasures you received in the mail. Gorgeous stuff, good for you.

  6. Wow, unreal and fabulous treasures. Love it all. So glad the tree is going to make it. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. Cass, I am confident you will save that tree. I must backtrack and read your post about it as I drop out of the blog world on the weekends a lot. The gift is adorable minus the spider, I just killed one that big in my old kitchen-ick. ♥O

  8. Oh you lucky girl !! Love those cups. What a sweet gift. One day I'll have to have a give away.....I am just starting to I have a long way to go. Smiles, Susie

  9. Oh Cass, I'm so happy you tree is OK! I hate the thought of trees being cut down. Out in the woods, it doesn't bother me but on someone's property, it does. We had three lovely white birches on our property one time and they had to be cut down. It broke my heart!
    That is one treasure chest of surprises! Wow! Lucky you! Love the teacups {of course} and the battenburg lace edged napkins, the lace, and the tea in those darling sacks. You did very well and Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your goodies with all of us at Tea Time and I wish you a delightful week.


  10. Cass, I'm so pleased to read your wonderfully hopeful news regarding the fate of the ancient tree ~

    Tho the final outcome is outside your control there is comfort and warmth to be found in the
    fact you fought honorably and well.

    It may sound a bit odd, but I suspect that 'old house' people sense and are drawn to ancient trees much the same way they are drawn to ancient/old houses. The old spirits in both seem to call out to us ~ be it via a tired old house, an ancient long-lived tree, a time/life-worn artifact.. They all seem to have a voice we hear! (yes, that may have sounded a bit odd, to anyone who isn't knodding 'yes!' lol) I hope you win the field, carry the day in your efforts to spare your tree.

    And what a wonderous box of treasure - beyond grand! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hi Cass...

    Ohhh...I am crossing my fingers for your big, old oak tree, my friend! It is a beauty!!!

    What sweet gifts! I love the stamped bags...beautiful! And...your pretty tea cups and saucers are lovely! They sure will set a beautiful tea table, Cass! I am collecting a set of dishes manufactured by Lamberton china...the pattern is Puritan. Lamberton really does make some gorgeous patterns. Thank you for sharing your new pretties with us!

    Warmest autumn wishes,

  12. So glad the tree has received at least a temporary stay of execution! What a beautiful giveaway package you received. So many wonderful things.

  13. You hit the jackpot, Cass...what a wonderful stash of treasures!! I love your tea setting and I guess you will have to go out and get some Strawberry tea (smile).
    I have joined your followers list and invite you to join my followers list; as well,I hope you will grab a blog button. Hugs, Gayle

  14. Yay for the tree. We had a tree "expert" tell us a few years ago that our oldest pecan was dead. So far it is certainly not.
    Sounds to me like your new friend either knows your taste or is a lot like you. Congratulations.

  15. Great news on the tree!
    Congratulations on the big win!! Wow - You really got a box of goodies!!

  16. Glad you got good news about your tree -- and I would assume that what was cut out will not hurt the tree! Of course, if I were a tree surgeon with $$$ signs in my eyes I would say that the tree needed to come down -- much more $$$ than loping off a branch or two!!!

    What a treasure trove -- lucky you -- those are really pretty tea cups and I'm like you, I like stuff on the inside!!!! And ALL of your other treasures -- she sure was generous!

  17. Cass,

    I'm with you on letting the tree live. Perhaps you can share all these comments with your neighbors {as a petition to save the tree!} You hit the lottery with that box of goodies. So many beautiful items -- the feedsack bags, the platter, the tea cups and saucers, the crocheted lace -- gorgeous!

    Your Friend,

  18. Cass, I am totally delighted for you! For two, the tree is o.k.!!! Yay!!!

    Two, you received such a wonderful gift! Such a gorgeous collection of items so generously given!
    Yay for you!

    The tea cups are truly lovely!

  19. Well, you have very great idea of shooting food. The world 's most beautiful photograph of nature is very easy to see from your home window. It is best place for weekend.

  20. I swear, everyone with a chainsaw and a pick up truck claims to be a tree surgeon. It's only when one deals with a certified arborist (like you did) that you get the straight scoop. Tree work isn't 'one size fits all' and a giant tree like that cannot be put back once it's gone.

    The best way to tell if an oak is healthy is to see how well it leafs out ... if the leaves are large and shiny and green and thick on the canopy, you're good. If they are smaller than normal, or thinly arranged on the branches, then the tree may not have enough live wood left to support a healthy canopy ... we have one like that, but I'm still not taking it down.

  21. Good morning my dear friend Cass,
    So glad to see you loved my Giveaway package. After checking out your blog I felt you would like it. It was so much fun filling it and wrapping everything I felt like I was sending a special gift off to an old friend.
    Your photos aways amaze me they are just wonderful. Thanks for following me. Kathy

  22. Yay! Tree saved! (Hopefully) but i can say from experience, tree's landing on houses, is no fun! imagine getting a call at work from your neighbor saying a huge storm passed and put a 80 year old tree on your equally old house! not fun and it is really costly! so i can relate if they want to cut it, if its near their home, our tree was healthy also, but it was not any match to Mother Nature! I do love trees, but sometimes, they are just not worht it!

  23. Hi: What a great gift! Love the bags. Your vintage tea cups are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Your post is beautiful, just like that home. Blessings, Martha

  24. Lucky! What beautiful things! *Trying* not to be jealous. And I just love your old house!

    Warmly, Michelle

  25. With regards to the tree, it is actually very hard with agricultural laws set in place to get a tree of a certain age to be taken down. We actually had to go to great lengths to take down a tree in our own grounds when we were putting in a new garage. Also with regards to Annes comment, that is what home insurance is for! P.S buy an extremely rare bird and get it to nest in the tree! you'll be safe then!


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