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Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting Our Beachy On

For the second weekend in a row,
Howard and I had a working weekend
out at the beach house.

While our neighbors were doing this:
We were watching paint dry.  After we'd put it on. 

Last weekend we put beadbaord wallpaper
on the kitchen dado:
Howard, with supervisor Dion keeping watch.
"Raw" beadboard paper under chair rail.

 This weekend, it got its first coat of Moore's Rich Cream:
At least one thing didn't change; the supervisor
still thinks the best place to nap is alongside freshly painted walls.

This wallpaper looks amazingly like the real deal.

We decided to paint the chair rail the same color as the wall, to further open up the narrow kitchen.
I think it helped, and it has a lovely old fashioned look now.

Mostly this weekend, we painted furniture. 
Chairs with Windsor-y backs are very fiddly to paint, and so are end tables with spindles.
Most pieces now have a primer and first and second paint coats, but will need 3rd coats to be finished nicely.
Nothing is completely done, except a few of Howard's projects.
He went to town with spray paint and even did a few baskets in crisp white.

You can see where our interests lie.  This basket is full of menus.

I was Brush Lady, which means I got to do all the fiddly bits.
We had painting projects on the deck, in the garage, in the house, on the lawn . . . .
"What?  What???  I did my spraying; is it my fault you are working with primitive tools?"

In the pictures below, there are some befores, and some "not-yet-afters," as it's all a work in progress.
We left some furniture on folded drop cloths when we went home;
we're not taking any chances of tacky legs marking the new carpeting.

Before pictures -- from 2009.

 And some In-Progress pictures from Sunday evening.

Time to leave; it's late enough to avoid traffic.
Howard takes off for that last check-the-perimeter trip,
making sure all is locked, secured, unplugged, turned off . . . .

Let's not forget the trash!
It will travel 132 miles from eastern Long Island,
to be dumped in a New Jersey trash can.
Is it just me, or does that sound like a Mob hit?

Another of our neighbors went fishing Sunday evening at Plum Gut (for you Long Islanders out there),
and hauled up dozens of bluefish.  He gave us two huge bags of fish -- that he'd already cleaned and filleted right on the dock!
Thank you, Charlie.

Confession: It was not all work and no play. We did take a little time on Sunday for a drive;
the weather was spectacular and irresistible.  The East End of Long Island was jammed with tourists
out to pick pumpkins, taste wine, buy mums -- it was not this busy in midsummer.
("If it's Tourist Season, Why Can't We  Shoot Them?")

This, below, just cracked me up.
Corn?  Maze?  Maize?  So it's a Corn Corn, or a Maize Maze or . . . .
Okay, it's official:  I'm a total dork.  -- Cass

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  1. Oh you are sooo funny. Mob hit ha, ha. You were joking weren't you?
    You guys sure are accomplishing lots. Looking good.

  2. A beach that sounds like a dream! I love what you are doing with yours...I've never seen beadboard paper before but it really made all the difference in your cottage. Everything is looking quite nice... can't wait to see what you do next.

  3. Mob hit! I know all about that because I watched every season of The Sopranos!
    The beach house is looking good - what a lot of work.
    Maize Maze works for me!

  4. I loved your humorous post. That shade of blue is one of my favorites.

    Happy Blue Monday to you, Cass!

  5. Your post makes me smile. Your home is very pretty. Happy Monday!

    Fall Colors

  6. Cass,
    Loved the post today. You are really working hard and it shows. Love the Maize Maze. We have one near here too.


  7. Looking good! Sounds like you may have to avoid the Soprano's in your travels!!!

  8. Well I would love to live in "That Old House." Love the porch especially. You two are more energetic than us, maybe younger too. I would love to be nearer the water. Well we are near the Ohio River but nothing like the coast.

  9. Well, isn't there something strange about brining trash back home!!!!

    Love what you're doing to the place . . .

    And we just made it home -- it is good to see Linderhof again -- after 3 weeks -- we don't hear any water running and we're not up to our ankles in anything so that's good. We got home so late we can't pick up Oliver until tomorrow!

  10. OMGOSH- You got a lot done in a short time! Love that you took your trash home! When you said the supervisor was napping by the wall I thought you were referring to your husband. That's who MY supervisor is and what HE does! lol xo Diana

  11. Beautiful transformation!

    Please come and see my Birthday Blues, have a great week!

  12. Houses sure need a lot of upkeep, don't they? We worked on a rental suite we have in another town this weekend, and then celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving on Sunday.
    Mob hit - HA!


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