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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Marching Toward Spring, In Snow Boots

Welcome, March.
The month that will bring us the first day of Spring.

In keeping with the Old Wives' Tales, March 2015
in the Northeast USA is indeed coming in, roaring like a Lion.

More snow today, piling onto the accumulated snow
that's been whiting us out all Winter.  

I am not sad to see this February pass into memory.
It had its moments.  Valentine's Day, for instance.

The regular visits of our Cardinal pair to our window bird feeder.
Isn't Mr. C. adorable?  
He leaves the feeder each time, and flies up to the driveway,
where he perches on the side mirror of my minivan, and regurgitates food to give to the
handsome Cardinal he sees in that mirror.  Yes, it's a bird thing.
The term "bird brain" suddenly makes perfect sense.

February had its beautiful, quiet moments.

Our yard received its PhD.
(Piled Higher and Deeper.)

Out on the East End of Long Island, the family beach house
was battered by a late January blizzard, and snows that followed.
One after another after another.  A rough winter for sure.
Still, there is a frozen beauty that is quite spectacular.

The snow gave our two dogs chances to look adorable.
Gilda, our Redhead, loves awful weather, the rougher the better.
She eats snow, rolls in it, wears it, lies down in it ...
she only comes back in the house if lured with a tasty cookie.

Her coat has grown so thick and weatherproof this winter,
that she's beginning to resemble a small one of these:
A glamorous Highland Cow.

As for Dylan, he is missing his romps in the yard, but is
managing to find his own fun indoors.  He is creative.

All in all, February held 2 family birthdays for us, and some other revelry.
However, I bid it goodbye, gleefully, with a smile and a jaunty wave.

Spring will come.

I don't really want to know what will be revealed when all the snow
in our yard is finally melted from those areas we have not been able to get to.
If you, too, have dogs you understand.

But I am looking forward to March
skipping away like a sweet little Lamb.  

Goodbye, Old Man Winter.
Don't let the screen door hit you
in the (euphemistic term here) on the way out.

What have you, my blogging friends, been doing to get through this Winter?

19 days, ladies and gents.  19 days.  Spring!
First one in the northern USA to spot a blooming crocus, wins. -- Cass

And special thanks to Karen, the Graphics Fairy, for the vintage images!