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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Silhouettes On The Shades, Or Windows, Or Fireplace . . . .

Last year, 'long about Halloween time,
I decorated our Parlor mantel.

With bats.

 Lots of bats.
  Even sleeping bats.
I found the bat silhouettes at Michaels, all cut out and ready to hang; how easy was that decorating?

This season, if you want to go
silhouette-happy at a bargain basement price,
check out Dollar Tree's Halloween offerings.

Yes, I went silhouette-happy.
Big time.

They are smaller silhouettes than the ones I got at Michael's,
but they are also way cheaper.
So I plan on sticking them -- literally -- everywhere.

In a couple of weeks, you won't be able to look in a mirror or out a window
at That Old House without this looking back at you:

Don't you think these cunning lil' rodents are just the thing
to scamper up and down the conservatory window frames?

Anyway -- just a heads-up because you know how fast the best stuff at Dollar Tree sells out.
Is it odd to use best stuff and Dollar Tree in the same sentence?

That cute little pumpkin with the "Give Thanks" is also a Dollar Tree buckaroo buy.
It is really cute and can stay out till Thanksgiving.   We like multi-tasking.

Can you believe the North East is getting battered by rain today?
Other parts of the USA need rain but it's the last thing we need right now.
We are not out from under the last storm; there are people in New Jersey still without power,
and many without homes at this point; their flood-damaged places have been condemned or need rebuilding.
Every county in the state has been declared a disaster area (and no cracks about New Jersey and disaster areas!).

And . . . all this rain is bringing down the leaves.  Too soon!
Go away, rain and wind.  Come back in 4 weeks, please.
Leaves on the sunroom roof.  Blargh!
Now I'm putting away my cheapo silhouettes in a safe place . . .
meaning I will look for them in October and not find them until Groundhog Day.

I hope I still have the ones I used last year!

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I'm crazy late with this post -- almost didn't bother but I did want to share the Dollar Tree silhouettes.
Tomorrow?  Tropical Storm Irene and our Beach House  -- Cass


  1. I bought those same silhouettes at Michaels last year and will need to get to the Dollar Tree right away to buy more. I love those things. I had bats all over the place! And about this's really gotta end soon, my pump has been going constantly.

  2. We're sorry that you're having more rain -- we need it here as well but not as badly as Texas. We've been thrifting in Minnesota and I came home with an Indies 14 inch platter -- $10!!!! I NEVER get anything at the Thrift Stores!!! Thought about you -- I don't have ANY Indies serving pieces!

    Stay dry -- keep Dion dry -- we pick Ollie up tomorrow!

  3. My husband says one old bat in the house is enough....wonder what he means by that?;>) xo Diana

  4. I love what you did with the silhouettes! looks great!Thanks for sharing

  5. The mice and bats are incredible. Everything is so cute. You are definitely so creative. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  6. Gives me the creeps! Yikes!! I can't believe you're so ahead of the game. I still have red/white & blue up from Labor Day! :/


  7. Girl you are singing my song. I love halloween and your mantel is wonderful or at least it will be in Oct. The silhouettes are terrific
    I also tape them inside my lamp shades. I love the bats and esp. those hanging around. Great post. I am your newest follower, drop by my blog for a visit. I am hosting a giveaway for my soon to have 100 Follower. Thanks for sharing. Kathy


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