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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April's Little Prank

There I was, on the 1st of last month, 
celebrating the coming of Spring
and innocently anticipating March
skipping away like a gamboling lamb.

Courtesy of

Yeah, remember that?

But Mother Nature being, as I always say, a merry prankster,
she gave us this, at That Old House, on the last day of March:

Yes.  Snow.  Snow. A couple of inches, 
and it's still mostly here on this beautifully sunny first day of April.
There are sprouting poppy leaves under that snow!  Poor wee things.

This is not a good April Fool's prank.
Even our own lamb is not gamboling; does he look happy?
No, he does not.  He looks cold.

This snow thing has gotten old.  Really old.  Even older than me. 
And that, my friends, is old.

There is good news.  Today is a boldly brilliant day with deep blue skies and just a few wisps of cloud.  It warmed up, and the snow is almost all melted.  Yes, good news.

Not so good news is the appearance of this guy, below.

He is a groundhog.  
Largest of the rodents known as ground squirrels, he pretty much exists 
to ruin gardens and eat ALL of the tomatoes, squash and eggplants.
All of them.  A very wicked part of me (that I try and hide most of the time)
is hoping that this guy takes it into his head to go play in traffic.

Happy April, my friends!
I wish you a Spring that will start firing on all cylinders very soon,
and an end to cold and ice and snow.  Winter -- vamoose!

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Be well -- Cass