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Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Return of the Blogger

Blame it on physics.  
You know ... that inertia thing.  "Objects in motion," etc.
Well, I've been an object NOT in motion ... 
an object at rest, at least when it came to blogging.

And inertia kept me there.  Like a blogging shut-in.  
Hiding, snuggled in amongst the comfy cushions.

Yes, like that.

But then, checking my email this morning, there, right there at the top of my computer monitor, was a little link:  
"That Old House," it read ... and it called my name.
And for the first time since April 2015, 
I decided to answer that siren call.   

Let me just go get some hot coffee.... 
I promise the inertia won't trap me in the kitchen. 

I'm back.  And I'm entering into the spirit of the season.
Thanksgiving Day is one week from today.
One week, people. One week!

So, yes, it is time to reveal the time-honored
To-Be-Done-By-Thanksgiving List.
This year's version of the T.B.D.B.T. List is modest.
No high-flying, high-falutin' goals.
Simple.  After all, 'tis a gift, eh?

Here it is:
1)  Buy food.
2)  Cook same.
3)  Not poison anyone.
4)  Be grateful for all of above.

There ya go.  What's on your TBDBT List this year?
Oops!  I forgot #5... Find Howard's turkey shirt!
It just isn't Thanksgiving without the Cracker Barrel Turkey Shirt.

That's all, Folks.  How are y'all?
I hope you are well, happy, healthy, and being good.
Tomorrow, a furniture dilemma to share.
With me, it's almost always about the furniture.
Or, the china.  Or, the vintage linens.  Or....
All the best ... Cass

Thanks to Karen, The Graphics Fairy, for the vintage images.
Her website is a treasure trove!