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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Blob Post

Almost exactly 3 years ago, Howard took
this picture of a chipmunk, who was sitting
near a drainpipe here at That Old House.

On this day Mr. Chipmunk, or more likely his many descendants,
would be wiser to stay under cover. 

 Although today looks a lot like this time, two years ago:


When it snows, I tend to take pictures from inside the house.
Our side yard, this morning, from the dining room:

Our side yard, two years ago, from the front porch,
at that odd "blue light" time of day in the late afternoon. 

 I am not the only family member who thinks it's best
to stay under cover on a nasty day.
Dylan is napping in his favorite spot: the back of the Study sofa.
He has never tumbled off backwards; he leads a charmed life. 
Or, possibly, there's a zipper in that nice coat of his, and inside there's a cat. 
My Mom used to say that the Lord watches over little children, drunk men, and fools.  Dogs, too?

Gilda prefers terra firma.
She is sawing wood in the Study crate.
Note to her foster Mom, Adriane -- see how sleek her coat is?  We done good.

While I was snapping pictures out of windows this morning,
I noticed that the Parlor mantel is nekkid.  Like, totally. 

 But I also saw something even more odd
than a nekkid mantel shelf.
See it?  Lower right corner.  Fuzzy cloudy blobby thing.

My Nikon camera sometimes produces an image with
a fuzzy spot, but today I was using my Canon.
Which doesn't.  Make spots I mean.
 I took two of these shots, and both show the blob.

 Have our spirits returned?
Happy Tuesday!  -- Cass 
 (Who needs to clean the lens on her camera!)


  1. Oooo, spirits are saying hi! Dylan and Gilda look very snug. My King Charlie, Coco, decided to run after a bird today. The bird was in the greenhouse and Coco decided to run at the glass rather than the open door! All's well but she got a nasty shock when she went through the glass. She is currently sleeping just like Gilda (mine's a black and tan). I hope your snow clears soon. Take care. Chel x

  2. Wow, the snow is beautiful but only the pictures. Living in SO CA I would probably freeze to death and kill my self outside, falling sliding etc.
    We have had some really warm days in 80's but today it's overcast and only in low 60's.
    Love your house and gardens even though there is snow. Doggies look so snug and warm.
    Hopefully spring will come soon. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Yes, it's definitely a blob of something!

    You certainly have had your share of snow this year, Cass, and here, not much at all. I need to study a recent map to see if Illinois has traded place with another state further south.

    Sya cozy!


  4. Hi Cass, just for you I managed to take my tired self outside where it is 67 degrees and sunny to plant snapdragons in the ground and succulents in pots. I know you are tired of all that snow. I would surely be aching all over with all that cold weather. I am encouraged that you spell nekkid like we in Dixie do. hugs, Olive

  5. Winter weather seems to be never ending this year. The snow you got is headed north to the Maritimes and us along with a storm from Ontario, just to make it more interesting. Maybe some wet noses were looking at your camera lenses. Spring is tomorrow and the good weather won't be far behind. Blessings, Pamela

  6. Clever play on words -- blob post. Sorry about your snow. It seems people have had a real winter this year. Spring has sprung here in the south and the green pollen has arrived but it will get worse. Love that picture of your pups looking up in your previous post.

  7. I love how we chronicle the seasons and years on our blogs. Very important and interesting things go on year to year and here they are written down and photographed. Okay the squirrel isn't earth shattering but it is so nice to see his cute little face and know that the weather that year was warmer.

  8. We are supposed to get more measurable snow
    again! Oh bother!
    Tomorrow's supposed to be the first day of Spring!
    Come by more often-it was great to see you at Dreaming.

    M :)


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