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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Anyone Still Out There?


I cannot believe that it's nearly 
3 years -- years! -- since
I last published a blog post.  

Wow.  I am the very definition of lazy. 
I'm not sure I remember how to do this.

The last time I wrote a blog post on this date of September 18 was in 2013.  It was about psychedelic forsythia leaves in the autumn, old doorknobs and rim locks in our old house, and our two dear dogs, Gilda (L) and Dylan DiPoochy (R).
Sadly, only Dylan is still with us.  
Our beautiful Gilda left us two summers ago.  Dylan is now 10 years old.
Time flies when you're having fun.

And you know what else you do when you're having fun?  
You paint your front door pink.  
Because what looks friendlier than a pink front door?
I mean, who would not want to buy a 187-year old house
with a pink front door?  Hmm?

Yes, friends. 
That Old House is for sale.  
It seems odd to even write that.

When we fell in love with and bought this house in 2008, we were 55 years old, and retirement wasn't on our radar yet, and we never thought, "Gee, all these stairs," or "Gee, our kids will be scattered," "Gee, so many rooms to clean!" or "Gee, how will we pay these New Jersey taxes on a fixed income?"
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But now?  We're both 67.
Yes, time does indeed fly when you're not looking!

Howard is ready to retire.
He is tired of the commute into New York City.

(Even though there is good public transportation.
Tell your friends who might want a wonderful old house on good bus and train lines!)

And I realized, as I went looking for pictures of the house, or pictures of parties or events here, or information on pretty much anything else about our home, as I was reminiscing ... I could find anything I wanted on this blog.
This poor old blog that I neglected for years,
after I ran out of ideas.  Or stamina.
My writing corner, with a strange bearded man in residence.
Where all the bloggy magic used to happen.  :-)
But now, I am going to chronicle the selling of That Old House, the process, the downsizing, the choices of new location, new dwelling

I'll have these newer posts to look back on, when Howard and I are retired and living in a Sears refrigerator box under a bridge somewhere.  Come visit!

P.S.  Have you retired yet?
All best wishes, Cass