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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Farewell, Old Barn

Back in early March of 2012, 
I wrote a blog post about this beautiful old barn,
which is not far from That Old House:

Yesterday, I passed this barn again.
Now, it looks like this:

There is a temporary fence around it.
We've had some pretty fierce storms this spring, with high winds.

I can only think that falling trees or branches
brought down this fragile old structure.

A piece of local history, gone.
Clearly it isn't being taken down professionally; it fell down.

I will miss seeing it in my local travels.
Even back in March '12, it was clear
that the barn was living on borrowed time.

But wasn't it beautiful?

I'm glad I took these pictures.

It's a beautiful Wednesday here in northern New Jersey;
I hope your weather is treating you well, too!  -- Cass

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Friday, June 7, 2013

How Now, White Chow?

Everything in an old farm house doesn't have to be shabby or country . . . .

Remember chow tables?
Those bow-legged Asian-inspired coffee tables
that were so popular in the '80s?

A few years ago, wanting a big square table for our study, 
I found a chow table on Ebay, bid on it, and won . . . 99-cents.

My trusty minivan, with the table safely stowed in the back.
I need my minivan.  Wouldn't trade it for a Rolls.
Unless the Rolls came with a handsome chauffeur.
He'd have to be really good-looking.
Howard, to me, on our way to the Jersey Shore to get the table:
"You aren't really going to pay someone 99-cents for a table, are you?"
Me, to Howard:  "Watch me."

In our study, back in 2009, our new-old Hooker chow table --
all ready to go to work holding coffee mugs and magazines,
and supporting tired feet.

Okay, so it's not a table I'd have chosen
out of all the other tables on God's Green Earth, but . . .
it cost us ninety-nine cents.

And it works.

It is no longer the glamorpuss it used to be.
Its profile is dated; when was the last time someone
bought a new chow table this big, do you think?

So imagine my surprise to find our chow table's Kissin' Cousin
on the front cover of the latest edition of Traditional Home magazine.

Right there, center front of the June 2013 cover, in all its chow-ness.
And floating in a sea of brilliant pink!

What fun!

Our .99 chow is still with us; I have not given in to the temptation to paint it.
It's been through bare wood floor beneath it, and three different rugs.
The one, below, was number 2.

That rug now anchors the floor in my antiques booth.

Ask me why there are two lampshades on the floor lamp in the corner.
Your guess is as good as mine.  Maybe better.
Who can remember back to 2009 anyway?
-- Cass
P.S.  That white chow in the magazine?
It's from a company that's no longer in business!

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