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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tea With The Johnson Boys

Blue and White.
And nothing's more classic than blue and white china
from England's Johnson Brothers pottery.

About 30 years ago, I fell in love with a Johnson Bros. pattern called Indies Blue,
and bought a service for 8 at Macy's in New York, and added to it over the years.  

It's moved from house to house with us,
and now lives the good life on Jabba The Hutch, in our kitchen. . .

. . .where lots of my blue and white dishes cohabit.

Last week, in a thrift shop a bit south of here, I found an Indies Blue
coffee pot -- a small one -- for a really small price.  Six dollars.  Now it lives here, too.

On this Tuesday, it's come out to pose with its blue-and-white buddies, in a tea time setting.

My $6 coffee pot, come to play at tea time.
Care for a cuppa?

That's it!
Now I can go back to doing what I'm supposed to be doing, and put the Indies Blue back on the hutch.

I've said it before; you're never to old to play with dolls, or dishes. -- Cass


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Monday, January 30, 2012

And I Say To Myself . . .

. . . What a Wonderful World.

We live on a marvelous marble, we Earthlings.
How beautiful is this?
NASA has released this high-resolution image of our planet,
taken by its most recent Earth-observing satellite. 

Click here to see it full size, in clearer detail.
Click on the image twice for full resolution.

Whether you believe that this beautiful orb was formed in a Big Bang, 
or molded by a Creator's hands, or fashioned by some
cosmic combination of means, I'm pretty sure
you can't look at this image and not be awestruck.

NASA has nicknamed this picture The Blue Marble 2012,
honoring the 1972 Blue Marble image of earth photographed by
the crew of Apollo 17, on their flight toward the moon:
Yes, Columbus.  Proof that the world really is round.

I am enthralled by this latest image of our complex and stunning
planet, and I just wanted to share it with you.
Have a wonderful week!  -- Cass

Friday, January 27, 2012

Color Of The Year

Not to be thought old-fashioned and out of date,
That Old House has requested that she be snazzed up
with the 2012 Color Of The Year.

According to Pantone, the self-proclaimed color dictators
the company that makes millions selling, well, colors (how do
they do that?), the 2012 Color Of The Year is Tangerine Tango.
Oh dear.

That Old House is 180 years old.
Orange is harsh on an aging complexion.
Does deep orange belong in an old farmhouse?

I made a quick loop around That Old House, checking
if there are already some trendy Tangerine-colored bits and bobs here and there.  

There's this, on the walnut cupboard in the kitchen:

Also in the kitchen, atop Jabba the Hutch, two pumpkin tureens:

I found a hard, dry navel orange, a refugee from the toe of a Christmas stocking.

I guess I can snazz that up for a little orange zzziiiing.

Orange is not an easy color to live with, in large scale.
Especially when it's not Halloween.

In packets of takeout duck sauce, not so hard:

In its defense, as an accent or in accessories, strong orange is striking.
And not in a "strike me over the head with a baseball bat" kind of way.  Striking in a good way.

For instance, this, from Pantone's very own website:

A bergere chair upholstered in that Tangerine Tango color,
which is a very red orange, against a soft blue wall.

Why, hush my puppies, if that blue wall don't look a whole lot like
the color that is Benjamin Moore's 2012 Color Of The Year.
Wythe Blue.

This, from Benny Moore's website: Wythe Blue walls in a dining room:

As luck would have it, we are already on trend with this trendy color.
It's all over the walls of our second-floor hall bath.

 Wythe Blue is easy on the eyes, easy to live with, and while it's been named
2012 Color of the Year by its maker, it's one of their Historic Colors.  Interesting. 

 I have my plan in place.
I will just tell That Old House that she'll have to be content with
wearing at least one of the 2012 Colors of the Year.

What about you?
Do color trends and fads influence your choices in your home?

Do you have plans to incorporate Tangerine Tango in your decor?
There's no right or wrong answer to that; whatever pleases, works.

Have a marvelous weekend!  I'm hoping we are almost done with rain for a few days.
But right now, I'm going to take care of that rapidly drying orange before it's too late.  -- Cass


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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Thrifting Find, and a Van Full of Furniture!

On this drizzly Thursday, my friend Emily and I
skipped happily off into the Land of Thrifting.  And lunch.

But first, we tootled down to my antiques booth, to replenish it.
Some larger pieces of furniture were sold, making room for new things.

We brought down the tool chest I got last week:
We still don't know everything about this chest, but I'm pretty sure it's a machinist's
or carpenter's chest, possibly made by the carpenter himself, or at least custom made.
It was not made in a factory.  The inside lid may have once held two small mirrors,
to facilitate removing filings or shavings from eyes.  We are kind of sad to see it go.
The lock is missing, but you can see where a rod went through all the drawers and
locked everything up nice and securely.  What was in those drawers was valued.

Also the little washstand or telephone table or whatever it is:

And we brought down a chair I picked up awhile ago,
that my sister's been storing on her sunporch.
Here it is, happily reclining on its back in my minivan:

Through the wonders of computer fiddling,
I rotated another shot, to make it look almost as if it's
standing upright.  The fabric is tapestry, in perfect condition.

The old Craigslist picture is the best.
The chair is big, it's comfy, it's in perfect shape, and if you squint
it looks like it's rustic French Empire or Directoire style.
Don't forget to squint.

Now . . . did these things end up in the booth?
They did not.  The sold furniture is still there, not yet picked up.  No room.
(Le sigh.)
So, Emily and I, with the furniture still in the van, hightailed it to
a great little thrift shop, off the beaten path, and it did not disappoint.
Ah, the beautiful Johnson Brothers pattern called Indies Blue.
I have scads of it.  So does Martha at Linderhof blog.
And now I have this:
A pot.  Coffee?  Tea?  Not sure, don't care.
In gorgeous condition, not a mark on it.
It cost me $6.  Six American greenbacks.  Six stinkin' bucks!
Oh, be still my heart.
I picked up a few more things at this thrift shop.
A glass candleholder.  3 orphaned saucers.  A book.
And this:
A painted plate, blue and white, and just right for hanging in my kitchen. 

I like its corny scene, windmill and tulips and all.
That's all, Folks!  -- Cass

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January Nonsense

Ah, January.
That month between Christmas and . . . not-a-heck-of-a-lot.
We don't get a really good holiday now until Easter.
Valentine's Day?  Eh.  Flowers, candy, yadda-yadda, done.

So, January. 
Not my favorite month of the year.  Not Dion's, either:
Saturday's snowfall.

It's the first month of a new year, every year, and I don't like change.
I don't like having to write a different number on the date line of my checks.
I don't like the feeling that the worst winter weather is still to come,
and that the fun part of winter is already over with.

Yeah.  I can get a little crabby in January.
It helps to find things to laugh about.

Like, de-Christmas-ing the house.

You know I love Christmas trees, and have a really hard time taking them down when January 6th
has passed.  My good and patient husband Howard has found a way to avoid having the trees still up
and dropping needles on St. Patrick's Day; he takes them down himself,
and I don't even have to watch the awful carnage if I don't want to.

It's how we go from a holiday riot of trees, to this . . .
 a stripped down parlor badly needing a midwinter makeover:

Howard does the trees.  I get the rest of the Christmas bling.
 After I think I've got it finished, I take a careful walk around the house to see what I've forgotten.

This year, I checked the house several times, declared it Christmas-free,
and it wasn't until the next day that I noticed this:


The front staircase, for crying out loud!  How could I have walked past it over and over again,
without noticing that it was still festooned in lovely crispy-dry pine roping and giant red bows?

Don't answer that.
I probably don't want to know the answer.
Also, don't light a match.

Have a great Wednesday, and if there's snow where you are, I feel your pain.
Ours fell on Saturday -- about 5 inches -- and is pretty much all gone now.

Yay!  Green(ish) grass!
I and my dog rejoice.

A Happy January Day to you! -- Cass