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Friday, August 28, 2009

My Excuse Is -- It's Friday And I Am Not Responsible

There I was this morning, with my paltry collection of roosters, snapping glamour shots of the faux fowl that call That Old House home.

I planned on joining in on the Show Us Your Roosters blog party. However, I had neglected to sign up for it ahead of time.
As Homer Simpson would say, "Doh!"

This is also why I never participate in Pink Saturday; I never think to plan ahead!

Second snafu: Howard worked from home today, meaning I didn't have access to my desktop computer, and after Howard had to re-do his security clearances following my last apparently indiscreet use of the laptop, I was banished from LapTopLand.


So now it is after 6 in the evening. There are potatoes baking in the oven, zucchini on the grill, a couple of steaks marinating, and Howard has finished his work. I am back at the computer.

Here come the Roosters, party or not!

OK, slight cheating here. A couple of these are chickens.
The tiny blue glass chicken is from Anne; she bought it in England for me, back in June.

The pink and blue chicken is by far the oldest of this group;
my Aunt Lillian gave it to me many years ago, when I was very small and fell in love with it.

I am pretty sure that all the rest of the critters were my Mother's. She had a passion for roosters.
Chickens, not so much. She always preferred men to women.


And ... you may remember this bed, in this room. It is a Craigslist bargain rice-carved four-poster, in our pink guest room,
and it is sporting a white matelasse coverlet.

I like the coverlet, but I acknowledge that it is not a good matelasse spread.
It was born cheap, wrong side of the tracks and all that.
Flimsy. No backbone. Easily swayed . . . .

As opposed to this matelasse coverlet, the star of the following mosaic:

Same subject, below, but different collage sizing.
I am playing with the Picasa collage program, and want to see what the different sizes look like on the blog.
Sorry. You are my guinea pigs.

Anyway -- this matelasse coverlet is an Ebay score of mine. It is a twin sized spread from Peacock Alley, in perfect condition, and probably cost a couple of hundred dollars new. It's elaborate and gorgeous and I got it for $30.

High-fives all around, ladies!

It's going to go in our third guest room, the cell that Annie has vacated.
That's among our fall projects -- painting and fixing that tiny bedroom and its attached sitting room.

And now I have spent enough time at the computer that Howard gave up on me, and finished cooking dinner himself. Maybe I can plan ahead, after all. . . . -- Cass


  1. I like the googly legged fellow in the center. Oh how I like the googly leg guys.
    The mattelasse is nice even if cheap. Mine are cheap too. Very plain.
    Dinner sounds good to me. Home alone ;-) not even cooking. I might not cook tomorrow either. Sunday night dinner out. I am liking this.

  2. You are a hoot!

    I don't do the planning ahead thing well, but then some things do work out just fine including this post.

    Your mosaics were amazing...that must have taken forever!

    Happy Rooster Party

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  3. Awesome mosaics, post & home. TY for sharing such a refreshing & colorful presentation approach. Have a great weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Nothing worse than a tacky cheap no-back-bone floozy for a coverlet :) You make me smile. You should tell Howard what I tell Beloved-- I married him for better, for worse, but not for lunch...I need my space :) ps--I love your fashionably late roosters!

  5. You and I can have our own party...I just got my roosters posted and its after 8 pm...Just think of it this way...The best were saved for the last!!!

  6. Cass, you have some real beauties in this mosaic! And who cares if you're late? Since I follow you, I get to see them anyway! Your mattelasse comforter is nice- and who cares if she has a bad family history? Like that we are guinea pigs- we get to see you play. I've yet to do any. Tomorrow's another day, right?
    :-) Sue

  7. Between you & me, Cass, I took a break from the rooster party because I feared hallucinations of the darn things. Way too much technicolor in 24 hours. 50 down...150 to go...

    Your little guy, left corner, bottom, looks like he keeled over. Okay, now I am just looking for the oddities...

    Can't believe that coverlet. I HAVE seen them new and back in the day when I was looking for an antiquee look, I coveted the coverlet. So I envy you, but still like you because I am now shabby chic and I have other things to covet!! ;-)

    And a little secret...get your own laptop. Break free. Run free. And get a crock pot.


  8. Nice roosters and hens! I'm afraid that chickens (eithre hens or roosters) are absent from Linderhof --

    Your new spread is beautiful! There is nothing like a good matlasse spread!

  9. Okay, I like the long legged rooster in the middle of your collage. You have a really great collection.

    Also, your coverlet is very pretty. Congrats on the score at Ebay.

  10. My motto has always been "better late than never". I'm hardly ever on time posting anything for a Blogville party. You have got some great roosters for someone who doesn't have roosters! I love the blue glass one. What a deal on the coverlet!! Good thing I didn't spot that on ebay before you! We would have been bidding against each other. laurie

  11. Fuuny girl...your a hoot...May you have a great weekend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  12. Ok - the one in the middle has to have a story!?!?!?
    Dinner sounds wonderful! Really like the coverlet. Have a great weekend!!!!

  13. You are truly a delight!!! The parade of roosters was totally INCOMPLETE without yours - - - that'll teach 'em for MAKING YOU PLAN AHEAD.

    I bet NO ONE has a collection HALF as darlin' as yours!

    And if they SAY they do - - - sick the hungry cellar ghosts on 'em.

  14. Love the roosters and loved the mosaic. I liked the smaller pieces of the mosaic. So if that is Picasa that is what I am going to pay with today! Very clever as usual, Cass!

  15. Double high five! I love your mosiacs. I find that in my dotage I am unable to plan in just kind of happens!

  16. I love the leggy fellow! Your Mother Roosters are great and I love the blue one! Now I have done collages on Picasa None as large as yours tell what you did. Love the matelasse coverlet and the bed is wonderful!


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