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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good Things Cheap -- 3 or More, On Their Second Time Around!

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As our daughter Anne gets ready to leave (soon!) for graduate school, she is finding and choosing things that she will use in the apartment she is sharing with another first year grad student.

She has shopped the house.

Remember the Craigslist highboy in yesterday's Pink Bedroom post?

I offered it to her for her apartment bedroom, and she gave an enthusiastic yes --
which means I get to start shopping for another highboy on Craigslist and Ebay.

She will probably take this bed, which she found in the attic at That Old House:

It used to belong to my in-laws, and is a lovely old piece.

There is no closet in Anne's apartment bedroom. She found a wardrobe in the attic.

My husband thought it was an old packing crate; it had a shipping label on it from
a foreign missionary, to some once-upon-a-time occupants of That Old House.

But, it is some sort of closet after all. However, I think a nice clean sturdy IKEA armoire might serve her better for the next 3 years, so the old wardrobe will stay right where it is, tucked behind an air conditioning duct.

(Look, there's part of the old shelf from the Pink Bedroom, standing up near the wardrobe!)

The art deco coffee table is going with Anne,

. . . with its hidden secret:

Going, too, the free chair we found on Craigslist.

Also going, the square red table and wire chairs that have been summering out on our front porch. The apartment kitchen is painted pale yellow, and with Anne's red Kitchen Aid mixer and blender, the table and chairs will be perfect.

The little round-back chairs were given to me by my brother, when he was clearing
out his basement. The ice cream parlor chairs I found on Craigslist.
$15.00 for the pair of them. Sweet. Howard picked them up for Annie last week.

And our weekend find: a pair of arm chairs. Big and comfy.
Olive, dark blue, and dark beige stripe:

Carved frames:

They are by Klaussner furniture. We bought them from people who were redecorating their McMansion.
$25.00 each. They are in excellent shape, too;
that is not wear you see on the seats, it is just the nap variations in the fabric.

It may be tricky to maneuver a sofa into Annie's 2nd floor apartment, and her roommate is bringing a long chaise, so we figured these would be a good solution until she knows just what will fit.

And remember the $30 desk she bought at the beginning of the summer and was going to paint?

It's still plain wood, and it's going with as her drawing table. Funny how things work out!

She's got two of these nice French-style Empire chairs, which work well at the desk, and for extra seating:

She's still shopping the house for lamps, which means I'll be able to go fishing on Ebay for more old ones for That Old House, and as for dishes . . . .

Gee, do you think maybe we can scare up a few extras for her to take?

No need to go shopping for those!


I was going to do my Mystery Trip today, but I got caught up in Annie's furnishings, so we'll head for the hills tomorrow! -- Cass

And a note. . . Sherry at Country Wings in Phoenix shared devastating news today about her niece, Amy, who is undergoing cancer treatment. Please take time to leave her a message of support and prayer at her blog website ... click here.


  1. Good luck to your daughter in grad school. I know you are proud of her! With three kids who move in and out of apartments and houses and the loss of our parents, our attic looks like a Goodwill. But it is nice when one of the kids starts looking for something to fill a space :) How was dinner and the "Julia" cooking experience? The pink bedroom is beautiful!

  2. Everything is so beautiful Cass!
    Her new place will be gorgeous with such lovlies. :)

  3. Oh my gosh!! I love your house!!! What a great little blog you have!! I hope you will stop over and check my blog out too. I host a Wordless Wednesday too that you are more than welcome to join!

  4. This is a far cry from how most students furnish a place. Wow. Can I come shop your attic too.

  5. How great that your daughter was able to "shop" the attic. I love that! I wish her much success on her adventure (grad school).
    Enjoy your day!

  6. May I come shopping at your house, please please please!!!

  7. WOW!! Anne will have a beautiful apartment with all these wonderful things and with you decrating it...take lots of pictures to show us how its looks...Great post my friend...Have a safe trip...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. Her apartment will look so nice!
    How cool that you have old mystery furniture in your attic!

  9. Your daughter is a lucky girl to get all of those goodies. Her apartment will be fabulous!


  10. You do realize that Annie will shop your house forever right? I still shop my mom's house and I'll be 40 this year LOL Her place is going to be the best dressed there! Too bad you have to go shopping for that old house now.... LOLOLOL


  11. Wow! Those are some great finds. I love the high boy, what a gorgeous bed and that chair covered in the mustard color is just amazing!!

    ps. I'm so glad you liked the beachy room makeover; thanks for commenting

  12. How fun to have an attic to shop in! Looks like she's pretty much got it wrapped up! thanks for stopping by and commenting on my sunflower mosaic! come visit again soon!!!

  13. Wow, grad school, how nice for your daughter. I know you are so proud of her accomplishments. furnishing her apt. must be a challenge and a fun project. When our girls went to college they shared an apt. but it was furnished. No fun in that. I love all that you shared. Have fun searching Craigslist replacing your things.

    Good luck to your dtr, in grad school.


  14. Thank you for coming by my blog and saying hi! Your home is so beautiful! Your daughter is very lucky! I'd love to shop at your house too! What a deal on those chairs! Her apt. is going to be fabulous! God Bless! Lauralu :)

  15. Hi Cass...well your daughter is all set to begin housekeeping and what good stuff she's taking with her....I love the red iron table and chairs and the ice cream parlor chairs....what finds...I need to get back to Jersey and do some serious second hand shopping....daughter is going this friday to the re-opening of a thrift store somewhere by you...she said they really have great stuff...I think it's in Gladstone??

  16. I know you are proud of her.She is going to have a really nice apt. Can I make an appointment to shop at your place also? :-) If so, I will flip Annie for the highboy.:-)

  17. Hi Cass, What a great post,Good Luck to your daughter... I have an award for you so please stop by my place...

  18. What a lovely eclectic decor your daughter will have with all those nice pieces she will be using.

  19. Wow my apt in college never looked this awesome. I cannot wait to see the finished place :)


  20. Congratulations to your daughter, I know you are very proud.

    Wow, she is going to have a great apartment. She certainly is lucky to have such a great Mom!

  21. What fun to shop locally - and it doesn't get much more local than mum and dad's attic!

  22. Oh my goodness, she is going to have the coolest apartment around!

  23. Its looking fine, you can find more Bedroom Chaise Lounge here…..

  24. Love all of Anne's finds, she will have a lovely nest I'm sure! Those two chairs are beauties! I'm green!

  25. Good luck to your daughter in grad school. I know you must be extremely proud of her. I know I was when my daughter graduated. What wonderful finds. I can certainly understand why the armoire is staying put. The chairs are absolutely "wonderful" wish we could find treasures like that around here.. great post..
    hugs ~lynne~

  26. Your daughter has some fabulous things to take with her to her new apartment. Love the chairs, they are all wonderful, and that Highboy is a dream. I would really love that. Hugs, Marty

  27. You're letting her take those darling red chairs and table?! You are a good good person!

  28. I think you must have a heart of GOLD to send all those lovely vintage thingies with her!!!!

    I must be a selfish pig.


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