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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Would you believe we are still packing away
Christmas decorations?  

If you know me at all, then yes . . .
of course you will believe it.

Because it is Sunday and I am bone lazy, I decided to go back
and look at what we were up to on the past mid-Januarys
since we have lived at That Old House.

On January 15th, I wrote about the cold, here.
It was 17 degrees when I stood on our porch
in slippers and took this picture:

And I wrote about Tablescapes, here.

The metamorphosis of the Sunroom from Christmas
to its usual state, here.
And we still don't have 4 matching chairs for the oak table.
Someday.  Someday.

Mid-month, and I was busy reviving old furniture for
my antiques booth.  Here, the story of a really 
spooky old table, given to me by a picker for free.
And yes, it sold!

Wow.  2013 - our 5th January at That Old House.
And what were we doing on this mid-month Sunday?

Dylan has decided that his new sister Gilda makes one heck of a great pillow!

Pretty much the same thing as our dogs.

I hope you had the weekend you wanted, whether it was
filled with activity, or chock full of snores.  :-)

And I'm still wishing everyone a Happy New Year,
as long as January lasts!  -- Cass


  1. I remember that old table, glad to hear it sold. And wishing you both and your puppies a happy new year back.

  2. I'm with you, most of the decorations are down, but I'm just not in a rush for some reason. Diningroom tree (live kumquat tree) still has the bird ornaments on it, may keep it up. But it's been so nice this weekend, I had to spend time outside...but I could sure take a nap like Dylan and Gilda! Happy New New Year! donna :)

  3. I am so happy for Gilda and Dylan....and the rest of the household! Wonderful.
    I remember when your house was still yellow....and I have to say the new colors are much more elegant! Especially the black around the front door.

  4. Oh my dining room looks the same! Rubbermaid totes and all. I was to pooped today to finish myself!

  5. The last picture is a great one.

  6. Those rubbermaid totes - what would we do without them! I was playing with a couple today, as I cleaned out the attic. (Pin a star on me!)

  7. Cass,
    your dogs are just awesome..I love seeing pictures of them..and I finally got all of my Christmas stuff out of the house last week....

  8. All mine are boxed up and sitting by the closet upstairs - until I organize the closet a bit. Those sweet furbabies look so comfortable. :D
    Have a great week.


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