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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Playing With Dishes Is Safer Than Running With Scissors

I thought I might have a metamorphosis for today, as we de-Christmas the house (finally!) and begin decorating for Ground Hog Day . . . but we still are not quite done!

My goodness, I haven't even unpacked all the many boxes full of festive Ground Hog Day decor. :-P

Instead. . .
I rummaged around in my digital pictures from 2009 to find some of the tablesettings
I photographed over the year, and plucked out some of my favorites to put in a Mary Mosaic:

Question: Do you actually use the tablesettings you create for blogging, or are they make-believe? Answer in your comment, if you leave one, and I'll comment first and answer, too.

Thanks to Mary of Little Red House for hosting Mosaic Monday! Click here to go there.
You will be very glad you did. I promise. -- Cass


  1. Do I use the tablesettings (tablescapes) I create to photograph for the blog? Hmmm...honestly? Sometimes. How's that for an answer?

    Actually Howard is always surprised when a tablescape ends up having actual FOOD on it. But my last tablescape, from Thursday, was indeed used -- and I had to add a third place setting to it, as well.

    But mostly? Mostly, I am playing.
    True confessions.
    Have a lovely Monday!

  2. Well, it looks like fun - I always enjoy looking at the beautiful settings, and I'll bet we all get ideas from these posts.
    Ground hog day decroations not up yet? Better get moving!

  3. What a great mosaic. I love those tablescapes, so neat

  4. I must say I have never heard of anyone decorating for Groundhog day..

    And I will be looking for a new set of dishes for our everyday use in This Old House.. any suggestions? I want something that looks vintage... not sure of the colors yet...

  5. Hi Cass

    I participated in MM today also! You made a super mosaic! Hope all is well with you!

  6. One of my goals is to collect pieces for my Thanksgiving table this year!
    Thank you for the inspiration! Just beautiful!

  7. Great eye candy with all the different table settings! Your mosaic is beautiful and quite inspiring! Happy MM! Christine :D

  8. Hi Cass..
    Do I do tablesettings..
    not really..
    I serve from the stove,filling the plates..
    I do enjoy looking at all the pretty possibilities though!
    groundhog day is nearly here..
    gotta find those darn decorations..
    they may be with missing Chrismas ornaments...
    warm hugs..
    laughing smiles..

  9. Ground Hog Day- think I will skip that one. :) Have a great week.
    Almost forgot - Have not done table settings in a while.
    Have a great week.

  10. Such beautiful tablescapes..if I had the talent to do the ones I've seen I would definitely use them!!

    Cute pumpkin dishes too!!

  11. Your mosaic is awesome, Cass! Had you realized that you had done so many?? It looks like a lot!!

    I would only use my table setting if I were to be in Foodie Friday and I have never been in that because my food, while it tastes good, looks terrible on the plate!! At least to me!

    I am so not looking forward to bringing those Groundhog Day boxes up. Seems one holiday is over and another is here. ;-) birthday is the next day. Tradition goes that if the groundhog sees his shadow, I celebrate.


  12. Love all of your wonderful tablescapes. They are just gorgeous. I use most of mine, but sometime they are just for play. It's still fun anyway. Hugs, Marty

  13. Cass -- you have great dishes and you have great taste in your patterns (alas, I have SOME of those same dishes!!!!)

    My tablescapes are always used and I had a grand time this weekend getting out all the "good" stuff for my MIL 80th birthday party!

    Love your mosaic -- you're very talented in both photography and tablesetting and have selected some great plates!

  14. LOVE your mosaic of your dishes. I am a collector too and I never tire of dishes.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  15. Pretty - pretty - pretty! I have two sets of china that can be mixed up to great advantage. I'd love to have more silver and pick up more pieces to blend in with the china. But being divorced with grown children, I rarely have occasion to create a beautiful table. Too much trouble for one. . .

  16. Such pretty, pretty tables! IF I tablescape, it is for real use. That is why my tablescapes are few and far teens don't let a set table sit for long without wanting something to eat :)


  17. Really nice tablescapes; I've never done this meme but always wondered if it was just set up for a photo and then dismantled.
    Seems like a lot of work unless you sit down to a fine looking lunch or dinner.

  18. Cass,
    Lovely tablescape mosiac. All so elegantly arranged.

  19. I don't own any cool dishes like you have. I always have to buy new if I want to make something special :)

  20. Hey Cass..
    check out Jen's Unglazed..
    A-Z Monday will be back starting Monday Jan 25..
    see you there!!!!

  21. I love, love, love the red and white soup toreen (sp?) I wonder who the mfg is?

  22. Little girls never grow up. I still laugh at Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist and her post about how she was in her yard photographing a doll party and her neighbor yelled over, asking what she was doing and she said, ehhhh playing with my dolls??? Sending you blue skies! Love, Deb

  23. Too funny Cass...someone asked me if I used the ones I show on my blog and I told them every night I yell at Lenny to get his tray so he can eat in front of the tv ha ha!! I mean come on how could you eat at them their no room to even put food out ha ha!!! Cass I don't know if I told you or not...but on my side bar is an ALS ribbon if you click on it you can make one for your will take you to their site...I pray all is well with you my friend...Thanks so much for coming by your one on my favorites...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  24. love all the dishes, how ya doing?

  25. All your tablescapes are lovely and make for a gorgeous mosaic Cass. Mostly there is just hubby and I here, but when I create a tablescape it is usually set for six (as it looks so much better), so the answer to your question would have to be partly lol. Happy TT, Kathy.

  26. Cass,

    I love making the tablescapes. Some are just for show and some we use. The dishwasher is not always kind to some of "stuff" so sometimes a new layer goes on top so I can enjoy the setting a bit longer!


  27. What a beautiful mosaic!! I love all your tables...
    I seldom do this party as I never remember! But I enjoy peeking around blog world to see them all.
    When I have done it, we USE them!
    Of course, playing is lots of fun...oh so much fun!
    More fun than washing the dishes! : )


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