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Monday, October 3, 2011

A Working Weekend At The Beach

Howard and I spent the weekend at the
family beach house, out on eastern Long Island.

It was a work weekend.
I didn't even take many pictures!

We took down old wallpaper below a kitchen chair rail.

And -- with the supervision of the dog in the lower left corner -- put up beadboard paper.

It's not painted yet; it needs to cure until my sister gets out there and paints it.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

We also painted -- or more accurately -- primed some furniture.
We'll be back in two weeks to finish those jobs.

And we covered two old red-pink club chairs with striped slipcovers.
Taken with my phone.  Too tired by then to go get the camera!

The slipcovers are vastly too big for the chairs -- next time out,
I bring my sewing machine and get to work tucking and shrinking the slips!

But bit by bit, we're giving the beach house that beachy look.
Now if I could only find some plastic lobsters . . . .

And speaking of changes -- what a difference a year makes.
My twin great-nephews, last October:
Calvin and Luke with Grandma Peggy
And this October:
Happy first birthday, boys!

I'm joining Susan at Between Naps On The Porch for Metamorphosis Monday.  Click here!

And I'm off now to join a blogging friend for lunch, in Connecticut!
-- Cass


  1. Love the wall paper bead board idea!!
    Adorable babies!!

  2. I like the bead board paper too. Cute pic of the kids! What fun you will have with them.

    Susan and Bentley

  3. Looking good. Labor Day weekend, we labored hard at our other house. But the porch we sanded and painted looks great. Love the bead board.

    Ann @ A Sentimental Life

  4. Time always flies when you have babies in your life to mark the progression. :)
    The beach house is coming along nicely and those slip covers will be perfect once they are shrunk down to size.

  5. The beadboard paper is great! Those boys are so cute, even all messy they are cute.


  6. It is quite a project, but will be so nice when doen. Richard from My old Historic House.

  7. It's looking great, Cass. You will be in love with it when it's all finished {which never happens!} I really like the slipcovers...very beachy and the bead board wallpaper is looking good. Have a good week and relax!!


  8. Oh- I bet you will be so glad to be done so you can enjoy the place! As if we are ever really DONE!?! Gotta love those messy boys! xo Diana

  9. How is that bead board paper to work with? I am going to do it in my entryway but prefer to be forewarned of any issues I may encounter. Saves me from flipping out and tearing it all down half way through.
    I sure look good. I love how Dion is always front and center for any project.

  10. I covered my whole crappy kitchen with beadboard wallpaper, even the ends and exposed box portions of the cabinets. It made such a difference. Mostly it is all painted now. Your beachy look is coming along!

  11. The beadboard wallpaper is a great idea and the slipcovers certainly have that beachy feel to it. Lovely pics of the boys, so cute :)


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