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Saturday, October 29, 2011

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

So what, indeed, is wrong with this picture?
 Here's a hint:  that is the Scarecrow at our sunroom door.
 He and his other Scarecrow friends are all covered in snow.
 As is everything else in the yard at That Old House,
and in the rest of the North East USA.
And it is two days before Halloween!

Now you know what is wrong with all these pictures.
Global warming, my eye.

It's a good day to stay inside, watch the snow fall,
and think about all the buried but blooming begonias, geraniums,
and snapdragons that are having the surprise of their short little lives.
See the lilac tree through the window?
I should have noticed it was sagging.
Look at the next picture to see its fate.

Houses feel so different when it is snowing, don't they?
They feel so much more like nests.

And now I'm going to do more nesting; snuggle in, folks!
The snow's not over yet.  -- Cass

 Oh dear.  I just looked out the window to the left of my desk.
At our big, beautiful lilac tree.

Trees weren't meant to carry snowloads and leaves at the same time.
All the main stems (trunks?) have snapped under the weight.
Dang.  Instead of nesting, we should have been outside shaking snow off the branches.
Well, it's half the size it was, but I guess it can always grow!


  1. So sorry, but glad it was you and not me. Be safe and be warm. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  2. My goodness that is a lot of snow..I live north of Toronto Ontario Canada and we havn't even had snow yet...thank goodness...well enjoy it not much more you can do I suppose haha Cheers Frances

  3. Same thing here. Definitely some climate change going on. Extremes everywhere. I can't say I ever remember it snowing this early and certainly not in any great amount!


  4. I can't believe you are getting all that snow! Global warming indeed! xo Diana

  5. OMG..I thought it was a last Xmas picture!!!! That's incredible!!!! Have a warmo special HAlloween weekend!!! Blessings, Flavia

  6. Hi Cass,
    Yup, it's headed our way too although we are supposed to get it in rain whereas our neighbor New Brunswick will get the snow. Way too early for this sort of thing. Stay cozy, my friend.


  7. Sorry about your Lilac tree. :( Way to early for this kind of weather. I dread Winter.
    Stay warm.

  8. Oh no, your poor little trees! Stay save and stay inside. I hoope it does not get worse!

  9. So much snow already! it's getting warm here 15°C or more, unusual for the season.Blessings Catherine

  10. Oh my, that is a ton of snow. So sorry about the tree. Just stay inside and stay warm, and put a pot of soup or beans on and the world will seem better. Hugs, Marty

  11. Oh, no, not the lilac tree! I love seeing everyone's early snow pictures. So glad I am in the good ole south.

  12. What a shame, Cass! I'm glad you've still got power to light up those jack-o-lanterns though. The news about the weather in your area is "NASTY"!

    Stay safe & warm inside, k?

  13. You got wayyyy more than us, it's all white, but not as many inches! They're saying it's going to continue through the night. We have no power either - thank God for the generator... Crazy weather is right !


  14. Wow, you got a lot of snow! We're supposed to get a bit here too but I hope not that much. I'm sorry about your lilac bush. That just made me sad to see the second photo. I guess it just needed a good pruning. We spent the day cleaning up the leaves, mowing, putting leaves on the flower beds after cutting everything back and putting away all the summer things. What a job. But snow is on the way. Stay cozy!

  15. You DO have a snow!!!! Thank heaven it's seasonal on the prairie -- but those October snows can be dangerous to trees for they're usually wet snows and the snow on the leaves add a lot of weight to branches . . . I'm hoping you don't lose power! That's what I hope!

    But it is nice to see snow again. I assume Dion is staying in and staying warm?

  16. Oh No Cass! I thought of you when I heard New Jersey was getting hit hard!
    I am sure our's will be coming soon, it always does.
    Take care and stay warm!

  17. Goodness! I'm so sorry about your lilac bush! We have had our share of early freezes and ice storms. Hate it when it destroys trees and shrubs. We had 2 of our old oak trees with big limbs down and broken. The arborist was able to reshape the tree and remove the damaged limbs so our trees will stay healthy and more importantly safe as they shade our patio. Hope the snow melts soon..Try to have a Happy Halloween..the poor kiddos trying to trick or treat might really be a trick!! Stay snuggled in!
    Miss Bloomers

  18. Oh...I hope the tree makes it. What a strange bit of weather. For all we know we may not see snow again for months! they predict for Chicago, a wicked winter!

    Stay warm and cozy!


  19. Wow! We don't even get that much snow in the south most of the time in the winter. So sorry about your garden, but I hope things aren't as bad they seem now when the snow melts. I feel especially sorry for the kids who planned to go trick or treating. At least here in the south, trick or treating would be canceled....along with every other snow like that. Maybe you all are bigger troopers than we are though!

  20. The snow looks beautiful. But I wish it had waited to arrive later in the season. Gorgeous photos. Your garden will come back next year better than ever. Sorry about the Lilac Tree.

  21. Happy Snowtober! Hope everthing survives and/or comes back. Please keep the snow. As much as I like it, I am not ready for it.


  22. I heard this on the radio today. Wow, you really got dumped on. Sorry about your lilac. Who knows, it may come back with a vengence. We got dumped on about 3 weeks ago. Melted in one day and then went back up into the 70's. Crazy if you ask me. Getting chilly here now, but no snow. Good luck to you all!

  23. Well Cass, loving snow, I would say nothing is wrong with that picture. It does look funny to see your cute Halloween display and Christmas winter wonderland combined. :-)

    I am however sorry to see that damage to your lilac. You are right that it will grow back but I was sad with you for that.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  24. They said because of the leaves still on the trees there would be a lot breaking. That is just awful. Me made it through our 100 degree record breaking summer in Texas. You better bunker down.

  25. After all the snow last year is this how the winter will be? Oh I hope your lilac does ok.
    It is a beautiful view from your sunroom of the fresh snow.....just too early!!

  26. Cass, I cry FOUL! This is wrong on so many levels. Wow, you got hit with a load of the white, snow. (Hey, they're both four letter words.)

    Much too early for such shenanigans for you; for us it wouldn't be abnormal, just annoying. I hope this stuff melts, too soon to stick for good. I know what you mean about the house feeling like a nest when it snows, yours definitely would be a wonderful nest, mine looks like a crow lives here who loves shiny bits (and other trash) and crammed it full of sticks and stones. Nest-like but not exactly House Beautiful....not like yours!

    Let me know what you do with the lilac now, I have such a problem figuring out the best way to prune those things....maybe Mother Nature has a trick up her sleeve for pruning?

  27. I don't know which is worse, your snowfall or the fact that it's going to be 90 degrees here today!

  28. It does look warm and cozy with the lighted pumpkin....looks like snow surprise in several states today...
    Mama Bear

  29. Oh your poor Lilac! The Big Guy had told me about the big storm in the NE and had mentioned something about people worrying about their trees. Nothing like a little visual aid to get a point across! Trees are not meant to hold both leaves and snow at the same time!

    Is it just me or has everybody's weather been getting crazier and crazier??

  30. Wow - I thought I was the only one around here who got snow - LOL! Can you believe that storm!!?? Your poor tree! We had tons of damage near us too. What a crazy snow storm that was. We lost our power from 1 pm saturday until just a couple hours ago. I am so relieved to be warm again! Thanks for stopping by with your comments! I have a lot to catch up on now! Happy Halloween!

  31. Oh, your poor lilac! I think it will fill out and look fine by next summer. I really do. What a freak storm ya'll had out that way! Much too early for such nonsense. Hope it melts away soon.



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