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Monday, October 31, 2011

This IS Hallowe'en!

That Old House is noisy today.
Earlier, I heard what sounded just like a door slamming upstairs.

But I'm sure it was just some snow sliding off the roof.  Yes, of course it was.
What else could it be?  In an old house?  On Hallowe'en?

So far, no trick or treaters, but we are prepared with a big bowl of candy.
Unlike the U.S. Government, Dion and I do negotiate with terrorists.

But now for something completely different.
"Hello, my name is Cass, and I am a fabric-aholic."

Upstairs at That Old House there is a bedroom, painted Benjamin Moore's Soft Shell, a lovely pink.
Honestly, I never thought I'd ever paint a room pink.  Never say "never."
There's a big high rice-carved 4-poster bed; unless you are quite tall, or you are quite young
and can fling yourself upwards, you need a stool to climb into it.
My daughters say it's like sleeping on a cloud.
 This room still has the remnants of our daughter Alida's brief tenancy here,
before she moved to California in the summer of 2008 for graduate school.
 Bit by bit, her things are being boxed and stored in the attic.
Or sold, but don't tell her that.  Just kidding.  Pretty much.

I'm collecting rose-themed decor for the room.
Like this painting, found at a charity sale on eastern Long Island in 2010.
I think it was $5.

One of my mother's old slop jars serves as a wastebasket;
she used these beautiful old china oddities as wastebaskets in all her baths and bedrooms.
On the slop jar -- Roses.  Natch.
Why am I telling you all this?
Because today I  wasted  spent a lot of time cruising my favorite fabric website, Fabric

Because our pink room, which my sister in law Doris has dubbed The Rose Room,
needs curtains.  And a dust ruffle (the old fashioned term for a bed skirt!).
Also a skirt on the vanity dressing table, and a little bit of slipcover magic.

Meaning:  Fabric.
I was going to use a fabric originally ordered for another room, but it's just not right.
I'm thinking that one of these, below, may be The One.
I have ordered samples of all of them, because computer monitors are never totally accurate as to color.

So . . . whatcha think?





(Yes, same as above, but different colorway.)

(Okay, this is wild, but I love it; just don't know about a whole room with it!)

(Probably not as dull as it looks, in person.)

(This is a tapestry, may be good for rocking chair seat covers.)

(Hope this might be a good accent fabric, or a lining.)

(Yes, I have two pictures of this pattern, as I am hoping that I
can really, really love it.  It is only $3.95 a yard, and from a good maker.)
Hmmm . . . may not be pink-y enough.  Too much red?

Well, in 3 days or so I should have my samples.  Fabric Guru ships fast, and cheap.

It's hard to get the right tone of the pink walls in pictures of that room,
as the pink changes with the light, and often hovers close to peachy pink, almost pale salmon.

My last picture today was as the light was really fading, and the chandelier was off.

Well, what do you know?  That's probably the most accurate of all the wall colors!

Still no trick or treaters.
I think they've been told to stay home, because so many neighborhoods are without power.
We are so, so lucky -- we never lost power, despite our town being in what one of the
New Jersey newspapers called "the epicenter of the storm."  Who knew? 
Some parts of our town got 17 inches of snow; we didn't get that much, but we got . . . enough.

Happy Halloween,
from Cass and Howard and Dion and whomever else lives here at That Old House.

Guess what?  An old picture from when the house
was being painted, before we moved in, shows the Soft Shell paint color best.
When we bought the house, the room was painted sort of white.

I'm not real big on white walls, and there were some (!) wall repairs to be made.
So the painters got to work -- this is the room with primer and plaster repairs.

That's all, folks!


  1. I like the first one best-beautiful room!

  2. Hum #3 and #6 is pretty special, I think the birds give it a sort of Oriental feel. I like that green in both I guess. I like fabric too but cannot sew a lick...haha.

  3. I'm partial to #3. I reminds me of the old wallpaper in my Mom's house. I have the hardest time picking out my own fabric!

  4. Hi Cass! Oh, I love your Rose Room and I have a highboy very similar to yours. I love #6! I know you'll pick the perfect one!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. I like the voting opportunities you present and I cast a vote for #1 as it seems more vintagy as far as the roses look and soft looking!

    The others are good too. And the stripes would be a nice addition to whatever.

    And the snow? I can never remember it that early, ever, growing up in Chicago and NKJ ... wow and so sorry about all the snapping of limbs. Reminds one of our ice storms here in the south.

  6. I'm sorry...I can't choose. They are all fabulous and I just love roses! I'm sure you will choose the right one.

    We had a ton of trick or many older people have moved on and our neighborhood is filled with young families and children. I think all of them came today!!

    Happy Halloween, Cass!


  7. I think #1 would go best with your house (if the pinks are okay) -- the stripe may be a good accent/pillow fabric to work into the room. I do like the birds and feel that may be a good choice for the period of your house but not necessarily in a bedroom -- too fancy! I do like #10 --I often have to make decisions based on price . . . and if you're buying lots of yardage and there is a really big difference in price . . . .

    In for the night -- the terrorists took all of our candy, Ollie slept through it all (for I was outside and he was in) and we've not heard a ghostly noise all night!

    Most of them were kids not middle schoolers -- I love the little kids!

  8. You have some nice selections of fabrics to chose from. I like #2 best, because it reminds me of a botanical print. But it may not look great shirred or bunched. I like the striped one, and agree it would make a nice accent fabric. I guess the swatches will speak to you when they arrive!

    And we got "0" trick-or-treaters this year. And we don't have snow to blame. Never had many, but this is a new low! :-/


  9. Oh.....yummy! Let's see.....#s 1, 4, 8 & 9. #9 for the bedskirt.....and maybe pillow accents or piping. You're going to have so much fun with these...can I come help?

  10. Lovely room Cass! I pick 1 or 6. I like the hint of yellow with 6.
    So many great choices!
    Fun home to decorate!

  11. I'm glad its YOU trying to make these decisions & not me. I struggle so badly with such choices!
    You've got some beautiful samples to pick from, though. I LOVE that bed!!!!


    p.s. We didn't get a single T Or T'er. Guess I'll have to eat that candy all by myself.

  12. I vote for #4 but if I wanted to put a really wiseguy comment down which Dion always urges me to do I would say it really doesn't matter because I will place the bolts of fabric neatly in the corner and they will mellow while you decide if it's just right. But, alas, I am not a wiseguy and I don't let Dion push me around so #4 and I look forward to helping hang the curtains.

  13. I love number 3 because of the subtle stripe behind the floral.

    And that room is just lovely, btw!

  14. #1 or #2. Others seem too busy.
    I'd love to sleep in that room in That Old House. :0) It's absolutely lovely!

  15. To my husband Howard and his wiseguy comment, up above -- remember who prepares your food.

    If I didn't keep things standing up in corners for years, until they mellow, where would YOU be by now?

    Love, me

  16. I'm loving # 1. It looks vintage, classic and chic. It looks understated. I love it! Your room looks so welcoming too. Thanks for sharing, Sally xx

  17. I choose number 7 and then number 1.
    More important than who prepares Howard's food is who is home with his toothbrush all day long? This is a threat that keeps many a smarta@@ in line.

  18. I love your Halloween tablescape. The fabric i like best, is the number one.It is really nice. Blessings Catherine

  19. You know I love pink bedrooms! THe fabrics are great and a good selection. I have had trouble finding something to recover a slipper chair. Love #1 and #7...oh they are all great!

  20. The room is beautiful, and so are all of the fabrics. I'm sure you'll have an easier time when you get the swatches in the room and can look at them with the wall color. I'd love to sleep on the cloud in that lovely room. laurie

  21. I love #6 with the peacocks! A bit of the Morris feel. They're all so lovely...#1 is also nice and "cottagey" (is that a word? it is now!).
    Have fun with the samples...I'm always tempted to find something nice and crafty to do with those!


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