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Thursday, October 27, 2011

That Old House Of Horrors

My Friday post was supposed to be about our
parlor fireplace, all decorated for Halloween.

But do you know what?
It gets dark awfully early these days, and there isn't a whole lot of wattage in the parlor table lamps;
that photo shoot will have to wait.

Instead, we're once again at the old oak table in the sunroom, only this time . . . no turkey plates.
It's a spooky supper for two on a windy, rainy night
near All Hallow's Eve.

Bring on the dark.
Old houses are the best places to be at Halloween.
Don't be scared . . . you are among friends.

Mr. Jack O'Lantern is keeping an eye on the proceedings.

Do you wonder what your Ghostess -- I mean, Hostess -- has planned for the evening?

 Wineglasses at the ready.

Spider webs and bats beneath the plates.

Black crows settle onto the centerpiece.  Let's hope they are friendly. 

Eeek!  Spider!  Hope he's not the first course!

Miss Havisham has supplied the yellowed old linen napkins, leftovers from her wedding day.

The old  bat  dear also did the flowers for tonight's special dinner a deux.
I think they came from her bridal bouquet.  Nice and crispy!

Please, take a seat.  The pumpkins, crows, spider, and ... who knows? ... are all ready to serve you.
With Hollandaise.  Cue cackling laughter here.


Are you ready for Halloween?

Question:  Do you buy your candy ahead of time and hide it?
I buy ours at the very last possible minute!

Well, time to climb up on my latest vehicle, and go for a spin.
-- Cass

And . . . the charming illustrations are all courtesy of
The Graphics Fairy.  Visit her here; she's amazing.


  1. Very very cute! I buy ours but have to hide it! Not from me!!!! I'm getting my broom ready for Monday night!

  2. Uh-oh! Mr. Jack O'Lantern must be getting hungry. He's nibbling on the centerpiece!

    Great table! Spooky-ooky!

    What's on the menu? Eye of bat? Breaded spider fingers? Blackened pumpkin souffle???

  3. Cute ! I am not a huge fan of Halloween - never have been. But, I do enjoy seeing what everyone ELSE is doing !!!!

  4. Very cute, indeed!
    I don't buy candy because we get nary a trick or treater, and you just know who'd eat all the mini-chocolate bars....

  5. Awoooh!! I never experienced being a part of a trick or treat event, but i think it is really cool. Very nice pumpkins over there.

  6. LOVE it. Very spooky indeed. Beautiful tablescape.

  7. That Jack-O-Lantern is very scary, as is your entire tablescape. I would love to have dinner at your table, if the 'critters' didn't eat me first.

  8. How fun! Love the Halloween lace and old linnens. Hope you have a Boo-tiful Halloween.
    Sigh, as our lovely old house is way out in the country, we don't get any trick-or-treaters. Since niether of us has any business eating all that sugar, we skip the candy. He did buy me some lovely looking pumpkin bread though and all the decorations are up.

  9. Cass!
    how I love our virtual visits..
    what fun we have from you delightful, whimsical,always humorous, times of sharing..
    this was a superb example!!
    We do not do a lot of decorating..
    felines have a way of destroying, rearranging certain decorative items..
    Candy? nope..we live in a very old established ethnic neighborhood where most holidays are not celebrated..
    the grands live totally across town..
    there are no little ones to receive the treats,
    your decorating is doubly appreciated by me!!
    warmest hugs..

  10. Absolutely breath taking!
    I can ONLY DREAM ................

  11. I love it! The jack-o-lanterns are just scary enough and love your sense of humor! So fun!

  12. Spooky Table.... Love the shape of that Pumpkin~ Happy Halloween~

  13. What a fantastic tablescape! You have some pretty cool stuff to work with there :)

  14. Such a charming table- Love your jack o lanterns! Thanks for sharing at FNF ~Happy Halloween! :)

  15. Hello Dear Friend,
    I love your halloween setting.....just the right ingredients to for a super spooky meal. I have the pumpkin plates. Enjoy Kathy

  16. No candy at my old house this year. Have been on the go go go!
    Spookily brilliant table setting, m'dear.

    And everyone knows spiders are an after diner snack.

  17. Very creative! Of course, since Great Expectations is one of my all time favorite novels, I had twice the enjoyment.

  18. I love the dried roses and lace with the spooky decor. They are a perfect contrast. :)


  19. So cute and scary at the same time! I love a dimly lit room at Halloween time. As for the candy, we buy what we love, because there's always a lot left over. And I let my husband hide it, because he's good and I'm wickedly bad.


  20. Oh, so very pretty and spooky! Thank you for linking up with Home Sweet Home!


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