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Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Musings

I left you Friday with a post about a big old oak tree
in danger of being cut down --
a tree that is half on our property.  Click here for that post.

Update:  We visited the neighbors on Saturday morning and
they apologized for not letting us know their plans. It was a cordial chat.

Howard and I have hired a certified arborist who will be here Tuesday morning to take a look at this big oak,
and give an unbiased opinion on its condition.  We'll see what happens from there.
Fingers crossed for Old Man Oak.
As always, I am trying to get used to the days closing down earlier.
 To lighting candles and Jack O'Lanterns by 7:00 in the evening.
It surprises me every year, the shortening of the days.
I never see it coming.

Do you like the short days of winter that end in long cozy evenings,
or the long light summer days and their soft warm nights?

I like the long days.
But Fall has its advantages; you can't beat the decorating possibilities!
 The colors go so well with our dog, Dion.  :-)

On Tuesday, I'm opening a box of goodies from a giveaway I won.
Join me to see what's inside.  I'll be right here, because:

Also tomorrow, the arborist comes, and there will be more work
on the French drains in our cellar.
It's July redux at That Old House as the jack-hammering starts again.  
I may never get all the boxes out of our front hall.
Can they be a decorating statement?  -- Cass


  1. My fingers are crossed for you old man oak! I love trees, and your tree is beautiful! I hope it can be saved. In my neighborhood a tree being trimmed over one neighbor's house did not turn out to well. She was not treated well by the other neighbor and it's been a year and still their not speaking. Hope you's turns out much better.

  2. I hope all works out for the best on the old oak.
    I prefer the longer days. I am NOT a Winter person and would be able to deal with it better if it did not get dark so early.

  3. I say paint those boxes with Annie Sloan paint and use them for props!

    I am a summer gal because of the long days..but I love Fall for the sights and scents. I am always a bit surprised, too, when the days shorten and I come out of work and don't need sunglasses.

    I'll bet you are dreading the noises again...and good luck with your tree! xo Diana

  4. Cass, thank goodness the neighborhood talks have gone well so far. I hope the oak gets a clean bill of health on Tuesday. I'm pulling for you!

    Now, as to whether I like summer nights or winter nights better? Well, we sure don't get as much done in the wintertime, lol, but then it is nice to be warm and cozy in the house at night, but then I usually gain a bunch of weight, too, and that's not good, lol. To tell the truth, I love summer the best, though our biggest problem is we work too late at night and end up eating supper at 9PM. Seems my problems revolve around eating...perhaps I have solved a mystery?

    I love the way Dion blends in with the decorations, very pretty!

  5. Boxes can definitely be a decorating statement. I make that statement regularly. It's a lot like the statement I make with stacks of mail and flyers on the kitchen island. It's a look that I've perfected.
    Good luck with the Arborist!

  6. So hoping all will go well with the oak. I always feel so sad when we lose a tree..: (
    Dion blends in perfectly with the decor in Autumn!
    I may be the odd duck here but i LOVE Winter nights...*grin*

  7. Hi Cass~
    Praying all goes well for the Big old Oak as well as for the two least so far the only OUTSIDER involved is the certified arborist ..and NOT an ARBITRATOR!
    Love my Dion in any season or decorating scheme!
    He is definitely a dapper man for all seasons!..
    I do prefer those long summer evenings..
    especially when I'm home in Florida..
    Just so much to be said for the beachyness of sunset stroll, or before dusk bass fishing..
    not to mention Backyard spur of the moment get togethers..
    But Colorado fall and winter evenings can be just as enchanting by fireplace and candlelight! Love the scents of spiced apples,and evergreens indoors while watching a gentle snow falling outdoors..
    for me. It is a toss up depending on MY location..
    warmest hugs..
    laughing smiles!


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