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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Meeting Martha

The blogging world is remarkable.

There are so many wonderful blogs to read -- beautiful, delightful, funny, informative, touching, inspiring -- and sometimes you meet a true kindred spirit through blogging.  Unfortunately, she may live many miles away in a strange and foreign land called "Kansas" -- as in "we're not in Kansas anymore," only she is -- and you think "what a shame we'll never get a chance to meet."

But then you do.
Meet, I mean.
You get to meet your kindred spirit!
On Monday, I met Martha of Lines from Linderhof.
Martha and her husband Jim are driving home from Boston to Kansas after a vacation cruise,
and meandering all over New England.  Connecticut was the closest they were coming to New Jersey,
and luckily -- that part of Connecticut was only two hours from That Old House!

We met for lunch.
And it was as if we'd known each other for years.

Here we are, hugging:
Yes, we were nekkid.

No, not really.  Actually, we dressed up as Jane Austen
characters, but with high heels and tiaras.
Because that's what you wear in Connecticut.
Hmmm -- looks like Martha's tiara is a lighted St. Lucy crown.  Don't worry -- it wasn't.
I really did have my camera with me.
But it had dead batteries.
So I enlisted the services of a skilled portrait artist to accurately portray the joyous meeting.
She is available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

All kidding aside, Martha and her Jim were fantastic.
We closed the little cafe where we ate; we stayed so long chatting.
For the foodies among you, a picture of lunch:
That's supposed to be sauerkraut and relish on top.  In case you need a clarification.
We had delicious genuine Connecticut hot dogs, at a really fun roadside diner in Southbury.
That had, according to Martha, "Kansas prices."
Jim says they've had a little trouble getting used to the exchange rate between Kansas dollars,
and Northeastern dollars.  My financial-news husband Howard loved that joke when I told him later.

Martha -- I think it is very likely that we were somehow separated at birth.
It was such a gift to meet you.

And I hope yesterday's lunch meeting was
our first chance to hug, and not our last.
Almost exactly a year ago, I did a Tuesday post about making
tea for Martha in the parlor here at That Old House.
So, here it is again, Tea With Martha!

(September 28, 2010)
My blogging friend Martha lives in Kansas,
in a gracious house named Linderhof.
(That Old House is quite jealous that Linderhof 
has a real name, not a nickname that is pretty much
the equivalent of "Hey, you!")

Anyway, Martha is serving tea today at Linderhof, using her Johnson Brothers Indies Blue china.   I have Indies Blue china, too; Martha and I call it "our" china.  It was named one of the 100 most beautiful china patterns of the 20th century, but I can't remember which organization chose it.  But whomever did, I agree.  And so does Martha.  

Martha doesn't know it, but she and I are having tea this afternoon in the parlor at That Old House,

while the winds outside batter the old cedar clapboards, shake the shutters loose,
and rip brown leaves from the trees.
Two cozy wing chairs and an old round tea table that belonged to my great-aunt Margaret, and we begin . . . .

One of the table's feet is a bit damaged, but after a hundred years or more I think that's acceptable.
I tossed on an antique topper in filet lace; the surface of this old tea table shows every year of its age.

If I had a pretty tea tray, I'd pop that on the table.
But I don't, so I won't.

Instead, it's just the stuff for tea.

I don't have the pretty Indies Blue tea pot that Martha got in England,
but I do have a sweet flow blue tea pot, a gift from someone, and I'll use that.

My dilemma?  Brew Earl Grey, Martha's favorite, and suffer through it myself,
or just go with a good strong Ceylon, my fave, and make believe
I don't know that Earl Grey is Martha's brew.

No, can't do that.  I'll make my brew in the flow blue, and  Martha's in this delicate Asian-inspired pot:

I know Martha likes shortbread -- another of our mutual loves.
I'm gilding the lily and serving it coated in chocolate, in a tiny Limoges dish on an Indies plate.

Also on the plate -- the cake I made this weekend for my Dad.
My Grandma Cake.  It's getting a little crunchy around the edges, but I like it that way.

Milk and sugar?  Yes, please.
I'll stir it in with the 1920-era Ambassador silverplate spoons.

Because it's such a gloomy gray afternoon, I'm adding a candle to trouble the darkness.

I think Martha and I would have lots to chat about over tea,
or coffee, or dinner, or Harvey Wallbangers (do they still make them?) . . .
as I know I'd have lots to chat about with so many of you.

You could bring your favorite doll; I couldn't resist this tiny tea set from Williamsburg for the table:

So, take a cup, and I'll be Mother and pour.

We are never too old to play.

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Whew!  That's a lot of visiting!
Who are you hosting for tea today?
Have a lovely Tuesday, friends!
I've got a To-Do List and I better get to-doing it now.  -- Cass


  1. Cass~ What a lovely day. I am only a bit green with envy that you got to meet up with a great friend. I do so love that you got to meet with a kindred spirit, they are honestly to few and far in between.

  2. What a wonderful post. It's so nice to see bloggers meet in real life. I have a few close blog friends that I hope to meet in real life too! And what BEAUTIFUL dishes!!!

  3. Maybe once I'm sure to come back to USA, and I'll tell you when.,... so maybe..we will meet...I hope so!!! Hugs, Flavia

  4. Cass, so wonderful that you and Martha were able to meet. I admit to being jealous since Martha and I have been internet friends now for about ten years and we have yet to meet. One day I do hope. Loved the way you drew yourself and Martha since your camera was not co-operating. You do have the most charming sense of humor.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  5. How wonderful that you met a blogging friend. Lovely tea, too! Happy Tea Day. (Love your sense of humor. ... great shots!!!! :D :D :D )

  6. How lucky! A very fun post, good idea with the drawings. Hope you do get to meet again soon.

  7. What a lovely tea you'll have - it looks so inviting. And you've even thought of the dolls! I had no idea that there were so many Tuesday tea parties - this is my first.

  8. Hello Cass,
    I remember that tea you served a year ago. I still love the blue and white tea things. Lovely post and very entertaining too.


  9. Hello Cass,
    the portraits were so nicely done. It is really nice to meet bloggers in real life and to be so familiar. I enjoyed your tea post very much, especially the little tea set. So cute. Thank you for sharing the nice event.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  10. Thank you Cass for visiting my blog today. I appreciate your kind words and encouragement. Love your tablescape!

    You are right it's fun to play and it doesn't matter how old we are! It's like bringing the child back and that is needed sometimes in our grownup worlds because life can be tough at times!
    Blessed and not stressed! Trying too!


  11. Love that setting in front of the fireplace with the tea! It's just so appealing to me. I think it's great that you were able to meet up with a fellow blogger.

    And you could and should name your beautiful home. I love a home with a name. The old house that lives in my head has one. I just don't feel like a 20 year old one in a subdivision rates so my current one doesn't.

    And I have to tell you... I am positive that I happened on this blog when I first discovered blog land two years ago. I know because I remember the house. Then, I lost the trail. I'm so happy to have found it again.

  12. Hi there thank you for visiting my little corner in blogland ! Friends made in Blogland are really like the friends we make in everyday life, only often they live far away. To have the opportunity to meet face to face, truly is wonderful. Sounds like a wonderful time was shared.

    Your tea for Martha looks beautiful and the tasty treats yummy... Happy Tea Tuesday!! xo HHL

  13. You had me at Jane Austen clothing and tiaras!!!

    You, my dear, are so funny! I had a delightful time reading this post about you and Martha getting to meet up. How fun is that! Lucky two of you!

    Your tea setting is lovely, the china gorgeous (especially the tiny tea set!), and the food looks yummy too!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  14. I'll bet there are many of us just a little bit envious of that meeting - envious of Martha for her meeting you and of you for your meeting with Martha!

  15. Oh such a great teascape and even greater that you and Martha got to meet in person. So fun. I love it when I get to meet a fellow blogger that has become such a fabulous friend. I loved hearing all about it. Hopefully Martha will post pics. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  16. Hello there lovely lady, Cass!

    Delightful, delightful and may I say again, yet using slightly different words;(wink0!.., heart warmingly so.., delightful!

    My, what a wonderful time you had and that artwork is just too cute! ,.., Loved the touch of the tiara's whilst eating hotdogs; priceless!

    I'm so happy to hear of your meeting once more and last years tea was exquisite with that , blue and white, silver, yummy food and white roses.

    Many thanks for your warm, kind words and congrats for my 104th, Tuesday Tea For Two, blog post and thanks for joining me once again. I always so enjoy having you partake!

    Hugs, Wanda Lee

  17. Cass -- what a great post!!! Loved it!!!! And that tea last fall was just perfect -- but the lunch on Monday was even more so!

  18. Oh, I so enjoyed this post! Blogging friends are wonderful and you and Martha have really celebrated that beautifully!

  19. Cass, you crack me up! I love your artist renditions, and LOVE that you finally got to meet the real Martha!! Isn't blogging wonderful? You are two peas in a pod, nekkid or not. I remember your pretend Tea With Martha post, and thought to myself, these two should meet for real. Now, the blog gods brought you two together. Life is good. :-)



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