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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Look What Followed Me Home

So two days ago, my friend Emily and I
motored south to Somerville in New Jersey, where there is an
antiques mall in a former Woolworth's downtown.  

We did a slow lap of the first floor of Somerville Center Antiques and then, exhausted with the sensory overload, went next door to the Phoenix Diner where the food is what good New York area coffee shop food should be.

Meaning the cole slaw was great.   Olympic caliber.
I'd say the onion rings were also outstanding, but that would mean admitting I'd had some.

After lunch, we plunged back into the fray.  Yes, we are fearless in our quest for the quirky.
A lap around the lower level, then another look-see on the main floor.
Where I found these:
  A sugar and creamer set.
Lustreware.  Japan.  Petite.
 And about as cute as cute gets.

Then, not far away, beneath a pile of nicely laundered doilies and dresser scarves, this peeked out:
A cross-stitch embroidered linen tablecloth.
Orange embroidery.  Ten bucks, in great shape.
Come to Mama!

And today, the cloth and the lustreware are teaming up with
the famous Johnson Brothers for a Harvest Time Tablesetting.  Now let me see . . . .

It's a cloudy-drizzly-poopy day, so we'll do this in the sunroom, where it is brighter.
First, on goes the cloth.  Duh.

Then it's the Johnson Brothers Fresh Fruit china.  A Craigslist uber-bargain.

Dinner plate.

Salad plate.

Cup and saucer?  Of course!
Otherwise why would we have a sugar and creamer?

Wine glass?  What else but a sturdy green stem?
This is one of our set of Roemer wine glasses (can't make an umlaut),
used in Germany for Rhine wines.  Our glasses were made in France.  We are such rebels.
Flatware -- my still-new Reed and Barton Williamsburg Royal Scroll.

Salt and Pepper -- ceramic fruits.
A few harvest-y tchotchkes jazz up the table and
give us something to look at while we're waiting for real food to show up.

That may be a long wait.
 Although -- did you spot some round orange marble-y looking things
scattered on the tabletop in a few of the pictures?
They  are pumpkin flavored malted milk balls, from The Candyman out on Long Island.
Thank you, Doris and Kirby!
 So there is something to eat.
  What did Emily get on our trip? you ask.
Emily spotted something she thought she wanted to get for her husband,
but when we went back to find it -- we couldn't.
Lesson learned:  In an antiques mall, tie helium balloons onto the things you want
a second look at, or just take them with you on the first go-round.

I never did find that brown Aesthetic pattern Staffordshire I was first eyeballing . . . .
I hope it found a good home.  -- Cass

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  1. Cass you got some great finds -- love the tablecloth and the creamer and sugar are so perfect! The dishes are precious as well -- such a good table for fall but then they're not so "fallish" that they can't be used all year long (I think of that when buying dishes -- sort of like how many good one time wear only dresses do you need?) Dishes (as dresses should serve many purposes!)

    I, too, have learned that in big places, pick it up and carry it with you -- if you decide you don't want it you can tell the cashier and they can put it back -- but often I have "lost" things because I was undeceive and then decided to go ahead and get them only to not be able to find them again!

    Sigh -- but I think that makes Jim happy!

    I'm going to post tomorrow on my vacation finds -- did find some great stuff from all over -- even Canada!

    And I needed nothing -- but "stuff" followed me home anyway!

  2. I know just what you mean about sensory overload in the antique malls. Sometimes it is just tooooo much at first to take it all in.

    Love the new additions to your tablescape!

  3. I love the little cream and sugar set. And the tablecloth along with the pretty china makes for a lovely fall table. I also find antique stores overwhelming as there are so many things to look at.

  4. Cass, Your sugar and creamer are gorgeous and that tablecloth, LOVE it. What fabulous "finds". Your tablesetting is just beautiful.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  5. Wonderful harvest table. The cloth was a real find, and so was the china -- great pattern. I think it's time for me to go on the hunt for harvest dishes.

  6. That tablecloth is truly a treasure, it's beautiful! Wouldn't you like to know who made it? Awesome work! Your tablescape is such a vision of autumn!

  7. A beautiful fall table. Who needs to eat with such beauty:)

  8. Your fall table is beautiful. How lucky to have scored the tablecloth.


  9. I will make sure to bring balloons next time!

  10. What a great find! I am thinking that the "Japan" marking even makes them a little valuable too... besides being too darn cute!

    The whole setting is very pleasing and the tablecloth is so unique being that it's orange.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  11. Good finds--very autumnal looking! We don't see that embroidered stuff on tablecloths much anymore. Someday, as all things come around, right?

  12. You found some wonderful items! Love that old tablecloth-perfect for Fall. And I would LOVE to steal a set of that creamer and sugar Lusterware. How cute is that!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful spite of the fact that I know you polished off a whole order of onion rings! xo Diana

  13. I just love that tablecloth and you have really accented it nicely with your fall tablescape. The sugar and creamer fit right in with the Johnson Brothers Fruit pattern. I always admire those green stemmed glasses. I haven't yet run across them at a price I'm will to pay so I'm still looking. I like your centerpiece design, too.

  14. Fabulous tablecloth, lots of hours spent on that embroidery...nice you saved it!

  15. Oh what a wonderful treasure. Love that beautiful tablecloth.

  16. Hi Cass....okay I have been looking for years for three prong forks....where did you get them??....and I love the little sugar and creamer, are they fro the 40's?

  17. Pretty items you found, Cass. I love the colors, just perfect for Fall..Christine

  18. Oooooo - - - I LIKE the cream and sugar, they may have followed ME home IF I'd been there and IF I'd seen them first!


  19. Cass, I have the same problem! Items just seem to jump into my hands saying "take me Home!". Some beautiful finds, love the tablecloth so much! Have a fabe weekend! Love AnneMarie xx

  20. What nice treasures you found! I did a blog post this week with some neat old treasures I found to do my Fall tablescape for my "old house". Drop over and take a look.

  21. Your luster finds were just the right touch for your lovely harvest table setting!

  22. Oh how pretty! The cloth is so lovely too. Imagine the time that went into that!
    You got a great deal on the Johnson Bros dishes. I snagged 12 new dinner plates, but I paid a dollar each. You got the whole shebang for $20. The table looks so sweet!
    Nordic cornucopia cake pan give away on my blog, hop over and enter.


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