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Friday, June 10, 2011

Fresh Fruit, Wilting Flowers, and a Johnson Bros. Reunion

They are wilting, the flowers that were used
on Sunday at Alida's bridal shower.
But look at those colors -- how the roses are tinged with the color of the alstroemeria, and how they carry
the gold of the roses in their centers.  Can you believe Anne and I picked up these flowers at the local A & P
on our way to the church where the shower was held?  Were we lucky ducks to find them, or what?

Nice colors.
I think I see those colors somewhere else:
Why bless my soul, what is this?

Has the mother-of-the-bride,
who says she is all busy-busy-busy with Wedding folderol,
been cruising Craigslist again?

It's True Confessions Time.
  Evidence:  8 luncheon plates, stacked on the kitchen counter and looking for shelf space.
8 soups, 8 dinner plates, just chillin' on the dining room sideboard.
8 cups and saucers, 2 mugs, a serving plate, and (not shown) a vegetable bowl, also chillin.'
Who are these mysterious strangers to That Old House?
They come from a good family.
So yes, I confess.
I did indeed cruise Craigslist last week.

And for twenty bucks, I snagged a complete service for 8 in Johnson Bros. Fresh Fruit pattern.
Not vintage, but made in England and not China, where Johnson Bros. china has been made since 2003.

It is complete down to little fruit dishes, bread plates, and a sugar, creamer, and teapot
(which does have a top, but it's not unpacked yet).  All in perfect condition.
No, I didn't need more dishes.  But when do we ever?
And 7-piece service for 8, with extras, for $20, in a happy summery pattern --
I ask you -- what would you have done?
I just hate to see homeless tableware go begging.  And I do love the colors!

Lori of My Heart With Pleasure Fills blog spotted these dishes as Johnson Bros. by the octagonal shape;
she got Johnson Bros. Heritage White pattern -- same shape, same beaded edge -- when she got married.
You can see the creamer from that set in action as a flower vase at a bridal shower Lori hosted, click here.

I almost chose the Heritage White china when I got married, but I opted instead for Johnson Bros. Colonial pattern --
a very plain white rimmed plate with beautifully shaped cups and accessory pieces.
Image from

My wise mother made me get service for 16!

 Nearly all gone now, after almost 33 years, but I still love that old pattern,
and I think its sugar bowl is complete perfection. -- cause I'm too lazy to go take a pic of my own sugar bowl.
How many of you began married life with the
Johnson Brothers along for the ride?

It's Friday!  Two weeks from tomorrow is The Day . . .  and I am still making lists
and checking them twice, hoping not to leave out any vital parts for Alida's wedding day.

But really, what are the vital parts?
Bride, groom, pastor, party.
We've got it covered. -- Cass

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  1. Cass,

    It is our responsibility to take these dishes in! The need us. I found a pink pitcher yesterday and it jumped into my arms.

    Have a great weekend.


  2. I knew it was Johnson Brothers by the shape of the first plate. I had their all white pattern when I married.

  3. Those flowers look like jewels...such rich color. May they dry so pretty. And the dishes-- such a good soul you are to take them in and give them a home. They are unusually shaped for Johnson Bros ... at least the JBs I know. Enjoy!

  4. Love those dishes -- but you and I both know that we have a soft spot for Johnson Brothers!!! And yes, you HAD to give them a home!!!!

  5. And happy they will be,can't wait to see were they land, and maybe a few tablescapes,yippee!
    Hey, have a great weekend, try to rest a little, you're gonna be busy in the next few days.
    Can't wait to see some wedding photo's.

  6. You are having a wedding soon too? I will be sure to follow to watch it all. I am sure it will be twice as nice as the the most royal recent wedding. Ours will be at home by the lake and my most pressing dilemma will be bad weather. I am keeping a close call to the guy up there.

    I love your header and your old house. Your home is beautiful. There is a new neighborhood out here trying to build homes like that .... replicas of the oldies but it's just not working in my mind. The character is missing still. Have a wonderful and hopefully restful weekend. xo Lynn @thevintagenest P.S. Wowzer on the dishes....what a deal/steal!

  7. O my! Cass those dishes are pure loveliness. Now why can't I find something so lovely on the CL here? lol
    Don't forget to put "Breathe" on those to do lists. ;) wouldnt want you to forget that.

  8. I love 'em! I'm happy they found a nice home! I mean, how could you turn them away . . .

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I have two complete sets of Johnson Bros Hearts and Flowers in the attic. They were the dishes I started out with in the early 70's. I think I'll have to blog about them.

  10. No Bros. here...but what a find for you.
    They are so cheerful too.


  11. I love Johnson Brothers and have their red pattern -of which the name completely escapes me right now!!! You naughty girl- SHOPPING when you KNOW you should be sewing (or some such)..xo Diana

  12. I would have bought them too Cass! Twenty bucks why not? I bought five boxes of everyday white dishes today, in very good shape, for four dollars. Eleven dinner and salad plates and a lot of other pieces in weirder numbers.. I had no white dishes. Joe just sadly shook his head but loaded them in the Jeep anyhoo. Wedding is getting closer and closer. I guess you have your dress already. hugs♥O

  13. Love your new china. Very cute pattern.

  14. What a lovely treat you found. Of course it would have been irresponsible not to have given them a good home.
    I received a Johnson Bros Blue Willow service as a wedding gift from my parents - and my Mum has the very same set you just found as her every day dishes. How fun!

  15. Love that Johnson Brothers pattern. The flowers are perfect with it. Thanks for linking it up at HSH!

  16. Oh you did absolutely the right thing LOL! I couldn't have left them either.

  17. The flowers are lovely! The colors!!! The dishes are so pretty! Love your wedding china too! I know your one busy lady! I am still recovering from surgery, with complications. I have not had internet at our Old General Store/Cafe they keep saying next week. The phone is working/ but they messed it up too. So hopefully soon I will be online more. Helping hubby with what I can to get the store cafe open. Will show pic soon. Have fun with the wedding

  18. Whoa! You really scored quite the deal! Incredible! I started married life with blue and white "Coaching Scenes" by Johnson Brothers. My hutch is filled with these beautiful dishes!

  19. Johnson's brothers china rocks!

  20. That rose is gorgeous, looks like a Peace rose, is it?

    I started out with my Grandma's china and wouldn't change it for the world

  21. I lucked out today, too. I bought 51 pieces at our local thrift store for $25. Not shabby. Mine is the plain creamy white like your wedding set.

    I'm glad to know there are other patterns I can mix with it. I like doing that.


  22. If anyone here is interested I have the Johnson Bros "Olde English Country Side" its brown/cream multi color. It listed on craigslist in Los Angeles. I have many pieces but not a complete set. Call (818) 481-0090 ask for Mandy if you are interested.

  23. I just picked up a Johnson Bros Sugar Bowl like the one in the picture you have posted from I could not find it on that website. Do you have any idea how much it is worth? Do you know of a website wehre I can check the price? Thanks!


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