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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Living A Header Lie

I live a lie.
The picture of our house in the blog header used to be accurate,

but since June of 2011, our house has been white,

and the shutters are down to a paltry few.

Clearly, I need to take a new header shot.

But eventually we'll be replacing the missing shutters, and the house will look so much nicer then.

Should I take a picture of the house as it is now, and use that,
even with nekkid second and third story windows?

Or wait till the shutters are installed?

Which, frankly, could be a long wait.

Hope your Saturday is going to be fun.  I think ours is!  -- Cass


  1. Your home is stunning!!

  2. I say take the shot now... before the snow files. Does snow fly at your house? LOL It does at mine.

  3. She doesn't look as tired as the yellow/green...I vote for the white version!

  4. I think whatever YOU want to see everytime you open your blog! Do you love looking at with as it was with all the shutters in place...and dream of it looking "finished" (in your eyes) again? Then leave it up as it is. After all, you are calling it THAT OLD HOUSE and THAT is what the old house DID look like!;>) I'd say- Writer's choice! xo Diana

  5. Your home is fabulous and I love it both ways. It is stunning with or without the shutters. Hugs, Marty

  6. I's say take it now and change it as the house changes. That is part of a homes life. I love the white. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  7. As one who hasn't changed her header for over a year, I'd be a fine one to say 'change it'. I think it's perfectly okay to leave the header as is, as it's part of That Old House's history.

  8. Hi Cass~
    I like Richard's comment..
    as well as Diana's..
    do what pleases YOU!
    Your followers already know all about the changes from yellow to white..
    and why the shutters are missing..
    we come to see what YOU are currently up to, thinking about /actually doing..
    have a wonderful weekend at the beachhouse!!
    warmest hugs..Loui♥

  9. I love those traditional white homes like yours and really like your first picture of it. If you want an updated header, I think that would would be really nice. I bet your house will be beautiful at Christmas time too. Makes me wish I had one of these older white homes, but I'll just have to live vivaciously through the beautifual pictures you share. Have a great weekend!

  10. I had wondered about that since I know you painted it white! The white looks stunning by the way! Have a great weekend!

  11. I like the one you have up. I am sure you have changed many things in the house and outside too but your header is a moment in time.
    When you are happy with the outside again then you can change the header. In the mean time just post about the changes as they go along.

  12. Your ongoing work is so refreshing and inspirational!

    Thanks for sharing... Come over to my blog at oatmeal and whimsy to see my latest battle with nature!!!

  13. I've always loved your home, it's truly gorgeous! I'd say, choose the one that makes you happiest!

  14. Your beautiful home looks good in any color ( of course I think it would look stunning in Lavender, but, hey that's just me! ).

    Hope you enjoyed the glimpses of sun we've seen this weekend!

  15. Quem dera eu morar um dia numa casa onde o sol possa circulá-la. Bela!

  16. Such a beautiful house! Love the white too. :)


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