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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gobble, Gobble . . . And A Table Topping Quiz

Yes, my dears, it's another Table Topping Quiz,
in which you will be asked to vote on which table setting rings your chimes.  Like this post.

Today, I've got new Pottery Barn plates to use.

Because -- to my delight and my hubby's despair -- there is a PB Outlet store just 30 minutes
from our beach house, and sometimes it just hollers out my name, and go I must.

We went on Saturday.
I came home with a big orange pumpkin bowl, that may turn up on the Thanksgiving table full of mashed potatoes.

It's really cute; the edges are not perfectly round, so it looks as if it's an actual hollowed-out pumpkin.
If you are wildly gullible or terribly near-sighted.
How big is it? you ask.
Here it is, cozied up to the huge, gorgeous blue and white bowl I wrote about yesterday.

But, Pumpkin Bowl is not in today's table setting.  Maybe on Thursday . . . .
 At the PB Outlet, they had table settings to lure you into wanting that very same table setting.
Because that's what a store is supposed to do -- lure you down the garden path, straight toward the cash register.
This was the featured table setting: 
Look!  The place card says "Joshua," and that's our son in law's name.
Clearly we needed to buy these plates; it was a Divine Sign.
Several of those cute turkey plates came home with us.  They like it here.
Today, because one is never too old to play with dishes, I played with a table setting,
changing only the color of the dinner plate to get different looks.  

First, a centerpiece.
 A twiggy-grapey-Autumn-y wreath, with a big faux turkey plopped in the middle.
(The live turkey was too obstreperous,
and also demanded a better dressing room.  Ha ha -- dressing!  Turkey?  Dressing?)
Anyway -- the first place setting attempt, with a robin's egg blue dinner plate from Dollar Tree. 
 It picks up the blue in the turkey.  Who knew turkeys had blue feathers?
Hmm, perhaps they don't in the Real World.
 But the turkey on the plate also has blue feathers.
 Now this next was my first choice -- until I began putting things together.
I thought the gold PB example was a little tame, but thought red would kind of POP the turkey's hangy bits.
Visually, not literally because -- ick.
 The red plate is one of our set of 50 party plates, a Fiesta-type plate by Oneida.
 Not bad, but I am not sure.
 This was a last minute addition -- a turquoise plate.  Also Dollar Tree.
 Because -- Ol' Tom's feathers are really more turquoise than Robin's Egg.
Whaddya know.
 Yup, they are.

Final choice -- a green plate from, yes, Dollar Tree.
We live large at That Old House.
 Now this one I didn't expect to much like, but son of a gun . . .
 I do.  Not perhaps my favorite, because I haven't hit on a favorite yet.
 What about you?
Which dinner plate would you put with these charming turkey salad plates from PB?
Robin's Egg Blue, Red, Turquoise or Green?
We only bought 3 of the turkey plates, but I'm thinking a couple more need to come home and live here.

That's all she wrote!

Join Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for TableTop Tuesday!  Click right here.

And I am off on an adventure.  Film at eleven. -- Cass


  1. Dressing room, Turkey, Dressing, I get it, I get it!! LOL! You crack me up!

    The robin's egg is unexpected so that's kind of nice. Don't care for the red. The turquoise and green are okay. But I think you need to go back and get the yellow plates! (Have I mentioned that I LOVE yellow??)

    The right shade of tan or brown would work too.

  2. Oh.. That's easy......
    DID I SAY R-E-D?????
    YUP... That's my vote!!
    Have a Great Day!!

  3. So pretty! Love the dishes!

  4. Such a pretty BIG turkey -- I put my turkey's away a few years ago for pheasants and quail -- I think it is time to bring the turkey's back out -- they are old -- first year marriage old!!!! I adore your big one and that pumpkin bowl -- and I know it was a steal! And not just a Thanksgiving bowl but a bowl full of soup? (pumpkin, of course) or a great flower arrangement!

    My vote on the plates if the turquoise -- and that is really thinking outside the box for me!

    Alas, my turkey plates are blue and white and I yearn (really yarn) for a blue and white turkey platter -- found one this weekend that was TDF but it had a 4 in front of the $25 so was a bit pricey for me (but it was truly an old one) -- I'm thinking that I may get with my cooking class money the Spode one that goes with part of my turkey plates -- for I think blue and white is timeless and I can use it at other times (the food covers up the turkey right?)

    PB and WS (which are cousins) have the neatest seasonal plates and table accessories -- which you can get cheaply after the holiday but I imagine that the discount at the outlet was really good!!!

    Lucky you!!!!

    Have a great day --

  5. Hi Cass,
    I vote for the red. Not only doesn't it look great with the plate but red seems very festive and fall-like to me. When I started reading your post I thought for a second that the Pottery Barn outlet was in NJ. I wish! You are so lucky you have one out by your beach house. I did hear that there is one in Lancaster PA but that is still a couple hours away! Oh well. I love your plates. And thank you with your very kind comment about my table vignette. I guess Pottery Barn inspires us all! Love that store! Have a great day - this weather is beautiful!

  6. Hi Cass,

    All of the place settings were beautiful but the red was my favorite. But then I just love red.

    Take care,

  7. I'd use 'em all! I think it would mix up the look of the table really well...

  8. I just was looking at those turkey plates online yesterday, so maybe that's a sign I have to buy them too? I love, love, love the turquoise. But maybe for a brunch prior to Thanksgiving day. If you're using them for the big day you would have to go with green I think. Turquoise would just going to clash with your husband's infamous turkey shirt.

  9. I vote for looks more fall-ish. The green is not so bad but it barely shows, so it must be a relatively small plate, and we all know a L a r g e plate is needed for a t-giving dinner.

  10. Cass,
    I use mine (which I didn't get at the outlet) with the mustardy gold....You need to go back soon....

  11. Stunning. I love your dishes, they are fabulous. What a beautiful tablescape. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  12. Oh....I lOVE the robin's egg blue! It's so unexpected and lightens the earthy colors of the turkey. You've caused an upset in my day tomorrow cause I'm going to have to go get some of those plates.....shame on you, Cass.

  13. I saw those plates in the PB catalog....I thought about buying them myself...actually, I wanted the whole table they had pictured!
    I'm really liking the green for some reason...and the Robin's Egg blue!

  14. OMGosh- WHAT a choice. I like each of them for a different reason...the blues because they lighten it...the red for the richness of it....the green for the earthy season...but I gotta ask you- does the Dollar store have any GOLD plates? Decisions, descisions, decisions! Don't keep us in suspense too long, mmkay? xo Diana

  15. I like the Robin's Egg one myself. Also like the RED too. Hard to decide. I also love the suggestion to use one of each color and mix them up around the table. What fun!


  16. I'm coming for dinner so why don't you surprise me! Oh wait, I live too far away and I wasn't invited (but I dream big) so I guess I'll just go to my sister's 30 minutes away. Maybe next year OK? Back to the matter at hand..... I like the turquoise better than the robins egg blue because the REB is just too pastel for the fall. I like the green but I think I am leaning on the red over the green. They both look good however. Therefore, if I had to pick just one it would be red. Hope that helped.....probably not. ha ha. I love looking at your place settings by the way. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Cass!


  17. "wildly gullible or terribly near-sighted" LOL

    you crack me up, Cass

    I vote for the turquoise!

  18. Love that big ol' pumpkin bowl, it's really cute. And yes, I am terribly near-sighted, lol.

    I vote for green, but really, they're all equally beautiful. If you saw my tablesettings, you would run screaming from the room. I live vicariously through yours.

  19. Funny! I like the turquoise, because I haven't yet met a turq I didn't like. The closest outlet to us is way up in South Carolina, and that's a mite to far to drive for just a shopping trip. We do have regular PB, but I try to restrain myself. Sometimes it works.

  20. Some great things! I never can find many thanksgiving ideas-yours is great!

  21. I think your Turkey centerpiece is the prettiest I've ever seen...your blog is new to me ...I enjoy it so much...thank you for some great ideas...Karena A Loblolly Life

  22. Beautiful dishes! I vote for the green plate.
    Gobble gobble.......

    Dee :-)

  23. Calorie free Turkey dressing...just as satisfying! I vote for Red!!! It gives the right pop! Donna :)

  24. Oh Cass, those salad plates are beautiful! I have seen them in a PB store but never bought them because they were expensive. How lucky of you to have PB outlet closeby. Your table is just stunning!...Christine

  25. Hi Cassie Pooh! Oh, you're on a total roll today! LOL Those PB plates are beautiful and I like the turquoise and green ones. If you get more of those cute turkey plates maybe you could alter the turquoise and green plates and continue with your roll! :)
    Love your turkey dressings puns! You're too funny!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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