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Monday, October 24, 2011

Bowled Over!

Last week, I said it was package-on-the-porch week.
And it sure was.
Look at the size of this box, after I brought it in
off the porch and into the front hall:
I'd been expecting delivery of an 8-quart enameled cast iron
roasting pan, and I thought, "Wow!  It's bigger than I thought."

Then I looked at the return address.
The box was from my friend Martha,

And inside . . . was this:
A big -- and I do mean big -- and spectacular blue and white bowl.
With a wooden stand.
I tell you, I was bowled over!

Martha has featured Linderhof's big blue and white bowls in several of her posts.
Like this one:
 And this one, in the dining room at Linderhof.
This picture, and the one above, property of Lines From Linderhof.
I stole 'em.
I have always admired Martha's fabulous blue and white bowls -- and told her that.

Two weeks ago today, I met Martha and her husband Jim in Connecticut for lunch,
and it was like meeting a dear and precious friend.

After they were back home in Kansas, Martha decided that my driving 2 hours each way to meet them
deserved a thank you . . . and she packed up this amazing centerpiece bowl and sent it off to New Jersey.
Can you believe it?  I nearly passed out when this amazing bowl came out of that Fed Ex box!
Oh, thank you, Martha!  You completely astonished me!
Now, of course, I don't deserve any thank you gift, as meeting Martha and Jim was pure delight, and a
gift in its own right.  The only downside is that they live in Kansas and we live in New Jersey.  Too far away!

This gorgeous bowl will live on the dining room table at That Old House.

Unfortunately, the dining room is once again a repository for things up from the cellar,
to keep them out of the mess of more jack hammering last week.
I should have this bowl where it belongs and ready for its closeups, Mr. DeMille, in a couple of days.

Meanwhile I've put it on the coffee table in our study, where I can admire it when I'm at
the computer, and in the evening watching TV.  To give you an idea of how big and sassy this bowl is . . .
. . . that's a large decorating book resting in it.
Yes, I could probably bathe Dion in this bowl.  
But I won't!
This is my first post since last Wednesday; I left Friday morning for
the beach house, and forgot to bring my laptop.
But a quick overview of how we spent our October weekend:
We found a great local wine, and no, Howard and I didn't drink all 3 bottles by ourselves.
Although we do like a good challenge. . . .
We had guests at the house for pre-dinner-ing on Saturday and then went into Greenport,
to a restaurant with excellent food and ridiculous pretensions and prices.

In our inlet, some of the neighbors are still kayaking, clamming, even swimming.  A little chilly, but to each his own.

On Saturday morning, we took a field trip to the Pottery Barn outlet.
Howard clambered up on a bar stool to give his imitation of the chair umpire at a tennis tournament.
This is why he is not making a living as a chair umpire at tennis tournaments.

Since I got my Pottery Barn fix, Howard snuck in a trip here, for cigars.
See him skulking through the door?
Cigars do keep gnats away on the deck at sunset.
The smoke keeps 'em from diving into your wine and doing the backstroke.

Have a lovely Monday, my friends.
Go visit Martha at Lines from Linderhof;
she's cooking up some amazing goodness today.  -- Cass
Tomorrow -- my Pottery Barn finds.

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And thank you, Peri, for this beautiful shot you snapped
from our deck on Saturday evening.
Dion stole it off your Facebook page!


  1. Cass -- what a sweet post and what pretty pictures of that bowl!!!! I couldn't believe the SIZE of that box either!!!! And just think you may never have to buy bubble wrap again!!! Thank you for the kind comments -- and you can steal (uh, use) my pictures anytime!!!

    Too bad half of the US is between us! I am still trying to convince Jim that next year's trip needs to be a cruise out of New York!!!! (So we can meet again!)

  2. Oh, and Jim is a cigar smoker, too -- wouldn't you know!

  3. Oh, how gorgeous that bowl is!

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Cass.

  4. The bowl is 2die4!! Absolutely beautiful!!
    I also love the pics you shared of the waters edge....

  5. Nice Thank You gift! :D
    Looks and sounds like you had an enjoyable weekend.

  6. The bowl is magnificent. What a wonderful gift!

    Loved hearing about your weekend and the photos are wonderful!

  7. You lucky lucky girl! Love that bowl and it's going to look fabulous in your home! Don't ya just love bloggy friends?

  8. what a wonderful surprise from such a good friend. I love big bowls like that as they can really come in handy. Who doesn't love blue and white? I also love the turkey plates, I wish I could Have some. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  9. Oh my, that bowl is totally fantastic. What a special treasure. Martha is such a precious lady, and this is definitely a precious gift. Hugs, Marty

  10. Simply Beautiful!!

    Blues at my page. Have a great week!

  11. OMGOSH-I'll bet you about passed out when you opened that up! How wonderful! Aren't people just amazing...and how they love and give...and how they give and love? I have met so many wonderful women blogging- it is just unbelievable...and guess what? That bowl is so big I won't be able to steal it if I ever show up on your doorstep. And, as Martha would say, that's a good thing! xo Diana

  12. The bowl is lovely...just lovely. Martha has exquisite taste...I have often admired her blue bowls and dishes. What a wonderful gift.

    I loved seeing pictures of your beach house, all of you have done a beautiful job decorating. It must feel like a home away from home now.

    Looking forward to seeing your goodies from Pottery Barn!


  13. Wow what a bowl! Beautiful. It will look great in your dining room! As far as the china plate book --thanks for scanning in some of the pages, great fun to see the favorite, of which I have several! Nice packages on your porch lately!

  14. That is such a beautiful surprise that you recieved from your blogger friend...blogger friends are just dolls...I have had surprise packages arrive in the mail and it always brings tears to my eyes and touches my I know how you felt when you saw the return address being from your friend....they are dear friends...whether or not we ever get to meet them in person or not, that's wonderful that you got to meet each other though...I know you wish you lived closer. At least you can still visit from across the miles through the internet :)

    Your mosaic views are just beautiful too...thanks for sharing :)
    Big hugs,

  15. What a wonderful gift. I think that bowl is just beautiful!

  16. What a great gift - it will look beautiful in just about any room - well except as a bathtub for the puppers !

    I love the idea of a chalkboard wall at the beach house - perfect !


  17. Oh my goodness, Cass...what a beautiful gift! I'm drooling over it and that gorgeous view from your deck.
    I'm pea-green with envy that you have access to PB's outlet!

    Chuckling at Howard's imitation calling of a tennis match. Was it in or out? *wink*

    Sorry I haven't visited lately...puter was sick.
    I see I have LOTS to catch up on.


  18. Beautiful house and decorations. Great blog.


  19. Wow! How beautiful Cass. Love the turkey plates and woven chairs. :)

  20. What a sweet and thoughtful think for Martha to do! A true gift is the one from a friend who really knows what you love!

  21. I would be "bowled over" too! That's an amazing and generous gift! One to treasure forever!
    I think that's sweet that you met like that too!
    I wish I had a Pottery Barn near me or even one of their outlets! Although I might have to learn to say NO more often! Lots of temptation!

  22. Martha is a sweetie, and it's such a generous gift to be surprised with! You both have similar tastes, I think.


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