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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mirror, Mirror . . . .

I was looking at -- where else? -- Craigslist for a mirror to use with the dressing table I scored a couple of weeks ago. 

This one:

I wanted a mirror with some pizazz ... some zing ... a little mirror bling.
Unfortunately, people who have mirrors with pizazz and bling tend to know
what they have and want more than $10 for them.

Here's my budget for this project -- as close to zip as I can manage it.

I bought the intended skirt fabric 2 years ago,

. . . so that means it's as good as free.  Right?  The dressing table cost me only $20.
Sand paper and upholstery tacks are somewhere in the house, so they are also free.
I already have paint for the mirror, so ... yes! Free!

Do you like my creative accounting?  I could work in Washington.

Eventually Craigslist yielded an old mirror.  In what could be called rough shape.
But it was only ten bucks.

Ooops.  Boo-boos.

Wish me luck.
As Howard said when I told him I paid 10 bucks -- "You may have overpaid."
My Grandmother used to say that the Lord watches over drunk people and fools, and I don't drink much.   
The projects at That Old House never end.

Last Tuesday, I shared pictures of some fabrics I am considering for new dining room draperies.
I got the samples.  Woo-hoo!  I just love wallowing in fabric samples.

Here they are, with a couple weeded out because the company doesn't have enough stock now:

I moved the current draperies aside, held each sample up to the paint, tested it against the oriental rug,
and narrowed it down to two samples:

And surprisingly enough, I chose this one:

It was #5 in last Tuesday's numbered selections.

And I didn't expect to choose it, but when it was here in person, it just said, "Hey, lady -- I'm it!"

And so it will be.
Now I need to choose fabric for new chair seat covers. . . . 

Why not mosey over and visit?
I'm off to New Brunswick for dinner with daughter Anne.
 Happy New Year! -- Cass


  1. I LOVE that mirror. It just needs some TLC ;) And I also picked the same fabric that you did! Hope you have a wonderful dinner with your daughter.

  2. The dressing table, fabric and mirror are fabulous and I love your bargain!! It's all going to look great fixed up...can't wait for the reveal!!

    I chose Fabric #1 for the drapes...oh well, they ARE yours!! ;-D


  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! And I think I may actually have some of a few of those fabrics. I'm tellin' ya- we were separated at birth!d
    xoxo Pattie

  4. Nice choice, Cass. I like mirror and will be interested to see how you fix it up. The dressing table - well, mine is still naked, but you never know.....

  5. I'm sorry I missed last weeks selection post. It would have been a tough choice, they were all beautiful. I can't wait to see them up BT. This post might help you with your mirror

  6. The mirror will look fabulous with some TLC and paint. I do like the fabric you chose for the drapes. Perfect with the wall color.

  7. I love the table and the mirror--I believe you WILL achieve success!

  8. Love your choice of fabrics! You are so right about creative accounting and working in Washington!!! :-D
    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Great minds think alike!! I couldn't decide between #5 and #6! They both appear to have less obvious repeats, which is something I prefer. So clearly we were on the same track!

    I'm sure the mirror and vanity will be lovely once you do your magic!

  10. I agree with your choice and look forward to seeing them made and hanging! And you will do great with that mirror, I know.

  11. Cass, I emailed you a way to fix the mirror, but forgot to tell you how much i liked the dressing table fabric.....That is right up my alley! I can not wait for the reveal!


  12. Great fabric choice, the red is such a perfect match to the wall colour. You've brought back memories for me of crawling around on the floor, measuring masssive amounts of fabric as Mum made curtains for my High School. Confess I bought "ready-mades" for my wee home!

  13. I love your creative accounting!
    I always say that if I purchased something before the past 12 months, It Is Free!

    And your choice for the draperies is perfect IMHO!

  14. The mirror has lovely lines. I would pay $10.00 for it. I am anxious to see the table and mirror when you finish the project. It will be fabulous I am sure!

    Susan and Bentley

  15. Wonderful mirror, can't wait to see it when you are done!

  16. Glad you commented.. I forgot about your blog (shame on me) after I deleted my first one and then started all over again. Weirdo blog stalker, but he's gone.

  17. I think you scored quite well with the mirror and it's going to be lovely.

    And the fabric choice - before I saw your choice and got to the photo with just the two samples...I chose the one you did it.



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