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Friday, September 3, 2010

Do You Have A T.B.D.B.T. List? Betcha do!

Up until yesterday, it was still nearly 100-degrees around here, with a tropical storm breathing down our humid necks, but it's a funny thing --

      maybe it's the knowledge that it's September already,
maybe it's the leaves already scattered on the lawn,
maybe it's Thanksgiving looming up in my rear-view mirror . . .

Thanksgiving countdown banner

. . . but I'm about ready kiss the Summer of 2010 goodbye, and feather our nest for Fall.
Our grapes are ready to leave their viney nest, for their next life as JAM!
The local bees are swarming the newly pinked-up sedum; that must BEE some mighty good pollen.  :-)
The Black-Eyed Susans are starting to lose their chirpiness, and the Phlox is almost gone.  Time to go buy Mums!
 And inside That Old House, the dreaded
T.B.D.B.T List is starting to take shape.
What, you ask, is a TBDBT List?
It is my To Be Done By Thanksgiving wish list -- full of projects and fix-ups.
I've been doing this list for years, since we began hosting family Thanksgivings, way back in Moses' time.

Routine things like cleaning and cooking aren't on the TBDBT List; it is reserved for those
special projects I'd like to have completed by that last Thursday in November, but that are not critical.

Right now the TBDBT List is in its infancy; I'll have it firmed up by the middle of next week.
But one thing is definitely on it: the dining room draperies.

Confession time: that fabric wasn't my first, or even my 8th, choice, but it was a cheap 50% off buy at JoAnne's and has served its purpose.  I never even bothered properly hemming the bottoms; just serged fabric and lining and left it at that.
Let's call it "puddling," shall we?
 But I adore beautiful fabrics and color, and have been cruising Fabric Guru, my favorite
online fabric seller, for a knockout material for new winter curtains in that room.

I want red.  Just to add a jolt of color in that bland and neutral room, you know?

I've picked out some likely candidates from among Fabric Guru's offerings.
Here they are, grouped in collages.  The closeups are up top, and long shots below.
There are cottons, linens, tapestries, damasks, jacquards, and one cotton velvet. 
You can click once, then twice, on pictures to greatly enlarge them for detail.

  What do you think?  Take a look again at the dining room:
 and then, if you are so inspired, please vote in the comments section for the fabric
you would choose -- there are numbers on each paired fabric.
Me, I'm leaning toward . . . well, no, I'll see what you say first!
Oh!  If you prefer the simple gold draperies, that's #12 and you can vote for that.
Of course, you'd be wrong.  :-P

By the way, I've ordered samples of all of these fabrics.
Wait till you see them taped up on the dining room woodwork. . . .

And one more thing!  I browsed Craigslist in my never-ending quest for quirky and
useful little tables, and found several -- most 10 or 20 dollars.  Here they are -- whatcha think?

So as I plan my Saturday ... do you think I should plan on loading any of these into the back of the trusty minivan?
Which one would you adopt?

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Good Luck and God Bless to all in Hurricane Earl's path.  The East End of Long Island may get a lashing -- the beach house is on my mind today.  But no one's there so I will quote my Mom, who always said, "If it doesn't bleed, don't worry about it!"  Stay safe, wherever you are!  -- Cass


  1. Cass, I love them all! Check your email- I just sent you a coupon code for fabric
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Well, all the fabrics are gorgeous. I would probably do #3 or #6 and as for the table it would definitely be #4. I can't wait to see what you choose. I am trying to figure out fabrics too. Sometimes that is hard. Good luck. Hugs, Marty

  3. This is fun! For the fabrics, I love Number 1. Not too fancy or ornate and the right shade of red {which will look marvelous in your dining room}.

    For the tables, I like Number 5. It would be pretty painted. I like the shape of it!

    You're so smart to plan ahead. I'm working on Labor Day. Have a good one, Cass!


  4. 1, 3 or 6 for the fabric and definitely 5 for the table! Have a great weekend, Cass.

  5. Well the table is hard to decide on because I do not where you want to put it, but I do like round and half moon tables. I vote for fabric #1, simple and elegant. From what I can see of the carpet if is busy with many colors. Just to add another selection, how about a tone-on-tone stripe fabric?

  6. Oh my! You have a big huge list to tackle!
    I love the red fabrics!! I would pick either 4 or 6 because they have a lighter look to them and would blend nicely with your rug and wood floors.

    LOVE table 2 - looks like it would even go good in your dining room for a lighter wood contrast. Great for storage, too. And hey, it matches the fabrics as well!

    Fun post, Cass!!


  7. "Well Monty, I'll take door #1 and then door #2 for the furniture." - Monty Hall from Let's make a deal.

    Enjoy the long weekend!

  8. Oh, boy, I just went through this with my own living room curtains, and I didn't do a very good job picking the color OR sewing them (and they're still not hung yet!!) but anyway, here goes, I like #1 or #7 and the table--I'd say #7 but #4 and #2 have storage space, too. (I guess I'm not much help, am I?)

    Can't wait to see what you decide on!

  9. For what it is worth #7 for the drapes and 4 for the cabinet.

  10. I vote #7 on the fabrics and #5 on the table. Cute!!

  11. #4 for the table, love it, and #1 for the fabric!


  12. I know about those types of lists. I need to go back and take another look at the choices. I can't make decisions on things like that around here very well, so not sure I would be of much help to you. :-D
    Enjoy and have a safe weekend.

  13. My favorite curtain fabric is #7 - - - but PLEASE, don't wait until 24 hours before you NEED these curtains this time - - - - I believe I MET you when you were doing a whirlwind weekend curtain creation before a deadline, and I NEARLY had a nervous breakdown for you - - - and we don't want to go through THAT again do we????

    I prefer to have NO lists and just let life happen, or not, as the case may be - - - deadlines are tooooooooo hard on me.

    Notice, I am ignoring my OWN BT deadline - - - called MOVING across the country at the end of October.

    Well, not exactly IGNORING it - - - just taking it in tiny baby steps and hoping those all add up to one successful move - - -

  14. You know, you really can't choose till you get them in the room!

    They all look like they could work.

    I like your mother's pragmatic attitude. I once read a quote that said, "If little children don't die from it, then don't worry about it." I have always tried to keep that in mind, being a natural worrier.


  15. I choose #7, and for the table, I love #3, but if you need storage, #4. I have read that red in the dining room or kitchen causes people to eat more!

  16. #7 for the fabric for sure. It's absolutely gorgeous.
    #4 for the table. Storage space and the design is lovely to look at.

  17. Definitely 4 for the table - Frenchy legs and 2-drawer storage. It also looks very expensive! Hmmm. As for the fabric, I like 6 but actually would go for a solid red in that same red tone. With your busy rug, the solid panels would look so classy and go with the decor of your home. Good luck!

  18. Let's see - for fabric - Number 2 or number 11 - there's so many colors in there you can pull from to accessorize! And for the table? I love Number 6 - mainly because I want one ike that :)

  19. Well I'm really the odd one out, as I think #6 or #11 are gorgeous. As for the table - I pick #4 for the same reasons as others - love any extra storage!
    Oh to live in the Land of $10 Craig's List Tables!

  20. I love chest #4 - the shape, storage, and color.

    On the computer screen, it's hard to tell which red fabric is the same tone as the red in your rug. I love #1, but on my screen looks almost too bright a red. Also, beyond the border, I can't really tell the scale of the pattern in your rug: whether it's large or if it's a small more muted print. Whatever the rug is, I'd go with the opposite in the fabric so the two "prints" aren't fighting each other for dominance.

  21. For me it is 11, followed by 1. I do think the room can "carry" any of the combinations, but I'm a sucker for red and green - my favourite colours. Now, do have fun making your choices,

    sending huggles and purrrrumbles, Michelle and Zebbycat

  22. Cass, I don't think you could go wrong with any of the fabrics - the shade of red is perfect!
    Your house is so beautiful.

  23. All of the fabric is lovely. I'd never be able to choose, so no help from here on that one.

    As for the tables, I say bring a trailer and haul them all home.

  24. Cass,
    I'm not reading any of the comments so that I won't be influenced but I like either #1 or #3. Both of them were my immediate reaction.
    As for the craigslist tables....none of them are screaming out to me...sorry.
    Thanks for asking for our opinions.
    ♥•.*.Thank you.*.•♥
    ♥•.*.from Vicki.*.•♥

  25. #8 all the way!!! i LOVE your old house!

  26. I like 4, 10 and 11.
    Of the tables I liked 1, 2 and 6.
    Which one did you get???


  27. This is beautiful. I am hosting a 50 dollar CSN Giveaway on my blog. I would love for you to stop by.Thanks Anu!


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