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Monday, September 13, 2010

Tables, Blueness, and Blogging New-ness

On Saturday morning, a clear and glorious day, Howard and I took off
for treacherous Westchester County in New York State, where you run
terrible risks of being beaned by a golf ball, or seeing
people walking around in public with their shirt collars popped. 
We were well fortified, with Dunkin Donuts coffee
and Merlin the GPS on my lap.

Doesn't he look nice against my new denim skirt?
Merlin prefers to be cradled in lambswool, but he is a GPS and doesn't get to choose my wardrobe.

 As I said, it was a beautiful day; even Route 287 looked good.
Howard sang "Blue skies, smiling at me, nothing but blue skies, do I see . . . . " 
But I made him stop, as my ears were bleeding.
We were heading to pick up two of these:
(See that stain on the sunroom rug?  One of our guest doggies this summer got an upset tummy and even
professional cleaners couldn't remove the three stains she left . . . so new flooring coming soon! Thank you, doggy!)

I got these tables on eBay, a great buy, and I am going to include them in the ever-growing collection known as:
Little Tables Cass Has To Actually Paint, One Of These Days.
They've got some pretty details -- scallops and dots -- and nice reeded legs.

 They are mahogany, but I'm thinking an aged creamy white or soft aged gray would look good on them.
The finish is damaged, but sanding, primer and paint cover a multitude of sins.


One of the tables I showed you from Craigslist came home with us on Saturday as well.

This seller had two tables for sale, but the other one was more common, and smaller, and
slightly rickety, so I didn't think it was worth the $20 he was asking.

But this one? It was the most popular in the which-Craigsligt-table-to-choose post from week before last. 

It's a sweetheart.   Check out the details:
Yeah, it is standing in front of the old credenza we turned into a television stand.  Ignore the credenza, please.
I am just running out of places to put all the
Little Tables Cass Has To Actually Paint, One Of These Days.

It is already stripped and sanded, which is going to save me a lot of time.
It's nice to buy things from a professional refinisher!

I showed you a French-style armchair with orange velvet upholstery in Friday's post. . .  for 35 dollars.
Well, someone beat me to it and snatched it up Saturday morning.  With great bargains on great things on Craigslist . . . she who hesitates loses out

Which made me slightly blue . . . not really, but I'm trying to introduce blue into the post other than the blue sky over Route 287.  I have dipped into the vault, and fished out a collage of some of my blue china:

Is there any devoted dish fan whose heart doesn't beat faster at the sight of blue and white?

Last night we went to Howard's sister's for dinner; she has some gorgeous blue and white dishes, including both newer Spode and very old inherited blue and white.  The food was excellent, the conversation fun, and I sat there thinking, "Gee, would Phyllis notice if I just slipped this dinner plate into my big handbag?"

I didn't try it; too much sauce still on the plate.
Next time I'll see if the dog will lick it clean for me.

And finally, I want to welcome a new blogger to our midst.
Her name is Lydia, she describes herself as a "garage sale addict,"
and says that the day she stumbled onto That Old House blog, she realized she was not alone!
So Lydia now has taken the plunge.
I'm the first Follower of Saturday Morning Treasures;
I hope some of you mosey over for a visit and to see her silver thrifty finds.
Remember what it's like to begin?

Linking, linking, linking . . . to . . .

Stumbling on her blog two years ago inspired me to try.

Rhoda at Southern Hospitality blog and Today's Thrifty Treasures.
Her post today is exhausting even to read, but such fun.

She's got a cute and snappy song & video about a, well, a blue guy!

And that's it for today!
I hope the sun stays out, and the rain stays 'way far away.  -- Cass


  1. LOL....poor Howard...great table finds this weekend. I love all the scallop details.
    Reminder to self~Look for family dog when I wish to "borrow" China after dinner at friends houses.

  2. I love all your blue and white china.

    Happy Blue Monday, Cass! Check out my book giveaway.

  3. I love blue and white china. Nice collage!

  4. Cass,

    Great finds. Love the blue and white china. Have a great week.


  5. Hi Cass,
    The little sweetheart table is really nice and of course I love the blue and white china! Looks like it was a beautiful drive.

  6. Sweet tables! I have a corner full of things to Although I just finished painting 4 pieces for a bedroom I have been working on. Nothing makes you work faster then the need to fill a newly painted room cheaply! Have a good week! Hope you get something painted.

  7. You are right - - - GORGEOUS day.

    My beloved and trusty lappy is suffering from a spyware invasion. My favorite techie geek girl is going over it and freeing it from those nasty spying clutches.

    I am REDUCED to using hubby's Macbook.

    While I realize that OTHERS love their Macs, I am NOT among that throng. I find it sooooooooooooooo user unfriendly, why it's taking me nearly ONE WHOLE YEAR just to post this comment!!!! ;-)

  8. Cass, your tables, china ... everything! are wonderful! What a great drive & fabulous finds.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN~ Hugs, Marydon

  9. Thanks for the intro Cass. Someone left me a comment!!

  10. Congratulations on your new floor!!!! I can't wait to see what you chose!

    Lovely tables and they will get painted someday!

    BTW, our Garmin is named Miranda!

    Have a nice week --

  11. Oh Keetha! I LOVE my MAC! Would never go back- no more viruses or crashing here- yay!!! I'm sorry you're having a rough time
    Cass, as usual, you get the BEST darn stuff!! )And she probably wouldn't have noticed the plate missing- at least till after you were gone)
    xoxo Pattie

  12. Great tables, love the sanded and ready to paint one. Enjoy the week.

  13. Very lovely tables you picked up and your blue china mosaic is gorgeous.

  14. Great treasures Sweetie and love the write up you did as well.. The BLUE skies song I will need to ask my hubb's to sing on our next business trip..For a short chorus though ;0)
    HapPy BLUE Monday!!!
    May God's blessings be all over you and yours in this new week~~~Hugs Dena

  15. Very pretty treasures! Love your blue, and you had nice weather for the drive! Pretty sky!

  16. Hi Cass...I love how you have a real name for your Garmin....we just call ours the "Carman"..not very original...and you do find the best things on Craigs List..wonderful little tables...

  17. Hey! Westchester County, NY is where I live!!!! I hope you enjoyed coming here!

    Love your finds!!!!

  18. Aunt Cassy-
    I used to OWN that same table! No kidding! Mine was definitely less impressive...rickety with all the joints loose and a missing back rung, alot of damage to the scalloping on the arches, and horribly damaged finish. I was in my "bohemian artist's garrett" decor phase and loved it. Bought it at a yard sale in the mountains of western virginia for 5 dollars (and likely overpaid).

  19. Good Morning Cass Sweetie...
    Oh I love the little twins you brought home. They are just going to be gorgeous with a white coat, oh my how beautiful they will grow to your heart when they are painted. I love the little single table as well. Isn't she a pretty little thing with all the knobby pieces and the arches? I love the little digs into the legs as well. So pretty. You have such a good eye for detail.

    I love the blue and white china. Oh my what beauty each piece holds. I believe the church plate is my favorite, but I also love the blue fish pattern as well. Just beautiful Cass.

    I thank you for sharing with me this morning. I love it when you do. I hope you have a gorgeous day today. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  20. This post was such fun to read. And it was nice to get a glimpse of 287 as well as the blue and white, beating heart dishes---several of which are very familiar to me. You did a nice job there.

    Happy painting, when you get to it! Will be fun to see the finished pieces.

  21. Cass, like I said above ~ I adore your sense of humor!
    Your tables are great finds. I stopped by my favorite consignment store late this afternoon and came home with the sweetest little gate-leg table with burled wood top. I'm one happy lady tonight! ~ Sarah
    I'm off to visit Lydia!

  22. Good lord - we're sure to have a very good painted-table post from you soon....aren't we?? Better not let too many more tables collect at your place or you'll be overwhelmed.


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