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Friday, September 24, 2010

Lostings and Findings

Remember what it is like to get lost? 
In this age of Mapquest directions and GPS devices in our cars
(our GPS is nicknamed Merlin), we may have lost
the fine art of getting lost.

On Thursday, I headed northwest from That Old House, to the Sussex County seat of Newton. 
I was on the trail of a Craigslist bargain -- two old twin headboards for $5.00.

They looked decent in the Craigslist pictures, and they spoke to me.  As in:  "Hey, crazy lady!
Add us to your growing pile of Things Cass Has To Paint One Of These Days!"

The Craigslist picture of the headboards.  Would you have bought them?  I think they have great lines, and I see them painted in antique gray or white, or ... this is what I'd really like to do ... paint the frame and then pad and upholster the center.  Linen?  Toile?  Ticking?  Decoupaged plastic Wonder Bread bags or Twinkies wrappers?  The possibilities are endless.

Normally I don't go alone on Craigslist pickups; I take Howard as my muscle.  But he's a busy boy this coming weekend, and also he'd probably tell me that I really didn't need to add to the pile of Things Cass Has To Paint One Of These Days.  I'm not saying he wouldn't be right in this, but I'm also not saying I'd have listened to him.

Ah, Howard.  Now that he's got a regular paycheck again, I'm getting flowers on weekends.  Sweet!
Reality check:  there's a supermarket paper label on one of the lemons.  :-P
But back to my Craigslist trip . . . .

On the telephone, the lady selling the headboards seemed pretty much sane and not homicidally inclined,
so off I went, all by my lonesome, tolerably sure I would not end the day stuffed in a chest freezer.

I decided I didn't need to check the seller's sketchy directions against Mapquest,
and didn't need to use Merlin the GPS.  This decision proved . . . interesting.

Yes, I got lost.
Well, maybe not lost per se.  I found myself in places unknown, places I'd never heard of,
places perilously close to a state other than New Jersey . . . well, okay, I was lost.

But by dint of putting several thousand miles on the minivan and filling the tank at an
overpriced country gas station (15-cents more per gallon than I normally pay) I found the right road,
and even eventually the right narrow, hidden, overgrown oh-no-don't-go-there teen horror movie driveway.
Which went straight up a mountain.
When I got up there, no one was home.

Except the headboards.
They were leaning against a garage door, with a note:
I had to go out.
If you like them take them
and leave the money under the squirrel.

Under the squirrel?  Wow, I thought, what helpful and well-behaved squirrels they have
out in the country.  And then I saw it.  A big chipped ceramic squirrel squatting on the driveway.  Oh.  Duh.

I wrote a short note back to the absent seller, put the money under the squirrel,
wrestled the headboards into the back of the minivan, past the dog crate and the bargain
pumpkins I'd found at a roadside stand (which made up for the overpriced gasoline),

and -- before I headed back down the harum-scarum driveway --
I turned on the GPS.

And took the long way home, blissfully paying absolutely no attention to the
directions Merlin was giving me in his best BBC English, which in turn gave Merlin fits. 
I swear, after the fifth "recalculating" he really does begin to sound distinctly testy.

I love the headboards' curves.  Very . . . curvy.
Manufactured by White Furniture of North Carolina.  I think they are maple, but not sure.
As for Howard, I keep forgetting that he can read.
Meaning, he can read my blog.
I haven't wrestled the headboards out of the minivan yet, but by now he knows they are in there.

But I know he'll like the funky pumpkins.
No stem.  This pumpkin may need a hat.

The best part of Thursday was . . . getting lost.

Discovering new towns and byways to explore again, when I'm not worried about ending up in a chest freezer, or getting home in time to start dinner.  I found so many wonderful places to go back to, and visit -- hamlets loaded with country stores and vintage shops, roadside stands with flowers, pumpkins, fruits and pies, and hundreds of dear old houses, each sweeter than the next.

I'll be back to the towns of Sussex County.  Me, Howard, and yes, Merlin.  And this time, I'll bring a camera.

Remember those heirloom tomatoes from Wednesday's post?  Mmmm... lunch today.
No special care, no fertilizer, no watering except by rain, just sunshine and heat, benign neglect, and no chipmunks!
 I hope it's a grand weekend you have!  -- Cass

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  1. What a bargain and I believe they look very well as is but if you wanted to resale them, painted black with some black toile would look fab.
    I'd have loved to have been along on this adventure...just my cup of tea.
    Mama Bear

  2. I laughed so loud that my husband wondered what was funny so I had to read it to him. Thanks for the great story telling.

    Becky K.

  3. Oh, Cass, I just loved every word and photo of this post. I can just see you on your so cute.
    Now, I want just ONE of those headboards..I just saw the most absolute CUTEST thing done with one over at .....hmmmm....that Ruth that has a pie blog...can't think of the name to save my life.
    AUNT RUTHIE'S something...ANYway, she painted one white, the inside chalk board paint and put it high up on her TO.DIE.FOR. kitchen wall...It is so adorable you have to go see it.
    Actually, I couldn't really use one because my ceilings are only 8 foot ceilings. BUMMER....

  4. You are just too funny. I'm glad you were safe. When I first read Craigslist earlier this week I thought, brave. These are great. I hope you finish them and show them off to us.

  5. I am laughing but in a good way!! I love taking off and getting lost and sometimes finding such great new places. Yes I have GPS and so often I'm glad I do but sometimes its fun to just explore! Oh and the 'recalculating' cracks me up! I talk back to mine do you??

  6. Love this post - I was laughing as I read. :-D I had flashbacks of the last time I "made the wrong turn". Looks like you really got a great deal on the headboards. Looking forward to see what you do with them. What beautiful roses!
    Have a great weekend.

  7. The headboards are wonderful and what a great price. It also sounds like it was a fun day too, even with getting lost. Hugs, Marty

  8. Oh Cass, What a fabulous post. I would love to be your wingman any time. The headborads have lovely curves, no pun intended. Have a wonderful weekend, try not to get lost.

  9. I had so much fun reading about your adventure! Love the headboards! What a fun day to get lost and find many wonderful places to visit again. Just make sure you don't get lost again! Oh, if you do, you just might find more wonderful places to vistt!

  10. Your posts are so funny!! I love the headboards and love that you have that list of things to paint- boy can I relate!!! I love the finds and your story! Cute! Can't wait to see what you do with them! I am hosting a decorating inspiration link party at my blog if you would like to join in. :)

  11. Oh Cass, I wish I wish I wish I lived closer! So much fun we'd have- I don't even own a Merlin (but my neighbor Lynn has a Louise- we usually turn her off as she interrupts our gossiping) Love the headboards and I'm SO jealous of the tomatoes.
    xoxo Pattie

  12. Nice beds. They're so much potential with the shape and flat surface. Can't wait to see what you do with them!


  13. Well, I would have definately bought them. And for $5.00 each you can't go wrong. My hubby has tired of me dragging home things and then just piling them in the garage. I have to get out my paint brush soon.

  14. I get lost all the time - love it on a Saturday drive - you find the best things!!!


  15. What a delightful story of your meandering as I like to call it! Not lost just enjoying new territory as long as I don't find someone with a shot gun asking me what the heck am I doing on his property!! Otherwise just delightful meandering.

    I do have to get one of those GPS things though I do an awful lot of meandering!

    bee blessed

    Oh yes the headboard are lovely!

  16. Oh, Cass, when I got to the part about the squirrels, I busted out laughing! Well-behaved squirrels...!

    I'm glad you didn't end up in anyone's chest freezer, too, and thank you for such a fun post!


  17. Hi Cass! I loved to read your today's post!My GPS name is Jacques ,i love your Merlin!!!This headboards are very nice and ...very cheap, what a bargain!I wish you a lovely week end Catherine

  18. Cass, I LOVE the idea you have for those headboards, their shapes lends perfectly to this idea. I'de say a vintage ivory with glaze over that, and a tiole (sp??) print fabric in the center. Would love to see the end result.. you know.. when you get to it.

  19. You are too funny! I love exploring country roads. Those headboards are worth the drive. Love the curvy lines. Can't wait to see what you do with them. I'm going to follow to find pressure here! LOL

  20. What a great buy and yes, they are very nice -- so once painted where do you plan on putting them?

    If you think BBC Merlin gets "testy" after the 5th recalculating -- you should try the American lady -- SHE really does but she does it third time out!!! You can tell it in her voice -- Husband Jim says I imagine but I don't she is TESTY!

  21. Oh, my, "leave the money under the squirrel", too funny! I bought a pair of similarly shaped head boards this summer as well. Unfortunately, mine are not in nearly as nice a shape. I'd love to see how you eventually finish them. I thought about doing upholstery as well then my sister showed me a picture with a mural.....trying to find an expensive wallpaper that will do. For now they are still in the storage unit, newly named the "things Susanne has to paint one of these days" unit. It's been a hoot, I'll be back. Susanne.

  22. Hi Cass! It was good to see you. I am glad you are ok, but don't do that again!
    Very nice purchase! I look forward to seeing what you do with them!
    Enjoy your Sunday, it is like summer here!

  23. I just about fell off the chair reading your post! Mr. Ken thought I had lost it.
    What a great story!!!

    Happy Fall.


  24. What a great deal. Very pretty.

  25. Hi Cass- love your stories and love the headboards~ they really are beautiful and when they get their coats of paint- they will be amazing! Thanks so much for your sweet comment and for joining Feathered Nest Friday. Come back again soon! :)

  26. Great post - thanks for the early morning smile!
    Some of my best times have been when I've been lost (wow, does that sound weird!) because one discovers so many interesting little byways and villages - a little adventure.

  27. LOL! How fun are you? This sounds like something I would do. Glad it all turned out fine, and great score on those headboards!


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