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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Are Those Red Things In Our Garden?

All summer long, Howard and I have watched our burgeoning chipmunk
population dine on tomatoes.
Ripe tomatoes, unripe tomatoes, big tomatoes, small tomatoes . . .
no tomato escaped their ravenous tiny selves.
Really.  We were able to salvage one tomato from 4 plants.

So imagine my surprise to check out the mixed border along the stone wall behind the house,
and find tomatoes hanging on the vines.  Unmolested tomatoes.  Loads of them.  Proof:

Even in the shaded lower portion of the border, there are tomatoes.  And weeds, too.
My crop of weeds this summer was spectacular.

Peek-A-Boo!  These are the prolific heirloom tomatoes.  The chipmunks loved them.

So . . . what's up with the chipmunks?  They are still scurrying around, still in and out of the stone wall
and their little holes they've dug in the lawn.  Makes me wonder . . .  
As much as I am looking forward to having fresh tomatoes -- finally! -- is there something
about these round red guys that the chipmunks know,  and we don't? 
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See you on Thursday! -- Cass


  1. Cass, There is nothing like a fresh, homegrown tomato... even if you are a chipmunk. I bet they are such cute little tomato stealers!

  2. I don't eat tomatoes, but these do look beautiful. Does make one wonder why they have left these alone. I suppose they have moved on to another menu item. ;-)
    Have a lovely day! ~ Sarah

  3. I didn't get many tomatoes off my 6 plants because the dogs would pull the green tomatoes off the vine and play fetch with them in the yard. In their defense, the green tomatoes did kinda look like tennis balls....

  4. Hmmm...sounds suspicious. =D Love tomatoes and these look delicious. Enjoy!

  5. Wow, I love your house...I went and read about your love story...I can fully understand it...this is what I've always wanted to do..I know it was hard work and took lots of money for restoration...I wouldn't mind the hard work but wouldn't have the money...I've always said if I had enough money to hire the work done, I would buy an old house....Have you shown the interior?
    We planted heirloom tomatoes this year...they've already finished their crop, should have planted late ones..I would love to have a tomato sandwich...I think I'll see if I can find some at a road side stand....Do you mind if I follow you?
    Mama Bear

  6. Ooo, they are very modest tomatoes - hiding behind which/what ever bit of greenery they could find over Summer. Do relish eating these darlings.

    Is all very foreign to me over in a wee island nation. When the first human settlers emigrated yo here some 800 to 1400 years ago from across the Soutt Pacific the only resident mammals were a couple of types of small bats.

    All Mammals aince then are immigrants and imports!

    Sending care and love from two such beings - Michelle and Zebby

  7. It does sound a bit suspicious, however, those are beauteous tomatoes.Perhaps the chipmunks finally developed acid indigestion. **blows kisses** Deb

  8. Maybe they finally got their fill or found something else to dine on. Those are some pretty tomatoes!

  9. Let's not question why..just enjoy! ;)

  10. So glad you got a few! Nothing more frustrating than fighting the critters for your garden veggies:@)

  11. We got a grand total of 5 off of 4 tomato bushes this year ... the deer & some weird bug enjoyed them immensely. We gave up & took them out ... :(

    May we come by for a few? Chuckle!

    Have a great day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  12. I had squirrels getting my tomatoes every year. I could swear they were throwing them back and forth with each other. And the nerve, they never actually ate them...just mangled them.

    Your tomatoes are a pretty sight! Maybe the chipmunks are becoming more enticed by the neighborhood pumpkins!!


  13. Oh lucky you!!! We got NOTHING! NADA! Between Thumper and Bambi, our yard was decimated!
    xoxo Pattie

  14. I'm glad you were able to enjoy some of those tomatoes for yourself! It's so frustrating to have to fight Mother Nature all summer in the garden. Now that last picture, of the pumpkin? Now that's something that I cannot have outside. The squirrels would feast on that and leave a mess of seeds for me to clean up. It's all fake punkins outside for me!
    Happy REDnesday!

  15. Those red things look delicious, grab them quick and eat them just as fast.

  16. We treat each and every red tomato as a jewel to be savoured. We get too little sun for the tomatoes to really ripen, so I've become an afficionada of recipes for green tomato anything.

  17. Enjoy those gorgeous red babies before the chipmunks decide they better finish them off, lol!!


  18. We had 11 plants and I think we got 4 tomatoes - the wildlife got the rest....
    But we did get about 20 cherry tomatoes off the 2 Sweet 100 plants. Terrible.

  19. Last year, we planted 8 tomato plants and picked almost no tomatoes ... our pests are groundhogs. I don't mind sharing, but these little guys are taking WAY more than their fair share.

  20. LOVE your pictures and sweet stories. ADORE your old house...dream of having one~~~~~one day:)

  21. Oooh, that tomato looks sooooo good! We've had no luck with ours this year either, and I really missed them!

  22. Good lookin' tomatoes! I guess the chimpmunks must have had their fill...these look too good to pass up!

  23. Those tomatoes look terrific! How lucky that you found some the chipmunks had not eaten. That is strange that the chipmunks did not touch them. Oh well, their loss your gain! Enjoy!

    ~ Tracy


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