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Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Autumn Supper For One


We are getting the rain from a tropical storm.
I don't think this is very fair.
We don't send snow to the tropics!

 But since I can't make the rain stop -- no matter how much I think I really should have that power
-- I will at least set a nice spot to have my solitary dinner.
A stomach's eye view
Howard's new job means he doesn't get home until ten o'clock on weeknights.
Sometimes I have dinner with him, other times I cook earlier, eat, and serve up leftovers to the poor guy.
That's my plan for tonight.

Garcon!  Table for one, please.

 It's a Fall themed table, but since I don't have my boxes of Fall stuff down from the attic yet,
I just pulled things from the kitchen and dining room and made do. 
While I eat, I'll listen to the rain pound the conservatory ceiling.

What I used:
My little Dollar Tree bird is helping to lighten the rainy gloom.  There is a tiny flame in there.

Supermarket roses ... 11 days old!   They are beginning to fade and get funky, so I think they fit the Autumn theme.
Fake lemons.  Yeah, I went to T.J. Maxx yesterday . . . . But there's a real one in there, too!

I'm dining alone, so there may be some spillage.  A huge linen dishtowel-turned-napkin lends color and cleanup.

I love this chicken candelholder, a gift from daughter Anne.  This bird looks so delightfully nosey and interfering, so squawky!  Hmm, could that be a message from my daughter to me?   Nah. . . .

Very vintage silverplate.  Ambassador (ca. 1920) on the left, First Colony (early version, ca. 1900) on right.

And their respective matching knives.  That's Howard's initials on the Ambassador knife.
After Howard and I visited Germany the year after our wedding, we bought these wineglasses at Long Island's dear, departed Fortunoff's.  Is it all right to mourn the passing of a store?

1950s old fashioned or "rocks" glasses.  They belonged to my parents, and held plenty of Scotch in their time.
Leaf plate.  An estate sale find, last summer with Annie. Underneath, a big Dollar Tree plate in green.
So that's it, my rainy day supper setting.
Pay no attention to the dog in the corner.  He thinks there is food on the table.  He thinks wrong.

I love closeups.  You don't have to tidy the rest of the room to take them.

 I hope wherever you are, you are dry and comfortable,
you have food and shelter,
and that you have a wonderful Thursday.  -- Cass
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Milk glass heaven.


  1. A fun setting! Lovin' the rooster and your dog is cracking me up! It's raining in Philly too.

  2. It's hard to enjoy a meal alone for me, Love that you are making them special! Come link up for a VIF party on the 29th with Fall table settings, I'd love you to join in!

  3. very beautiful table and especially like the two bird candleholders!

  4. love your pretty :)
    Lucky you~~~ cooler weather!!

    Kay Ellen

  5. Very cosy looking! I had those same gold and leaf glasses...long departed..since we were married in the late 50's, they were a wedding gift.

  6. You've made dining alone look oh so inviting!!! Love this little tablescape made just for you!!!

  7. Love your post, as always! Dion is so cute, lurking over there, waiting for crumbs to fall from the table.

    Alas, I also did a fall table, but that Mr. Linky thing won't allow me to hook up!

    Poor Howard! Hope he gets to sleep in to compensate.


  8. OK, laughing. First about the comment at the beginning about the tropics and snow and then about the close ups at the end.

    So true!

    I'm home alone most weekenights too,and I rarely if ever treat myself to a pretty table. I should!! You have inspired me. I really love your choices. I saw stemware like that just last week at an antique mall and wanted it. Now, I'm wishing that I had sucked it up and bought it.

    So pretty! It takes me forever to get to tables on TT, but I am always rewarded if I stick it out to the end.

  9. Your table for one is beautiful and I must admit that your "faded and funky" take on fall decor gave me a good chuckle. It perfectly describes my garden at the moment.

  10. A lonely housewife eating alone? Isn't funny sometimes.

    I am alone home the whole day till 8pm. My hubby is working at one of Swedish largest bank (so do I) but am home with flu.

    I ate alone but it was a quick fun as I don't feel fine, sitting alone.

    But, hey Lady, your maple leaf dish is to die for. I am surrounded with it in TS but unfortunately hard to fine in Sweden, sux!

    Have a happy TS Day.

    Greetings from chilly STOCKHOLMER,

  11. A perfect place for one! I love the leaf dish. It's a rainy day in Georgia! Thanks for sharing.
    P.S. Rain on the conservatory roof sounds wonderful!

  12. Too funny on that last comment about close ups so you don't have to tidy the rest of the room!! But you made me want you to set an extra place so I could be with you and we could enjoy good conversation and comfort food over looking your back yard (?) on the rainy day....oh, well. Another time perhaps!

    I loved your table for one. I will remember to do this for myself when the family is all about their own schedules and all.

  13. What a lovely setting for one! Thanks for showing us the wonderful detail on the vintage silver!

  14. Cass, your table for one is so pretty and you might as well have it pretty since you are eating by yourself. Love the vintage silverware.

  15. Beautiful! I love the leaf plate, and I remember glasses similar to that from my childhood.

  16. Looks so pretty cass!I love your vintage silver....Kathy

  17. I do like your setting for one. You can't blame Dion for trying. :D Your roses are beautiful.

  18. Now Cass, the EMPTY dishes are pretty - - - - but what I REALLY want to see is the FOOD!!

  19. Cass,
    Dion is the best. I love your table - I have its twin. Your silver plate is beautiful and shiny!


  20. Cass that is a wonderful table for one! I love that chicken tea light funny!!

  21. Aw, poor Cassieness alone for dinner! :(
    But you've certainly set a sweet table for your tiny self! I'm coveting that cute little chicken tea light holder!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. Those flatware pieces are beautiful and, I am sure, treasured pieces!

  23. Love love that silver, especially the monogrammed knife. Thanks for sharing.

  24. It's a beautiful table, Cass....and you still have fall stuff in the attic!? Wow!

  25. I think this looks beautiful! The white roses add such a classy touch. If I waited to eat at 10:00, I'd pass out from starvation and then I'd be awake all night! I'm afraid he would always get warmed up something here!

  26. Clever stomach's eye view. You have a great sense of humor!

  27. I just love your posts Cass. You always make me laugh. Great table setting. Hope you enjoyed the meal and take care.

  28. What a fantastic table setting, once again, a celebration of every day life!

  29. I think that your place setting is lovely. You inspired me to head to Dollar Tree for the little bird votives. I bought some for a friend, too. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  30. I love your old fashioned glasses! Pretty setting for one.

  31. Cass, sorry you had to eat alone, but your setting is beautiful. I like the mix of flatware, the rich colors, and the white roses. ~ Sarah

  32. I think I'm inspired! I'll have a solitary dinner coming up soon. What a lovely table.


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