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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Milk Glass SCORE at Goodwill

Outdoors, today, it is sunny and a little bit warm; 
a beautiful Fall day, and the calm before tomorrow's expected storm.  

I took advantage of the brilliant light in our sunroom this
morning to snap a few pictures of my latest Goodwill treasure.

What's square and white and glossy all over?

This -- a square milk glass pedestal cake plate.

I wish I had a lovely small delicate cake to put on it.  But I don't.
Instead, a candle and candle ring, both in red.

I like the lacy edging, on pedestal:

 and on the square top:
 One of my favorite markets just happens to have a Goodwill outlet right next to it.
When I brought this piece to the register, I found out it was 25% off.
Double Serendipity.
When I took the tags off this piece last evening to wash it, I realized it had just hit the shelves that very day.
Triple Serendipity.

And if you can bear a quadruple Serendipity . . . 
I did my usual research to find out if I could identify the maker and pattern,

. . . and it turns out that it is by Westmoreland, in the Ring and Petal pattern.
I even found the very-hard-to-find "W" impressed in the base.
It's worth a few bucks to a collector; Kovel's in 2005 put it at $125.
Stop laughing. . . .

 I like it cause it's pretty, but finding things like this at GW helps me explain to Howard why I go!

And speaking of going, that is what summer is doing here at That Old House.
Just outside the sunroom door, the red begonias are collecting fallen leaves among their thinning blossoms.

Up along the driveway, the Autumn Joy Sedum is morphing yet again,
its pink giving way to a deeper rusty red.

It will get very dark red before Halloween.

Midweek -- Wednesday -- over the hump day!  May it be filled with sun for you, too -- Cass

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  1. Love the cake plate, it's beautiful, actually. Great find! I just donated jewelry I never wear to goodwill.. didn't dare go in the "store".

  2. What a pretty cake plate! I really like the red candle and candle ring on it also.
    Your flowers still look good.
    I went out to water what is left of my potted plants, and should have just thrown some of them out. I have always had ferns that lasted until first hard frost, but have 2 already dying this year, 2 more won't last much longer. The extreme heat and lack of rain was to hard on all my plants, even tho I kept them watered.

  3. What a lovely find! I would love to find treasures like that at our GW. Aaah, maybe someday. I like how you decorated it with a candle and red berries.

  4. what a great score! I love when "things find you" that was definitely meant to be,and it went to a good home!

  5. Cass the pedastel cake stand is gorgeous! Love the shape, the fancy detail and the color. Good job!
    Thanks for sharing with us on Rednesday.

  6. Oh, that is just beautiful! Don't you love it when you find "the" item when you shop? It looks stunning with the candle and ring on it!

  7. I've got a lot of milk glass-but I've never seen one like that-great find!

  8. Beautiful cake plate! I always thought that milk glass always had those little round bumps (that's the technical term, you know!) all around. This is much more lovely! I rarely find anything wonderful at Goodwill. I think folks are getting much too savvy to let the "gems" actually reach the shelves!


  9. I love this, Cass. You always have the best luck at thrift shops and on Craigslist! This piece is just beautiful! Good going!


  10. Gorgeous pedestal cake plate. I'm actually looking for white pieces these days. I have never gone hunting in the thrift stores but you are definitely inspiring me. I just wish I became familiar with a few in good locations. I will try and then I'll share my finds.

    Funny how we're both poetically closing our posts today. On my way to Kathleen's to wish her well.

  11. What a fantastic cake plate, I love it-enjoy!

  12. Beautiful red and pink. And gorgeous white!!!

  13. What a good deal! That cake plate is beautiful. I love the detail. Your flowers are lovely.
    Thanks for stopping by

  14. Fantastic find at Goodwill-and you're not alone, I cruise through our local one every chance I get. I've never found anything as beautiful as your cake plate, though!

  15. Oh--this is gorgeous!! And it looks so pretty how you decorated with it...beautiful!

  16. Love the cakestand. It is so pretty. Such a lovely shape and wonderful detail. Your flowers are stunning. Gorgeous colors. Hugs, Marty

  17. This is an amazingly Nice cake plate!
    I just love it! Lucky you

  18. Oh wow....LOVE tht cake plate! Things liek that don't show up at our thrift stores anymore....I think they take the things that they think will sell for more and put them online......I would be doing a major happy dance about finding that one! :) I just love your home and than you for coming by to say hello! Sandy

  19. This is such a beautiful cake plate...I love the candle on it...great find!!! I think it found a beautiful home where it will be appreciated...

  20. I love visiting your blog! In the first place your home is the one I have always wanted.
    Secondly, our tastes are quite a bit alike. Love the cake stand and the candle has fewer calories than a cake would have...not that i EVER count calories!

  21. What a find! That is a great cake plate... my sedum is blooming as well. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Wow, what a gorgeous cake plate! I wish I could find cute things like that! :)

  23. What a great find!
    I love milk glass!

  24. I've never seen a square cakestand before! It's so pretty and lacey, and an incredible find!
    Happy REDnesday!

  25. you know, I'm not normally a milk glass fan but that is gorgeous...I'd have been followin' you around the GW, hoping you changed your mind and set it back on the shelf! :)

    what a great find...

  26. what a score girlfriend! Fabulous, I would love it even if it had made in .... on the bottom .

  27. What a score. It is absolutely beautiful. You see it with candles and I see it with a stack of brownies...ooops....I think i need to go eat something. Bye

  28. I love the cake plate! I love milk glass and I think this cake plate is one of the prettiest I have ever seen!! Gorgeous!

  29. Wonderful post, love the white cake plate. Have a great day.

  30. What a great cake plate. Super score for you!
    I have met Martha from yesterday's post. she is a very nice lady and she was kind enough to show my friend and I her lovely home.
    Have missed seeing you at Dreaming, come by when you can. :)


  31. Awesome find! I am so impressed with it!!!

  32. Hi Cass,
    Nice find! I think it looks very pretty with the candle. Nice you still have flowers. I saw the storm headed your way on the weather channel today and thought of you. Hope it doesn't hit you too hard. Stay safe!

  33. Your cake plate is to die for!!! Love it! I am a collector of milk glass and my best pieces have come from Goodwill and other thrift shops in my area. You were just at the right place at the right time. Congrats!!! Enjoy it! Love & blessings from NC!

  34. I agree! your cake plate is fantastic! And your reds...just wonderful! Goodwill? Some people just have all the LUCK! :) GREAT find!
    Happy Rednesday to you!

  35. You were in the right place at the right time! I love milk glass and your new square cake plate is a treasure.

  36. Wow! that cake stand is ULTIMATELY STUNNING!

    Where can I buy that treasure, may I ask? Am dying for that piece.

    HOpe your in the best of everything this day.

    Happy TS Day!

    Greetings from a chilly Stockholmer,

  37. What a sweet little cake stand - a treasure. You'll have to work up a tour of Good Will stores for we thrift store tourists.

  38. Oh Jeez, how did I miss this?! What a terrific find!!! And it looks so beautiful in your dining room, too. Don't you just love a good dose of serendipity? ;)

  39. Wow! I've been searching for this very cake plate few quite some time now!!! What an awesome an amazing find at the GW!! I haven't been as lucky! But if you ever decide to part with it I would LOVE to buy it from you!!

  40. The Cake Stand in very old....Westmoreland glass ~ you should see a circle on the bottom with a W inside of a G ~ and the pattern is Petal and Ring....I just purchased a piece today and googled with images to find the maker and pattern. Nice find. Mine is a fruit stand...looks identical to the cake stand....they just folded the corners up while the
    glass was still hot. Wish it was the cake I have a cake stand fetish...ha ha


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