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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Leftovers, and the Parlor -- Both Transformed

It's not nice to tease, is it?

So today, a couple of yesterday's teases are revealed.

Step into my parlor . . . .

and join me for a big and beautiful batch of Tuesday linky parties.
The list is at the end of the post; you can click and be transported.

On Sunday, as Howard and I sat in our Parlor, chatting, near the end of the day,
I realized that it still had a wintry, almost holiday look about it.

And it was 90 degrees outside.

Time for a warm weather makeover.

Down came the red swags at the windows, away went the few winter-themed tchotchkes still out,
and in came sunshine and green and white and flowers for tea,
and even an angel to watch over us this summer.

Biggest new thing: a rug.
That Old House has gone chic and au courant, wearing seagrass for the summer.

I've been searching for an old Oriental rug for this room; I have found many, but none I can afford. So for the warm months, we bought a small seagrass rug at Lowe's for $60. Much cheaper than Pottery Barn or any of the other online sources -- it looks the same and feels just as horrible on bare feet.

Whoever had the bright idea to make rugs out of something as flesh-unfriendly as seagrass must have been bonkers, or just enjoyed a cruel joke at the expense of the gullible public.

I do like the way the seagrass smells, but that is fast fading.

But, it looks nice, and as my Mother used to tell us when she was brushing tangles out of our hair,
"You have to suffer to be beautiful."

The mantel needed something.
After Christmas was over, it's been pretty much bare.
So, today, I gussied it up.

Confession: look into the convex mirror and you can see the red swags
from the windows, folded over the end of the sofa.
Yes, this was a hasty makeover, and I hadn't put them away yet!

More mantel shots, including taking away the angel and replacing it with a white china bird.

Lots of pictures:

Among the things on the mantel are:
A white bird, from dear Tam of The Gypsy's Corner.
An angel, a recent gift from my very good friend Betsy.
Brass and cloisonne candlesticks, bought by me many, many moons ago.
Pothos, an orchid (Howard's Valentine's gift to me, and still blooming!), and majolica-style plates and teapot, plus an old green lustreware teapot.

Those tea pots are making me thirsty.
How about joining me for a cuppa?

More pictures!

On the tea table in front of the sofa are:
A big pottery sunflower teapot, a gift years ago from my daughters.
A crocheted doily from my mother-in-law.
Century old silverplate flatware, and one spoon has my monogram.
Wedgwood Patrician style tea cups and plates, in the handpainted Bognor pattern. My mother-in-law got me hooked on these; she gave me a starter set, and I've been filling in on eBay.

And dark green cotton fringed napkins, sewn by my mother in the 1960s. My mother's hands were the last ones to launder and iron these, some years back now. This is the first they've been used in probably 6 or 7 years.

And speaking of mothers, my husband's mom clearly did an excellent job with him. As I was putting this post together . . . what should appear next to the keyboard but my lunch!

Last night, with "nothing" in the house to cook, I did a quick pasta dish: sauteed onions with some zucchini, spinach, garlic, a hint of rosemary, in olive oil, and tossed that mix with a bit of some really delicious but ridiculously expensive pasta we've been hoarding, and some crumbled Feta cheese.

I planned on transforming the leftovers into tonight's dinner.
But tonight, we are going to be on the road to Pennsylvania to pick up
our latest Craigslist monster bargain
, so . . . Howard to the rescue.
What he did:
He sprayed a Pyrex pie dish with cooking spray, beat 4 eggs with 3/4 cup milk, added in some S & P, and then mixed that with the leftover spinach-and-feta pasta. Into the pie plate it went, with a dusting of Parmesan on top, and then into a 350-degree oven for about 40 minutes. You'll know when it's done.

No crust -- more like a frittata with an identity crisis.
It was delicious.
And there's plenty left for tomorrow's lunch.

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Now I am going to wake Howard; he's snoring on the couch, exhausted from his culinary endeavors, but we've got things to do! Daughter Alida is coming tomorrow night to stay for about a month, and I still don't have those danged privacy liners in the matchstick blinds in the Pink Room. If my kid's going to put on a show for the neighborhood, I should at least charge admission! -- Cass


  1. Cass, I had to snicker about your Mom's saying. My friend used to say, "fashion is pain" when blisters would form on her feet from wearing "cute" shoes.
    I love your summer touches AND the smelly rug. Ours smells the same way :)

  2. I love your home and the mantel turned out stunning. I love the touch of green that you brought in. I am such a fan of green with the blue and this looks so fresh and beautiful with the white. The teaset and lunch both look fabulous. I would love some. Thanks so much for joining the party. Beautiful inspiration. Hugs, Marty

  3. Cass,
    You home is just gorgeous! Love the color you choose....Lovely teacup and precious...The dinner you had look delicious...Have a safe trip...Happy Tea katherinellen

  4. I like your Mother -- "You have to suffer to be beautiful." It is so true but worth it to get the positive effect, don't you agree?

    Love the makeover - and the brunch -- I spy a tea pot collection I have a few pieces similar. What a lovely lunch have to try it out some warm spring day with some friends. If it ever stops raining here in the North West Ugh!


  5. My mother's favorite phrase, when I'd complain as she pulled my eyes to the sides of my head in the process of French-braiding my hair "Offer it up". I swore I'd never, ever use that phrase!
    I love your new-look mantel - very cool and spring-like.

  6. Your spring makeover is lovely. Your china is beautiful. I haven't seen that Wedgwood pattern before, and it really is pretty.
    What a incredible husband to do that with left overs! Give him a pat on the back for me.
    Thank you for joining in Tea Cup Tuesday, I enjoyed visiting.

  7. Hi Cass,
    I'm so glad you stopped by to participate in my Tea Time party. Your home is simply gorgeous! I adore a yellow house! Your mantel is lovely and your china is exquisite! I have never seen that pattern before and I love it! It has been very nice to visit with you and it is very nice to 'meet' you. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.


  8. Hi Cass! Honey, I've loved looking at every single picture here! Oh, your mantle looks so beautiful and springy! Love the green and white and all your pretties are just perfect! Now the tea service is lovely - what a cute tea pot! But the cups and saucers are to die for! Well, swoon, anyway! Oh, they're gorgeous. And what a hubby - his dish looks delicious. Can't wait to see what you've picked up next.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. What a pretty redo of your living room. Such a beautiful tea setting! What gorgeous dishes!

  10. Your mantel looks so summery, as does your floor, but I want something I could walk across barefoot without drawing blood! Can't wait to see what your latest Craigslist purchase is!

  11. Beautiful and delicious all in one post. What more could you want!!

  12. How lovely the the living room is. I remember my Dad telling me "beauty must suffer" while I was having a Tonette perm done. Yuk. I like all the photos, and the mantle really looks great. Isn't it funny how you always spot something when you post a photo. I always catch a ballcap, or a toybox, or a pair of shoes, even the garbage can sitting out. It cracks me up. Thanks for the post.

  13. As a daughter who grew up with a VERY fashion conscience mother...her saying is, "Fashion Hurts!"
    Love the teacups! Adorable :)
    xo, misha

  14. I just love your floors. Is it pine?

  15. Yes...time to spring up the home decor. Your tea set is TDF...I've always loved white on white. Everything looks so inviting.


  16. Wow Cass, that's a lot of blog parties there! I love your mantel and that gorgeous tea set, I really think it's the prettiest one I have ever seen!

  17. I love the summer look of your parlor, Cass. The mantel looks gorgeous decked out in it's greenery and pretty statues. While reading I looked up at my mantel and thought mine looks like winter still, too! I know what you mean about seagrass rugs. I was putting them in the living room every summer for 'the look' as opposed to how they feel!!

    Love your tea things. The cups are SO sweet with the pattern inside. I love the napkins your mother made as well.

    We had leftover pasta from last night and it was devoured for lunch today. I wish I had read your post first, the picture of Howard's pasta dish had me drooling!!

    Be careful driving to Pa. I know that you are going to have a great time with Alida home!


  18. Really like your Spring/Summer look. Your pasta dish look good. I have some of the ridiculous priced pasta also, that I need to do something with. :( I bought some at a craft show/sale - sounded wonderful. Have tried one of them so far - good, but NOT worth the price.
    Enjoy your evening.

  19. Cass, I like the look, but I'm another one that doesn't understand the obsession with seagrass rugs- they hurt! I am in love with those teacups and the whole feel of the room - just lovely. And Howard is definitely a keeper! Now.... what did you get on CL????
    xoxo Pattie

  20. wow! everything looks great! I love your parlor!

  21. I, too, love chickens (at least the "artistic" kind!). I guess there are a lot of us who do. On Sunday at the art fair, I stopped and complimented a woman on the brass chicken weathervane she had obviously just bought(it was lovely). We got to talking a bit and it turns out that she was a single woman living alone and she has six live chickens! Evidently, Austin will allow you to keep up to six live chickens (but NO roosters!)at your residence, even in the city! Who knew??? The woman said that they are very easy to care for and they provide her with 6 fresh eggs everyday. We chatted a bit more and then we went on our way. After we had moved farther away, what kept running through my mind was, "What does she do with 6 eggs EVERY single day???" That's more than 40 eggs a week!! That's a whole lot of egg salad!



  22. I do so love your china! Wow! It is so elegant. Pretty blue and white plate too and a great meal! Anxious to hear about your latest Craigslist find...and by the way, your mantle looks great and your parlor is lovely!
    Stop by and enter my giveaway if you have a chance.
    Beth at Food As Art

  23. Hmm, by the time I scroll down to comment I always forget what I was going to say--what does that tell you about my great memory!! YIKES!! Oh, I love the colors you have chosen for the mantel. Pink, green and white---I have been putting touhes of pink and green around too. I have always loved the two together. As far as the rug goes---I have never stepped on one---now I am dying to go barefoot on one!!

    Go to my spindlecottage blog here: http://spindlecottage.blogspot and not my nannykim one!

  24. Hi Cass,

    I love your new do on the mantel and the seagrass run looks great..I have heard that they are not gentle on the feet...but oh well it looks fab!
    Love those dishes too..and your lunch looks delicious!

    Miss Bloomers

  25. Cass, your mantle looks beautiful. I love the pretty greens and the tea posts. I have fallen in love with that china you used for tea (you may find me bidding against you on ebay-but first I'll have to get rid of some china, so I'll have a place to put this). It is absolutely gorgeous, and is now my favorite china! What a great sunflower tea pot, and what a great husband to throw together a delicious lunch for the 2 of you. Can't wait to see your most recent CL purchase. laurie

  26. Love your new mantle -- seagrass is popular and I'm not sure I know why -- they're scratchy and smelly!!!

    A old oriental -- that is what your parlor needs!

    You'll find one!

  27. I prefer the little bird to the angel. I don't think I ever finish a room. There is always something that needs changing.

  28. Oh, Cass I have come for Tea! What a lovely site to behold! The mantel is so pretty, love the teapots, angel and bird! The candle stick look wonderful! I am so laughing about the rug, for I keep saying I am going to get one to cover up these bare wood floors in the family room Native American theme. I can't find a rug as you say I can afford. lol Not sure if I want to suffer some blisters on my feet for it to look great. lol Love your Mother's saying! I still may buy one, I have been holding off from buying the rug in hopes I will find something! lol
    I am in love with your tea cups! What a wonderful pattern! I been on Ebay bidding, and love Craig list. Hubby lives on it! So sweet of your hubby to make lunch. It looks delicious! Pick me up when you go to Pennsylvania! lol I just love the white scarf on your table. So pretty! Thank you for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday. I so love seeing all your Treasures. I am going back and see if I missed anything. lol I have to see your Tea cups again! I need the sunflower Teapot! Now I am jealous! lol

  29. Wow: Your tea pots are amazing! The tea cups are stunning too! I can't wait to see what you will show us next week. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  30. What a wonderful post! From the decor to the food. I love the angel and the dishes are simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Doesn't it feel good to break out the spring/summer feel in your house? Yours looks great and so inviting! Thanks for sharing it with us, and especially the tip about the rug from Lowe's! I've been looking for one and didn't want to spend an arm and a leg for it!

  32. Very pretty Cass...
    Lovin your sea grass rug!
    I didn't see any lunch appear next to my computer...
    could you check on that for me...must have been a slight oopsie!
    YUMMY....You caught a good one!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  33. Seagrass so affordable but hardly so on the feet! Post a sign; "Must wear carpet slippers here"! The fritta looks scrumptious! The china is the best and how lovely so formal a tea. I feel like I have just sup'd with the Queen. Adore pomp and circumstance. What kind of music do you waft through the Victorian manse?

  34. I agree with Lori E. The little white bird looks so much better on the mantle than the angel.

    I have a sisal rug and love to walk on it. When my feet are sore, it's like a rough massage. Assume seagrass might feel the same. Love the look of your summer rug.


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