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Monday, May 3, 2010

Grape Babies and a Couple of Teases!

Rainy Monday!

Which is a Good Thing; springtime plants are not cheap dates; they are heavy drinkers.

Howard tucked a few things in and around That Old House yesterday.

Stella D'Oro Daylilies, only $3 for gallon size at Lowe's. Go get 'em!
We also tucked in some spreading groundcover junipers.

It is a drop in the bucket of what we need to plant along the driveway slope, above on the right, but we are starting with just a few plants here and there to see what does well, and what is not consumed by the resident deer.

Our grapevine is bursting with life.

I love to peek at the tiny grape clusters; they are just so darned cute.

Next weekend, it's Mother's Day, and in go the tomatoes and summer herbs,
tucked into the borders behind That Old House.

Are you getting your hands dirty this spring?

About those teases . . .
on Friday I showed you our front hall, chock-a-block full of small tables.

Now, this:

Don't judge yet!

We are also part way through a summertime makeover for the Parlor,
but all I'm ready to show you is . . .


And this!

Thanks to Mary at Little Red House for hosting Mosaic Monday!
Go visit; her blog is always beautiful, always fun. -- Cass


  1. Our residential deer love to munch too!! We just cover what gets nibbled & spray what is big!! The deer, rabbits & woodchucks are all part of gardening & we live in town!!
    Happy Monday!

  2. Home Depots in our area had great plants 5 for $10 -- many came home with me (I forget about digging in dirt and how much work it is when I'm loading plants in the cart!)

    I'll have to check out those daylilies -- that is a good price for them and they are such good garden flowers.

    Love the pictures of the little grapes!

  3. Hi, great mosaic and photos! I hope that you have a lovely new week!

  4. Those deer are a menace for us too, but they are here to stay! Love your grape vines! I can't wait to see what you have been working on w/the bright paint colors!

  5. I am sure getting my hands dirty. Can't wait to see what you are working on.

  6. I think I have done about all the digging in the dirt I am going to this Spring. Everything is so pretty and green here from all the rain we had over the weekend - but a high price to pay with all the flooding. :(
    Oooops - just looked up and saw some begonia that needs to be potted - maybe later today.

  7. We have found that Liquid Fence For Deer has worked fantastically and it is all natural. We got ours at the hardware store but lots of stores carry it. We have a herd of 18 deer that have been devastating my flowers - until Liquid Fence. You spray it on the plants (it doesn't hurt them) and around the perimeter of the plant and the smell is bad - but to humans, only bad until it dries. Somehow - even after drying - it repels the deer - they just walk past - I am shocked but it is working. They have been devouring our birdseed no matter what we do - and one half-squirt on the bird feeders and no more deer slurping up the seed - and the birds still come.

    You are supposed to spray after rain and even though we've had downpours lately and I've not been able to spray right after rain, the Liquid Fence still is effective.

  8. Cass, my garden is constantly on the deer's dinner menu! I will tell you that they decimated my lilies last year- start spraying! Can't wait to see what you've done
    xoxo Pattie

  9. Lovely photos of your garden. The mini grapes are cute! It certainly is the time of year for having dirty hands. I have had mud all over my hands today, planting vegetables!

  10. What a your photos of that gorgeous house...stella d'oro day lilies do great in TN...I can divide them every year but I've stopped because I have so many now...they are so beautiful!!! I hope you have as much luck with them as I have had!!!

  11. Hi Cass! Oh, how cute are your baby grapes and how tasty for you when they grow up! I love day lilies but Mr. Precious likes to water too much and he makes them die! :(
    Your home looks so pretty! Now are you painting frames? :)Love the rug.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. I just love your house!

    And, what a tease! Looking forward to checking back to see what you have done!

  13. Your house is so beautiful and the yard looks so pretty too. Working in the yard is a never-ending process, but a fun one. Love & blessings from NC!

  14. Hi Cass,

    I love the grapevine.....and we are dealing with the same bare areas in our back yard [not much of it since we live on this mountain ridge..but somethings got to's got to be a bit prettier than what it is ya know...I think I'd love to cover it all with river rock and be done with it...haha :0)

    I'm visiting for Mosaic drop by when you have a chance.

    Have a wonderful day...

    Stephanie ♥

  15. Wow, you do have your work cut out for you with that slope! It's amazing how it will fill in by the end of the summer.
    Not nice to put up teasers...........

  16. Cass,
    Your home is just lovely. Do the deer go for the grapes? Can't wait to see what you are working on inside.


  17. Good luck with your new gardens. Keep us posted on whether the deer eat or pass. Valerie

  18. Hi Cass! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog about the house tour. It went very well and everyone was so complimentary. Phew I'm glad that's over!! The club had docents here and Harry and I rode over to Arts in the Park on our bikes and then came back to check out the other houses. The club then hosted a dinner for all of the home owners and volunteers. Such a nice event held in the garden of a gorgeous house on Monument Avenue. So if your brother and sister in law want a private tour just let me know - sorry they couldn't make it. So, now that I've got that behind me I'm ready to get out and get dirty in the yard as you all have been. Your house is so so pretty. Best,

  19. Keep your fingers crossed -- our resident deer think daylilies are candy! Looks like things will be blooming soon at That Old House. Hope you are well and enjoying this beautiful weather! Thanks for joining the fun at MM. :)

  20. What a warm and welcoming home - you spoke of 90 degree heat already! Wow - it snowed here Sunday!


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