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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Soggy Sale, Day 2

Well, considering the occasional downpours and near-constant drizzle yesterday, we didn't do too badly with our porch sale. We made ... ummm ... let's see ... about $75, and 20 of that is Annie's.

That comes to about $2.77 an hour for three people spending all day at this,
not counting the hours of lugging and hauling leading up to the sale.

I think we need a union.

We didn't buy pizza for dinner, as I'd mentioned in Saturday's post; instead, I made the recipe posted Friday by Leigh of Bloggeritaville on her Plates and Places blog; it was yummy; thanks, Leigh! Howard and my Dad loved it, and it was perfect for a chilly damp night.


Since we still have a whole boatload of stuff that no longer needs a home here, we have set up shop again today. After some early morning clouds, it's turned out to be a gorgeous sunny breezy day; perfect yard sale weather.

I hope we make $3.00 an hour today.

Look, Dion smells bargains!

Nope, he smells the porch, which saw the traffic of a lot of strangers' shoes yesterday.
He's going to ride out the yard sale on the porch today, wagging his tail at happy buyers.

I think he wants to make sure we don't sell the yard.

After all, if we sold the yard at our yard sale, where would he do this?

Yes, there is a follow up picture to this one,
but I decided to be discreet and spare you that particular image.

It was a tough decision; I like to go for the laugh.

One nice thing about this yard sale -- we have met some very lovely people, and That Old House just loves the compliments she is getting. (She is such a Diva.)

One man told us that ours is his favorite house in town, and he and his wife painted their house the same colors as ours. Nice guy -- he bought a vintage dresser scarf.

Happy Sunday! --- Cass

P.S. No serious offers on the Hoosier yet; I think I may
have to find room
in the kitchen after all. Gee, what a hardship!


  1. I don't think $75.00 is that bad, considering your goods were just sitting in your house gathering dust...

    I'd still love that Hoosier cabinet. I have been looking for an old cabinet for the house in Michigan. No luck yet.

    Good luck today, Cass!!


  2. I love to visit yard sales, but hate to have them. Hope you have good luck today. Hugs, Marty

  3. Good for you, you did pretty good.
    They are so much work.

  4. Hi Cass,
    We had two garage sales 2 years in a row before we moved to the country. They are a pain in the butt, yet you can at least get rid of some of your stuff. The first one we made $500 at but the next came down to $250. It still was a ton of work for that amount! Hugs, Cindy I love your old house too!

  5. Oh I hate that! I would have come just to see that gorgeous house, maybe others did too! BIG HUGS!

  6. Good luck! I just took a bunch of stuff to the Salvation Army Friday because I didn't want it and didn't want to deal with a yard sale. I did get the paperwork to take it off my taxes.

    I hope you make more today!!! :D Jewel

  7. My yard sale this year was a HUGE bust compared to normal ... is that a Hoosier cupboard or a Hoosier workcenter?

    Have a great week ... TTFN ~ Marydon

  8. What a stunning old home...I can see why she got so many compliments. What a beauty....and your pup too.

    Sorry about the bad weather.


  9. Good luck today girl.. did my glass cheese dome sell?? I'm glad you haven't sold the yard.. after all what would your cutie do?
    hugs ~lynne~

  10. I hope you had a good day today at your yardsale. I love your porch and the red rocking chair against all that white and great looks very stunning.

  11. Jeesh almost enough to buy pizza. We have had one garage sale and our youngest son sold a bunch of his old toys and made $100. We on the other hand made about $25.

  12. Beautiful photos. Let me know how the union goes!!! Love your humor.

  13. I would think that your lovely home would be the favorite of EVERYONE in your town. After I have a yard sale, I always think it wasn't worth all of the trouble. Then when I feel the freedom of some junk being gone to a home where it is loved, I feel better about how little money I made. laurie

  14. Cass, how much for the hoosier?


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