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Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Tale of The Soggy Sale at That Old House

First, to all of you very dear people -- I was so moved by reading the many tributes and remembrances about September 11th on your blogs. God bless you all, and thank you. It meant a great deal to me, and I am sure to many others.


Now... have you ever done a yard sale?

We decided, rather last minute, to do one today.
This is what we hope to be:

But, it is raining. Off and on, more on than off.

We have smooshed our stuff up onto the front porch, put "not for sale"
signs on the porch rockers, and now we'll hope for the best on this yucky day.

We do have some stuff that I really don't expect to sell today, but figured,
"oh what the heck, let's see," because after all, you never know what will happen.

There is an all-original condition old Hoosier cabinet out on my grass,
covered by a couple of big trash bags whenever the rain start up again.

We bought it 30 years ago in Pittsburgh. It's made by Sellers. Yes, nameplate above!
It's time for us to part ways; it won't fit in my kitchen.

If it doesn't sell, we need to find room for it in the kitchen.

I have heard of people who make hundreds of dollars at yard sales.
This may take us awhile. I think we've made about 30 bucks, and 1/2 of that is Annie's.

At this rate, we might be able to buy pizza at the end of the day. But I'm not banking on it. I hope you are all having an interesting weekend! --- Cass

P.S. Best question so far from a yard sale shopper, going through the things on our porch: "Is this your house?" Annie said I should have answered, "No, but the owners are away...."


  1. Garage sales are a lot of work and the rain really doesn't help. Love the Hoosier. I have one too and since it won't fit in the kitchen or breakfast area, I actually use it in the guest bedroom. Makes a neat place to display a lot of items and since the top extends it's also a great desk area. Love you. Hope you day goes well. Hugs, Marty

  2. Hope the rain stops for you and you start selling lots. I use to do pretty good at my sales, but where I live now, we have a HOA that restricts sales. I went in with someone else the last couple of times, and did not do well at all. Good luck!

  3. Good luck making jam and good luck on this rainy garage sale day.

  4. People around here advertise big time, in the paper, the stores and on street light poles. We also have to have permits 10 days in advance, so that leaves time to spread the word.

    I like the 3 or 4 family garage sales and the block garage sales, more stuff in one place...

    I love the Hoosier cabinet. How much is shipping? ;-)

    And that little jewelry cupboard. A little spray paint and it would be great in your sewing room to hold odds and ends.

    Best of luck, Cass!!


  5. Good for you!! I should so do this, but usually just load stuff up and take it to Goodwill. Love that Hoosier!!! Good luck on getting top dollar:)

  6. Oh sweetie, they are alot of work. I hope you sale tons... I'm loving that cheese dome I see in your picture.. wish I were closer I would snatch it up in a New York minute..hugs ~lynne~

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  7. Oh that sounds like how my yard sales usually turn out. I end up with $10 and half of that will belong to one of my kids for something they decided to throw out there at the last minute! Now about that Hoosier...make it fit! That is too cute to part with!!! LOL!


  8. "Is this your house?"
    That is hysterical.

    I see you are getting rid of some perfectly good flamingos!

  9. Okay, so I'm driving by "that old house" and I see the hoosier. I slam on the brakes, much to the chagrin of the driver behind me. I run breathlessly to you asking if it's sold....hoping that no one has yet given you money...How I would LOVE that! It's a wonderful piece!

  10. Cass--
    Love garage sales at OTHER people's
    houses. They are way too much trouble for me to bother with and I don't make big bucks anyway.
    We got to several garage sales today ourselves.
    Hope you had a great sale.


  11. I used to make lots of money at sales but the last time I had one I figured 15 cents an hour wsn't worth it -- I now donate my stuff.

  12. Oh, Cass, I'm sorry for the rain on your garage sale day! I agree, it's so much work. We need to have one since my mother moved into a retirement home, we have a garage full of her stuff.
    Oh, if I were closer I'd want that gorgeous Hoosier! Oh, how lovely and it looks like it's in perfect condition!
    be a sweetie and I hope you made lots of $$~!
    Shelia ;)

  13. I love to go to yard sales, I love to hunt for bargins...BUT I HATE having yard sales. And yet, in the near future, my mother is wanting to have one and that requires my help....YIKES!
    Love the cabinet! Those are so nice.

  14. I had one really good yard sale about 20 years ago. Since then, not so good! Anyway I like your Hoosier!

  15. Your right about Marty she is great . You should sign up to and thanks.I hope your garage went well.

  16. LOL.. "Is this your house?" So funny :)
    Good luck with your yard sale, hope you make tons!!!!

  17. Hi Cass,
    Ooohhh the hoosier is wonderful. I always wanted a hoosier, even if I really have no place to put it! I am always trying to squeeze in a little something more into my small home. LOL! We moved about 7 months ago, and I need to have a yard sale. It is a lot of work, isn't it? By the way, your home is just lovely...Amy :)

  18. I love the hoosier . . . sitting here wondering how I can convince my significant other he wants to drive to NJ to pick it up!!

    Hope it all ended well!


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