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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mystery Outdoors, Gratitude Within, Sunday Favorites!

I am taking advantage of Sunday Favorites, hosted by Chari of Happy To Design blog. That means I get to re-publish a post from the past. This time, it's a post from the very recent past -- last Wednesday, in fact. And I'm not really republishing... but adding the link.

I'm taking a break from blogging for about a week. Have a good week, everyone! -- Cass

Do you think these poor little green tomatoes will ever reach their goal of being nice, big, red, fat juicy grownups? I have my doubts.

They are proud to be part of Outdoor Wednesday, hosted by Susan at A Southern Daydreamer. Go visit for more Outdoor Posts, just click!

Welcome to Wednesday at That Old House.
It's a day for Mystery, and Thanks.


Gratitude first.

Shouldn't it always be that way?

I owe humble apologies to Tam of The Gypsy's Corner, for being so slow in acknowledging her wonderful Giveaway. I opened it late; it arrived here last month, and in the flurry of moving Anne to her new apartment, it was mistakenly put in the Pink Bedroom. It took me awhile to find it, but oh my it was so wonderful when I did!

Open it with me. . . .

Don't you love to just see a big ol' pile of peanuts?

And a charming note from the charming Tam!

It all came packed in the loveliest box that just happens to be the exact
right colors for my bedroom! The box says "Dream" -- how appropriate.

Can you believe how generous Tam was?
I can't believe she managed to put so much into one box; the girl's got mad packing skills.
So many wonderful things!

Individually. . . a wonderful white porcelain bird which I believe is a parakeet;
I adore parakeets and have owned several. Okay, I know it's not a parakeet, but to me it is.

Black and white toile potholder and oven mitt -- too pretty to use. A candle -- lovely fresh scent -- and the most beautiful matches to light it. A charming little glass bottle, with a crown on it. See, Howard? Tam knows I am a Queen!

Then, a print that is so perfect for our hall bath that I cannot believe it.
And ...drum roll please... chocolate! Feast your eyes. (Sorry, no chocolate feasting; they're mine!)

If you haven't visited Tam at The Gypsy's Corner, well . . . you should! It's a delightful blog, very well done, with excellent pictures. And Tam hosts one of my very favorite blog parties ... her Three Or More Tuesdays! I have blogged about trios of everything from big white ironstone pitchers, to pets, to French guys named Pierre! Join the party next week, ok?

As they used to say on the Ginsu knife infomercials... But wait! There's more!

I have two more wonderful ladies to thank.

The first is Renee of the beautiful and informative Cottage Lifestyle blog. Renee is an amazing writer; on her blog are links to articles she has written -- loads of information on decorating, thrifting, organizing, junking, creating . . . all that stuff we hold so dear! Renee's blog is a wonderful resource. And great eye candy, too.

Renee sponsored a Giveaway about 3 weeks ago, and it was unique:
you got to choose a beachy watercolor print from the talented Sara Tetley.
Well. Well. Well.
I am a seaside girl from the days my Daddy would strap me to the seat of the old rowboat,
bring along diapers and a bottle of formula, and take me flounder fishing.
I am not kidding; he did that will all the babies.

I looked at Sara's Etsy shop, and fell in love with her images. This is what I grew up with -- little summer houses with their horizontal siding, their exposed rafters, their tiny rooms and nooks, the shutters that were only down for hurricanes, and after Labor Day.

I chose one. And here it is, still in its protective sleeve
because I'm not going to take it out until I get it framed --

Isn't it beautiful?
I am awed by anyone who paints in watercolors. They are so difficult!

Don't you just want to go inside this cottage? I feel I know exactly what it would look like.

Sara sent me such a lovely note; she's a delight. She is so sweet she even wrote "Please do not bend" on the envelope. I just always put "Do Not Bend." I wonder if the postmen respond better if you say, "Please?"

You can visit Sara's shop for yourself and see her charming and dreamy watercolors.
They are affordable, signed, and I can tell you that the quality is excellent.
Click here!

Sara sent me a couple of business cards; she has a place she rents
in Beaufort, South Carolina, one of the loveliest coastal towns in the USA.
Hmmm.... vacation next year?

I haven't had the print framed yet. I am not sure where I will put it. Maybe in the beach house, but not until next summer. Right now it is sitting on my printer, where I can see it from my computer perch. I used to have some of Annie's fashion drawings propped there, but they have been displaced.

I think I may need a second Sara Tetley print, don't you?
Say Yes.

Many, many thanks to Tam, Renee, and Sara for their kindness and generosity.
My apologies for not posting about these wonderful windfalls sooner.
If you haven't already, please visit these terrific and generous women. I'm sure glad I did.

Now, about that mystery mentioned in the title.

Several months after we bought That Old House in the Spring of 2008, I noticed some carving on a stone in the old wall outside, next to the steps. Can you see it? The top stone, the big one.

For more than a year, I'd stop every once in awhile and try to figure out what the words were. I couldn't get it. Then, one day last week, I was coming back from a walk with Dion, late afternoon, and the low sun just hit the stone the right way and I clearly saw the second word: Tuttle.

Tuttle. Aha. This house is known to the local historical societies as The Tuttle House.

The Tuttles didn't build it; I think they married into the original family, but they were here a long time. Tuttles are still in this area, and are also prominent in the Eastern Long Island community where our family has a beach house. The name is spelled both Tuttle and Tuthill.

I still couldn't get the first word. I told Howard, who by the way had never noticed the chiseled letters, and he took one look at it and said, "Oh, it says Robert." And son of a gun, so it does.

Now I am going to find out who Robert Tuttle was; I believe a Robert Tuttle was born in this town in 1900 but I don't know if he is my Robert Tuttle.

Maybe I should get a handwriting analyst to tell me if he was the comedian who wrote Hunger on the wall of our cellar in red paint!

Whew! Off to have dinner with Annie, and visit the Goodwill Store near her campus. Have a lovely Wednesday! -- Cass


  1. Great that painting....and you have the perfect opportunity for "Fried Green Tomatoes"!!!

  2. The bird is awesome and of course you can have another watercolor! About the tomatoes....who knows - mine were a disaster.


  3. Cass,

    WHAT A KILLEr post! Lots of goodies in it, literally and figuritvly! So cool about the writing on the wall, in the literal sense. I would loveto learn more too, so when you do please share. Cool beans!
    And my gosh, what a box of goodies, you arent kidding the gypsey is a gernous soul. So kind.
    Love the watercolor, would love the link to her rental beach house for my info. Maybe one day...

    Great post, Cass!

  4. Cass....
    Wonderful post..
    ..but then, yours ALWAYS are..
    ..and such a treat..
    I love visiting That Old House..
    sounds like some Nancy Drew sleuthing is in order,,hmmm?
    and the gypsy"s box of goodies...
    wow..!!did ever you strike the mother lode!
    and YES.
    by all get another watercolor or two..
    no make that THREE for Triple Tuesday!!!!
    Smiles for chilly, gray Denver

  5. What a great gift to get. Very nice things. Kind of like opening a Christmas present.
    My genealogy spidey sense is kicking in with your Robert Tuttle discovery.

  6. What a wonderful, witty, gracious and...mysterious post!! You hit all four corners on this one, Cass. And why do you get all the good givaways? You can't even keep them straight!! lol!!!


  7. Congratulations Cass! You won some fabulous treasures. Lucky lady. I agree with Thoughfully blended, those look like the makings of some scrumptuous fried green tomatoes. How interesting that your husband has never noticed the writing on the stone. My husband will often ask me about a "new" something in our house that has been in the same spot for months!laurie

  8. What fabulous treasures. But the most intriguing treasure of all is the name!

    We have initials and Roman numeral date on our front sidewalk -- if only I could read Roman!

  9. Great gifts! I am really intrigued by the writing on your wall. Let us know who Robert Tuttle was!!! :D Jewel

  10. Learn to like green tomatoes..
    My crop was so pathetic I could hear the deer saying "EEEWWW" when they ate them..
    Lucky you winning Tam's giveaway. I know Tam from before she had a blog..Holiday Forum on Garden Web..
    She loves Christmas Tree Shops like I do..did you go yet???..I sent you the link to where they were in NJ...
    The water color is beautiful...

    Hope you find your mystery man.

    Did you ever hear of the Goosebumps books..
    RL Steine?? He owned my house..(we knocked it down though)
    Anyway, I was a big hit with my 4th graders when I told them that tidbit...
    You could weave a great story about that basement graffiti...

  11. hi cass, glad you had a look at the house - very spesh! Not like yours tho, which is amazing!!! Yes, my pup is a Cav too, tri-colour. Are they not the most gorgeous dog in the world?? no argument, I can't believe a breed like this existed for 35yrs b4 I knew they even existed, and then I bought one straight away, we've never looked back (well maybe except when he wants to sleep up on our pillows with us - that can become annoying after a while! lol)


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