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Monday, September 14, 2009

Mosaic Monday -- Goodbye to Summer!

I spent most of this past weekend outside, as we had a 2-day yard sale.

When you are outside that much, you really notice Fall shouldering its way into the yard and garden. I don't like it; I love summer.

So today's Mosaic, as I join Mary at Little Red House for her Mosaic Monday party, is a compilation of pictures from May, June and July. . . they are things I miss as the days grow shorter and chillier, and less soft and green:

See you tomorrow! -- Cass


  1. But Cass, Fall is so pretty

    Aren't we blessed to live in an area with Seasons? We are never bored with weather that won't change.

    Sorry you had a wet weekend for your sale.

    I love your mosaic.

    Have a great day.

    Becky K.

  2. I'm a spring summer girls also!

    Great Mosaic Monday!


  3. A beautiful mosaic - I love all the bright colors that say summer...but even though fall is in the air I am not ready for summer to be done with yet :)

  4. Oh Cass, so beautiful! I think I look forward to fall because my sad little garden begins to look so sorry by September... ;)

    I'm not allowed to go to yard sales -- my husband says we have enough of our own crap... his words, not mine. I hope yours was successful. Did you get very wet? At least Sunday lived up to it's name. :)

    Thanks for sharing at Mosaic Monday. :)

  5. i love all the colors in your mosaic - it is just SO happy!

    we have summer year round here... not sure if I like it yet.


  6. What a pretty mosiac. I am not ready for Fall either. Have a great week.

  7. Very pretty mosaic.

    I am an autumn girl. Fall has always been my favorite time of year. It may be because, ordinarily, Missouri has hot summers and many times dry, with grass all crunchy by mid summer. This year was different. We've had fall temps all summer. Makes me wonder what winter will bring.

  8. Loved your mosaic of all your beautiful flowers. As a gardener I appreciate all those flowers. My gardening is extended since I live in N FL and I do have Fall things blooming right now.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  9. You still have some lovely things blooming in your garden but I have that same melancholy feeling. I am opening the blinds earlier and earlier in the afternoon as the sun hides behind the trees much earlier :(


  10. What a gorgeous mosaic and such a lovely home. I love the Fall but am missing summer already. I hope our winter is not as harsh as last years. Sharon

  11. It really is ending isn't it? Sigh. I do love Fall though. I think there may be more cooking in store.

  12. Aren't flowers wonderful? Love your can look back at it in the middle of February and remember good times are to come.

  13. Such pretty old-fashioned flowers! I'm ready for fall. Then I'll be wishing for springtime flowers!

  14. I am an autumn girl, so I welcome the change, but your mosaic is lovely. I will miss the summer flowers. :D Jewel

  15. Oh, Cass.....yours is such a lovely mosaic!!!
    Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment.

  16. Beautiful flowers in your mosaic.I, too was reluctant to see summer go but I do enjoy the different seasons.


  17. I love your mosaic, Cass. Those blackeyed Susans are real show stoppers!! All of the bright colors look fantastic together.

    Please don't say you have given up on summer! I thought you and I were the last of the true summer believers. I say we give it until 10/1. My leaves have not changed, but like you said, everything looks faded. But let's not break now...onward summmer!!


  18. Thank you for visiting. Lovely summery images - needed on such a grey day.

  19. wow, look at this mosaic! beautiful! As much as I don't want summer to go, I love the fall.

  20. I hardly felt like we had summer in Maine so I am having a hard time with Fall! Your mosaic is just lovely.


  21. Beautiful mosaic Cass. I'm going to miss the summer flowers. laurie

  22. knitting and quilting . How funny. Thanks

  23. Love your home. Can you come over? I need some help!

  24. Oh Cass,
    Hi honey!
    Thanks for stopping by. I so loved your mosiac. It is absolutely stunning. Are they all pics from your garden this year? It should be framed and hung in the house for you to see year round, then you won't miss Summer quite so much. I am a Fall girl. Give me that season any time of year and I will be happy. It is so beautiful, as Summer passes, and the colors begin to change. Everything is tired from the harvest and needs to rest. Fall shows another side of God's paintbrush. It too is lovely. I miss seeing the seasons change her in Phoenix. I love that about Oklahoma. We saw all 4 seasons. Here in Phoenix it seems to stay Summer most of the year. Sometimes I love that, sometimes I just get homesick and miss cooler weather. It is really hard to get in the spirit of Christmas shopping in shorts and flip flops you know? Have a beautiful day sweetie, Country hugs, Sherry

  25. ~Beautiful mosaic Cass! That's the prettiest and most cheerful one I've seen around Blogland.

    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement today. It's been a really tough and scary week for me for sure.

    I'll go for a long walk today and you too my friend. You'll be doing the walk in October for sure.
    I can picture you doing it in my mind. It's a great cause. My Dad was just diagnosed.

    Cheers to us! ~Melissa :)

  26. Hello Dear Cass!

    Beautiful mosaic! I love summer, but I think I am ready for cool Autumn breezes.:o) Enjoy a beautiful day.




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