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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Watch Out! I Own Pots and I (almost) Know How To Use Them!

Come for dinner!

(But first, go check out yesterday's blog post, for a giveaway. Click here!)


In the cool pale morning light, doesn't the dining room look lonesome? Don't you think it needs a crowd of hungry travelers, elbow-to-elbow around it, ready to dig into an amazingly delicious cooked-from-scratch meal?

Well, what are you waiting for? Come on-a my house, I'm firing up the stove
and ovens and pulling down the pots and pans, because --

I have been inspired!

Bon appetit!

My daughter Anne and I went to a matinee yesterday and saw Julia and Julie, the new movie based on --- well, by now everyone knows what this movie is based on. We loved it! Meryl Streep is amazing as Julia Child, the sets are fabulous -- you just want to be there, in Child's kitchen, cooking.

I left the multi-plex wanting to cook!

I mean really cook. Cook like I used to, back in the years B.C.

Before Children.

Back when I made things like trout and fennel en papillote . . .
only to find that Howard loathes fennel, but that's another story.

Once upon a time I was an ambitious cook -- tagine, coulibiac, b'stilla, paris-brest pastry -- when I did a grilled cheese sandwich, the cheese was raclette or gruyere or Bruder Basil, and the bread was coarse and crusty. And the sandwich was as likely to be accompanied by oxtail soup as tomato.

We have unsuspecting house guests coming today. I don't even know them. He is a friend of Howard's from high school, who with his wife is driving from Atlanta to New England -- we are a stop enroute and they are expected to arrive in time for dinner.

I hope they aren't fussy eaters. Poor dears.

I am breaking out the pots and pans, firing up the wall ovens, and --

. . .and rifling through the fridge.

Please tell me your fridge looks like this. I had plans to keep a pristine refrigerator when
we moved here ... NO magnets or pictures or torn-out articles or silly close-up shots of the dog's muzzle.

Yeah, that worked.

Well, time to step away from the computer, make sure the clean sheets are on the guest
room bed, and head into the kitchen. Have a spectacular Saturday! -- Cass


  1. You'll find that you'll cook as much AC as you did BC -- it is DC that food runs to simpler meals -- especially when the children are so involved in other things and meals are often taken on the fly!

    Enjoy your houseguests.

    I was inspired by your curtians to get new ones for the master -- Monday met post --

    when do we get to hear about your trip?

    And, tomorrow is J and J for us! I can hardly wait -- we have to drive to the CITY 100 miles north of here to see it -- our local cinema tends to cater to those teeny boppers (who spend more money than we do)

  2. Cass your crazy girl....Seeing Julis, Julia Tuesday evening with the girls.. can't wait! Now get cookin! xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. Are you sure you have enough place settings for guests? Lol. I am sure they will just love visiting and the food will be an extra bonus. Relax and enjoy the time and they will too.

  4. LoVe the photo of the onions. Beautiful! Another lovely visit in your gorgous home.

  5. Oh, I want to see that movie, also...and my family won't mind at all if I am inspired to cook a little bit....I have been so unmotivated to cook because I never know who's going to be home to eat it!!! Kids are working so usually it's just dh and me.
    I'd love to jaunt right up and join you in the kitchen!! :p
    Have fun, cass....


  6. Cass, I am so sure whatever you make your guests will be wonderful. I find that the most impressive thing to my house guests is always pancakes from scratch with egg and some kind of sausage or bacon. I don't know why an IHOP homemade breakfast is so impressive, but apparently it is. :o) Have a great weekend!

  7. Your home is just gorgeous... and I can't wait to see what you've cooked in that wonderful kitchen.

  8. This is just too cute.. there must have been alot of bloggers that went to see the movie.. there's alot of inspirational cooking going on today.. I'm looking forward to hearing what you had and how your guests enjoyed it.. happy cooking..hugs ~lynne~

  9. What a charming post. I'm sure your friends will enjoy whatever you put before them - even oxtail soup (where you gonna find an ox today?) - especially after a long day on the road. Enjoy!!!!

  10. How fun! I hope you enjoy creating a delish meal. I wonder what you are preparing?
    Umm, my fridge kind of looks like yours. I put the pics and such on the sides but I clean them out every so often.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  11. What ever you cook, I bet it will be good. Enjoy your guests and have a fun filled weekend.

  12. First of all I can't wait to see the movie. I remember when I use to like to cook and bake. Not anymore! Maybe the movie will inspire me too! I know the family would like it. I still manage the holiday feasts!

    I wish my frig could look like that. I use to have a fridge with magnets from top to bottom both dorrs + one side. Now I have a built-in and it is lovely but magnets don't stick to it. I miss that!

  13. Oh I can't wait to hear what you fixed for dinner. Maybe a TT and a FF post is in order. Get out the camera along with those gorgeous pots and pans. Have fun and enjoy your guests. Hugs, Marty

  14. Have a great time! I'll bet your dinner will be wonderful!

    I love to snoop at people's fridges (the outside). They are so interesting sometimes.

    Becky K.

  15. Cass, as a one of the "servantless American people", I also am inspired. :) BUT you have to remember she did not marry until she was 40!!--no dinner on the table every night for her for a while! As for me, I may go debone a duck--Good luck with your guests. Can't wait for the menu and details. Bon Appetit!

  16. Cass,

    Can't wait to see the movie but have to wait until it comes out on DVD (I am severely hearing impaired and need CC). I am sure it will have me flinging the meat and drinking the cooking wine!!

    Sounds like your guests are going to reap the rewards of your Saturday matinee!!

    BTW, love the fridge and all your magnets and memo's/ Bought the "in thing" stainless steel fridge and no more magnets. What's a girl to do??


  17. Hi Cass,
    Hubby and I saw the movie Friday Evening and I too was inspired~ Dan was even looking on u-tube for old clips of her. Girl, I just love that slide show, I could watch it for hours! The conservatory is so awesome and I just love the stone around the backyard or is it the side yard? Have fun with your guests, I know they are going to love That Old House! Hugs, Cindy


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