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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thrifting On Tuesday!

On Friday, I put a bag over my husband's head and stuffed him into the trunk of my car -- I had found out that a thrift shop that's usually excellent hunting grounds (and which is closed for the summer) was going to be open. For. One. Day. And we were going.

Howard had a blast. He found a brand new Gevalia coffeemaker -- the kind the coffee company gives away with its coffee -- with a thermal carafe, and it's perfect for Annie's new apartment. Way to go, Howard. Not worthy of pictures, but ... a good find.

It's Three or More Tuesday, and Second Time Around Tuesday -- you can click on the blog party titles, or on links at the end of this post for more Tuesday tales.


I love white platters.

This one, at $5.00, called my name:

I used it on Sunday for some nibbles for our dinner guests.

They liked it!

On Sunday I also used these wine glasses:

There were 5 of them, $2 each. I bought them for Annie.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it. But -- I don't think she's crazy about them,
so I think they will stay right here at That Old House.

I love the bubbly glass, the funky shape, the swirly stems, and the colors.
Some are aqua, some more sea glass blue.

But wait! There's more!

Earlier this summer I brought home some double old-fashioned glasses from the beach house, that my parents used in the 50s and 60s. The glasses have white and gilt leaves on them, and every time I look at them, I get the ghostly scent of Scotch.

They are spike heels, shirtwaist dresses with huge bouffant skirts, cocktail rings, and Chanel No. 5.
And I found their near-twins at the thrift.

Slightly larger, slightly less gold, but worthy of anyone's mid-century style bar setup.

And -- never used. Original "hand wash" label on the bottom.

8 of them. A buck apiece.

And that's it!

(Except for Howard's favorite story, at the bottom of the post!)

No ironstone, no milk glass, no painted plates, and I resisted an adorable chubby silverplate tea -- maybe coffee -- pot, with "Gimbel Brothers" stamped on the bottom. I wonder if it was used in the restaurant at Gimbel's, or if it was used in the executive dining room?

Thanks to Tam at The Gypsy's Corner for hosting 3 Or More:
And to Diane at A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words, for hosting 2nd Time Around!

Bonus Round!

This is Howard's favorite part of our thrifting adventure. As we were checking out,
the petite, elderly church lady volunteer remarked on the aqua blue wineglasses.

"Oh, so summery!" She wrapped the first one.

"Have you tried that new cocktail?" she asked, still wrapping.
"I can't remember the name, but it's got --- " and she proceeded to rattle off
a list of major alcoholic liquids that, combined, could probably fell an elephant.

"It's quite delicious." She smiled sweetly. "And it would look lovely in these glasses!"

Yes, Howard wants to come with me again. This time I won't have to stuff him in the trunk. -- Cass


  1. I love all of your "finds". The glasses are all wonderful and the platter is gorgeous. I love Howard's story too. Too funny. Hugs, Marty

  2. Oh I love that platter, good job! Thanks for sharing!

  3. LOVE: the platter, the bubbly glasses, the leaf glasses and hubby's response! you are too funny, Miss coming here!


  4. Howard sounds like my Harold ... but in the end, they wind up happy & go another round. Love your finds. TTFN ~Marydon

  5. Ok Cass,
    Is Howard still breathing ok? Shouldn't be stuffing hubby in the trunk with bag over head! LOL! Love your new finds and the blue glasses are so cool! Cindy

  6. Nice finds! You and Howard did good. :)

  7. I love the blue glasses! Truly!

    Howard's story is very funny.

    Becky K.

  8. I love everything you bought! You did great!

  9. I love the bubbly glasses. Great find. Oh, and I hope it wasn't too hot outside when you stuffed howard into the trunk. Haha. Liked Howard's story too.

  10. Hi Cass, you are a wonder at telling a fun thrift shopping story. I needed some laughs and I also loved your purchases. The bubbly glasses in blue are my favorite, but the white tray is a close second. Mmmmmm. I too love the drink??? story. I wonder if the little old lady drinks that stuff. BIG smile.


  11. Now who doesn't love a cocktail, especially when it's in a beautiful glass.


  12. perfect outing.

    gotta love the sweet smile and wink you got from the wrap station. ;0)

  13. What pretty buy's! I love the blue glasses. They are so different.

  14. I love it all, specially the little lady story. You gotta watch little ladies..:)

  15. Cass, You bought some really pretty blue glasses! I am obsessed with glassware, but never find any nice colored ones. Love the platter, too!
    :-) Sue

  16. What beautiful finds...and Howard has been awakened...look out....he may become addicted too!!!

    Thanks so much for your comment on my Monday post...seems like we got some fireworks friends give me the courage to continue...and I need lots of friends and courage!!!

  17. You are so cute! All of your glassware is beautiful, and that pretty serving dish is lovely. You found some great deals! Is that church lady going to make the drink for Howard next time you go see her? That ought to make him LOVE thrifting! laurie

  18. Love the glasses! I have some bubble glasses in Amber and I just love them! Wish I could get my mittens on some more. Sounds like you had lots of fun. I probably would have copied down the ladies cocktail recipe to see what it was all about. Sounds like she might have missed her calling being a mixologist!

    Smiles, Nancy

  19. I love the white platter. Two for one!!! Our thrift stores have never (that I know of) had anything like that.

    I would probably have to stuff my hubby in the trunk to get him to go thrifting....hmmmmm....that's a thought.

  20. Oh, what wonderful thrifty finds you've shown today! I love, love those glasses - both the blue and the old fashioneds. The white platter is also a beauty. And what a cute story about the sweet little lady's drink recipe! So nice to meet you, Cass. This is my first visit to your blog and I will be sure to come back! In fact, I think I'll just add you to my "favorite's" list! Thank you for stopping by Mimi's Garden today as well. Have a beautiful week...Kathy

  21. Mom, I want those wine glasses if Annie doesn't like them . . . they are super cool . . . do you think it would be hard to ship them to California? :-)

  22. Hey Alida! Are you stalking your Mom? I'll tuck the wineglasses into my suitcase when I come out to see you in September. You supply the wine. We'll settle for California. :-)

    Love, Mama

  23. Oh Cass! I love that platter! And your glasses are lovely! I found a pitcher that would match your wine glasses at GW not long ago! Have a great rest of the week!...Debbie

  24. Cass... thanks for stopping by my blog, and leaving such kind words in "comments"
    Oh my! I wish I could drop by your house! It's beautiful!
    Now, I'm off to check out the rest of your blog!

  25. That is so funny... amazing what elderly church ladies will say ;)

    Love your finds!


  26. Ha! I resisted that coffee/tea pot, too! It took some more resolution to pass up the carving set from Germany... was it there when you went?

    I almost went for those blue glasses, but everything in my house is red/gold/green... :)

    Stay cool, Cass!



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