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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sunday Favorites -- Re-visiting The Mother Of All Rummage Sales

Twice a year, spring and fall, the Visiting Nurse Association of Somerset Hills holds a massive rummage sale: 75-thousand square feet of stuff, at The Fairgrounds at Far Hills -- nothing like bargain hunting on the polo grounds.

The VNA serves communities in Somerset and Morris Counties in New Jersey, and the rummage sales support their mission. Set-up begins in early April, and the sale opens the first Friday in May. It's a worthy cause and a thrifter's dream come true.

Howard willingly came with me back in May. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. One of my favorite "finds" was six matching gilt tea cups; I blogged about them on May 4th. On May 5th, I wrote the following post, on the other treasures we unearthed at this Mother of All Rummage Sales.


It's Sunday Favorites time -- the once weekly chance to recycle old posts.
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So, what else besides
pretty tea cups did I get at the Visiting Nurses Association Rummage Sale?

-- I'm going to show you. . . .

I love pressed glass, and this bowl, at $4, just begged to come to Mama:

When I bring homemade cookies or big fat strawberries or some other small offering to a friend, I like to pack them in pretty bowls, and they become part of the gift. Glass bowls are great for this -- they go with everyone's colors!

I also love old hotel silver-plated flatware; it's so big and heavy. Here, elegantly displayed on one of my kitchen towels, is service for 8 (minus 2 forks!) in hotel plate (not yet polished and looking oddly yellow):

This flatware bears an uncanny resemblance to my old everyday stainless -- but below are the dinner forks from each set, the stainless and the hotel plate -- you can see the hotel fork is much larger, and it's heavier also. I like that chunky feel:

Hmm... bad photography, sorry. The tines of the hotel plate fork are sort of lost.
Trust me, it's a lot bigger!

Next . . .

A sweet old lustreware teapot, also $4, well-used and mellow:

and just the right colors to cozy in with my lustreware pieces from my Mom and Mother-in-law:

I have a feeling my daughter Annie may lay claim to this tea pot, but that's OK.

Don't you love the embroidered bridge cloth? Gorgeous work; an old Ebay find.

My husband, who by the way made an excellent and willing pack animal
for Saturday's drizzly excursion, saw this framed print:

Howard loves boats and fishing. This will end up in our study; the colors are right and I know he'll enjoy seeing it, and remembering the thrill of the thrifting hunt. I hope I am not creating a monster. One crazy thrift buyer in a family may be enough!

As for me, this compote leapt into my arms:

It's red or ruby flash glass, and it's in perfect condition.

It's signed one one side of the pedestal:

If you tilt the pedestal, the signature will change from red, to gold. The red dye used in this glassware has gold in it, which you can see in certain light. I am not sure if that's the signature of the maker, the former owner, or what.

See the gold reflecting in the red?

I don't know much about this glassware, so when I got home I did some online research.
What would we do without Google?

On the Ruby Lane Antiques site, an identical compote is offered for sale -- for $110. It is by Westmoreland, in their Waterford or Wakefield pattern, and the "1977" in the signature is probably when it was made.

I paid $20 for mine. Ain't thrifting fun?

Could it be better for our red dining room?

Welcome to the dining room, Miss Ruby!

Have a lovely Sunday, chickens! -- Cass


  1. Man you get all the good stuff. I really need to find some flatware.

  2. What lovely things you found. I have that same tablecloth/doily in your last photo. Well, I will have it - when I get it crocheted. My mother had one and it disappeared after she was gone - I really wanted it - so I am making my own. I keep watching to see if I can find it at a thrift shop - but so far no luck.

  3. You found some great stuff. I need a Ms Ruby for my red dining room.

  4. Oh my gosh, where do I start with all this beauty. You struck gold at this lucky girl. I love it all, and I didn't miss admiring the embroidered bridge cloth..or the crocheted cloth. How wonderful does it get?? :). Happy weekend...

  5. You found some beautiful things! That ruby red bowl is gorgeous. I think my favorite is the flatware. I've decided to start collecting some (haven't told DH yet lol), and I really like the heavy look of this. Great job thrifting! Kathy

  6. Great Steals! (I mean Deals) Cass,
    I just adore that flatware and the Ruby is so pretty and will fit perfectly in a red dining room! Hope your week-end is grand, Cindy

  7. Lovely finds! My favorites have to be the two glass pieces...the first one makes my heart ache!

    What a fun to see all the other great posts I missed!

  8. I love old siverware! I found long ice tea spoon in silver at a thrift shop, I did not buy them! I had 12 in my hands but, decided not to pay the 25.00. I have a couple. Why do they not make the long ones in our set these days? I adore Miss Ruby wow, you did get a deal! I love the press cut glass bowl. I have a book on it, any way When I am in the hospital in September having surgery I going to be thinking on this little bowl! LOL I do give baskets and other little bowls ect. I even made some baskets up for a post, to show, just what one needs to give! For I been there so many times! lol

  9. Very nice items. I think I like the artwork best. I was drawn to it immediately.

  10. Good stuff. Love the ruby flashed compote. I have 12 cranberry flashed goblets that I use a lot. Love, love, love it.

  11. Note to self:
    When you see a group rummage sale, GO!!!!!!
    You totally scored!

  12. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that you visited my side of the little blue planet! Would you believe I grew up in Somerville until I was eleven! I will most definitely be visiting you frequently. My hubby and I have been together for 30 years. Amazing how time flies. LoVe your home!!! Amazing. **blows kisses** Deb

  13. Hi Cass...

    Girl, you always find the best things!!! Hehe! I loved this post...I have so much fun looking at everyone's treasure finds...and my friend, you really made off at that huge rummage sale! Love your pretty pressed glass bowl and what a great give as a gift with a food treat! Love your old lusterware teapot too...that's really a pretty design, I like all of the pretty colored flowers!

    Wow...of course my favorite is your pretty ruby red compote! It's gorgeous and I bet it looks fabulous in your pretty red dining room! Girl, you got quite the deal on that piece!!! I enjoyed seeing the pretty painting that your honey picked up too!

    Well my friend, I really enjoyed this post...I missed it the first time around! Thank you so much for joining in with Sunday Favorites today!

    Warmest wishes,

  14. That pressed glass bowl you picked up for $4? It's a beauty!

    I found a plate (platter?) with the same pattern for sale in someone's driveway about a month ago.

    I have been searching my brains out on the internet to find out its pattern name and when it was made. Yours is the first picture of pressed glass with that pattern that I've seen!

    Its weight, thickness, and the fact that when I take it into the closet with a black (UV) light it glows green, all make me think it could be 100 years old.

    Anyone have info about this pattern?


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