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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

La Deluge On Outdoor Wednesday

The Outdoors from the Indoors today at That Old House.

What does this look like:

No, it is not a bad painting of Niagara Falls.

Stay tuned; all will be made clear. Well, not really clear. . . you'll see!


Today is Outdoor Wednesday, hosted by Susan at A Southern Daydreamer.
You should visit Susan's blog; it's beautiful! Click here to go there for more outdoor posts and pics.


We look through a glass darkly:

See that long piece of granite? It is a step from the lawn
behind the house, down to the patio outside the conservatory.

Look closer. There's our Niagara Falls:

On Saturday, when we traveled down to the Jersey shore to pick up my 99-cent high-end Hooker coffee table
(read about that here, if you are curious), we had brilliant sunshine on the Garden State Parkway.

On Sunday. . . we took these pictures through our conservatory windows:

The last time we saw this much water deluge That Old House this quickly, was the first day we owned it, and ran for our soggy lives from the driveway into the sunroom. It's also the day we discovered that rain on a conservatory roof is really loud, and that the boiler room gets water during very heavy downpours.

These pictures aren't great, because they were taken through rain-spattered glass, but you can see the water
on top of the patio pavers, with the ripples from the wind on the surface.

How big is a cubit anyway? -- Cass


  1. Cass, That first picture really does look like a waterfall! We've had our share of rain (and wind) too! Now it is just HOT and muggy! Great pictures. And I loved your coffee table.

  2. So far we've had just enough rain to keep everything green (although we had a really wet spring -- in fact, my tomato plant thought it was a rice plant -- it was so waterlogged __ but now it is behaving like a tomato (with blooms and even green tomatoes) instead of a rice plant.

    Great pictures of your rain.

  3. That is a lot of water. We had a storm Sunday Morning that cut our power at church. Interesting times. The Projector which was showing our Power Point for Sunday School was out and had to re-boot.

    Hope you didn't have a lot of clean up to do.

    Becky K.

  4. Wow, STOP THE RAIN! Beautiful, but, kind of scary too!


  5. That first picture IS a waterfall!!!

    Are you guys OK???? You haven't drowned yet, have you????

  6. OOhh Cass! Can you send some of the rain to Phoenix? We are having a drought out here and we sure could use some good ole rain. I love these pics. They are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing. Please stop by and say hi. I would love to have you visit. Country Hugs honey, Sherry

  7. That's quite some rain fall there..., love your take on it. We're on a hill, so the water keeps running by.

  8. Wow, that is really a lot of rain. We sure could use some. Maybe you can share. lol Hugs, Marty

  9. I want a conservatory!!! It sounds romantic!
    I love your little waterfall! You tricked us.
    We have had a lot of rain here too, but it sure is keeping everything green and gorgeous.

  10. WOW! What a rain storm you received at That Old House! I hope you have all recovered.

    Great photos!

    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  11. Wow Cass..that's a lot of water! We've had a lot of rain, but I'm not complaining because we need it! A conservatory!! I love it! But I would probably run into Miss Scarlet with the lead pipe!! lol Happy OW!...Debbie

  12. Well, I wish my browning grass had a little bit of that rain...

  13. That first picture really does look like a waterfall!


  14. We didn't get that much rain here Sunday on the GOOD side of the fork! :)
    We have had enough rain since May.., of course, I had the sprinkler system put in last summer!
    Have to go back to look at your Hooker table..
    I cured my more dating service...I hope!

  15. Wow Cass,
    Those are amazing pics, It looks really green though which is good! I want to see more pics of your conservatory? That just sounds so cool, Cindy

  16. Looks like what we've been getting here all kidding. I live in Ontario,Canada and our summer has been disappointing to say the least. A lot of rain and cooler temps. However heard today that we should have an el nino winter...which means a mild one...I'll still take a hot summer over a mild winter anyday. Is that your house on your banner?..its beautiful...I love it.

  17. Oh, goodness...that does look like a lot of water. Love all your photos.

  18. wow...these will be "remember when" pictures.

    Great post!!

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

    PS stay dry!

  19. It sure does look like a waterfall. Lovely pictures and I love your house.

  20. Cass,
    Looks like you are having the same kind of weather that we are in North Western Pennsylvania. I am so sad that we hardly had any summer.....and we are into August already.
    Your pictures sure show what you are going through with the weather.

  21. I love that close shot and the others as well. Great Outdoor Wednesday post!

  22. I am so sorry to hear that you are getting so much rain. We, here in central Canada, have gotten more rain this summer than we have had in 30 some years. No forest fires at least. I hope you have had enough nice days to enjoy your beautiful conservatory and patio. You have a lovely home just from what I have seen. This is my first time here, I shall have to come back and investigate. Great pics for ODW. Hugs ~cindy s~

  23. Now that is some serious rain and I should know because I live in a rain forest.
    You should have a toy boat or rubber ducky race over the falls.

  24. Sorry for all your rain, but those are great shots! Guess you made lemonade out of lemons, huh? :)

  25. wow...that is A LOT of rain!!!hope your house is staying dry.
    a cubit~ i just taught this to my bible class in vbs last night...
    it is 18-22 inches~ the length of measurement from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger. {we were studying noah's ark...are you thinking you might need to build a really big boat??!!}
    have a great day...

  26. Wow that's a lot of water!! Hope your house stayed dry this time! Thanks for the visit to Shirleys World. Yes, we people that own old, old houses have "special" little problems!!

  27. Oh my goodness that's quite a bit of rain. Hope it all is gone by now. Just keep remembering how great the rain is for everything else : )

  28. Great post! Too much rain for me though... :) Here in NJ we have had our fair share! It's supposed to rain today! :(

    Thanks for sharing!

    Donna Marie

  29. Man do I know that feeling. Today is cool and breezy, but clouds in the sky, again.
    Kinda thought it looked liked Niagara Falls Cass. lol
    I'm taking Randy there this month, on the Canadian side. I also want to spend a couple nights at Niagara on the Lake, wine country.
    Happy OW.
    Love Claudie

  30. Look at all that water! You so had me fooled with that first shot.
    I wish we had rain...I'd love lots and lots of rain...

  31. Interesting photo. Looks like a huge waterfall. Lots of rain!

  32. Morning, Cass! Wow! I thought I was really seeing Niagara Falls! I've never been there. You certainly got lots of water! You could have sent a little of it our way! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :0

  33. Hi Cass :)

    We had rain like that yesterday, along with cloud to ground lightening. I think we need to buy a lightening rod for the house... yikes! LOL

    I hope your basement didn't flood.

    I'm off to the fair again in a couple of hours... I'll have a corn dog for you ;)


  34. I would love to have lots and lots of rain! I live in the desert southwest where we have NO rain right now.....and it's our monsoon season! LOL I so enjoyed looking at your photos.....what a really clever post! :)

  35. Oh I wish we could all send some of this rain to the parched parts of the country...I know how you feel...we seem to have a big rain everyday!!! ...and now the lawnmower is in the repair shop...great photos and hopefully your life will "dry out soon".

  36. Wow that IS a lot of rain...
    We had a gully washer last night, two inches fell in thirty minutes.
    The flowers are loving this rain we've had all summer long, but makes for grass cutting twice a week;)

  37. Oh dear - it really does look like a river rapid.


  38. I just passed a little somethin' somethin' your way over at my blog - - -

  39. Hello, Cass, that's a lot of rainfall. Sure did think it was the Falls! Down here in the West, we need that badly especially with the summer brush fire.
    You took the perfect photos.

  40. Oh my goodness that is a lot of water. It must have rained very hard in a short period of time. Your conservatory sounds wonderful. I would love to be able to look out onto the pavers. Sigh... It must be beautiful there.

  41. That is a lot of water. Last Thurs. We had that kind of downpour.


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