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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Getting My Thrift On, Tablescape Style. Or, Hey, Doesn't That Belong On The Bed?

I've got my place set at the old round table in the conservatory; there's room for two more, to join me for lunch -- a little wine, a bit of cold soup on a hot day, some crusty bread, and fruit.

Who's in?

It's Thursday, so I'm Tablescaping with Susan of Between Naps On The Porch, and Thrifting and going Vintage with Suzanne of Coloradolady and Holly of Homebody. Click on their Blog names to be transported!

Or, click on their picture links at the bottom of this post.

My daughter Anne obliged me by standing on a chair to get these from-the-chandelier shots.
I don't do heights. The shrieking, it just gets too much for the neighbors.

Pay no attention to the dog in the corner of the above picture.

We're breaking open a bottle of New Jersey wine, folks.
Now I know you'll want a seat at this table!

Pick a place.
No, not that one. That one is mine.

So, what did I play with today, making this tablescape?

Some very old silverplate flatware, well tarnished.
We'll make believe that's on purpose, for the shabby chic look, deal?
I'll keep your secrets, too.

I like polished flatware, but this stuff's been packed away for 1-1/2 years, and now I can't find the silver cream!

I'm using some of Friday's thrift shop goodies -- those bubbly blown blue-y wine glasses:

I better use them while I can.
Turns out Annie's not crazy about them, but my daughter Alida is. She saw them on my blog (I keep forgetting my kids can read) and now they're going out to California.

Also on Friday, I got this white platter, embossed with grapes and leaves. How fitting!

The plate holding the crusty rolls is a French Limoges piece I got from a moving sale in June. It's gorgeous -- salmon pink, handpainted -- in great condition. It's really a dresser or vanity tray, or pin dish, but it can multi-task.

More old silverplate flatware.
Annie just fell in love with this stuff. I told her, "If you polish it, you can take it!"

The bowls are from Dollar Tree. In early summer I bought blue and aqua matte finish dishes there;
they have been marvelous all summer long!

Under the bowl, to catch drips, is a cocoa-colored bit of old damask. Small luncheon-sized napkins.

The plate is the basket-weave design from Dollar Tree. These dishes are gorgeous,
and can go with anything. Dress 'em up or down, they work.

Underneath it all, the big dinner plate from the matte blue dishes from Dollar Tree.
Underneath the plate, a small quilt from the guest room.
If the Colonials could put rugs on their tables, I can put a quilt.

So, shall we crack open the wine? It's from Four Sisters Winery in Belvedere, New Jersey. Last time we visited, the winery was for sale; I don't know it it has been sold yet. I am a fan of Long Island wines, but I love giving and serving local wines . . . and now New Jersey is local for us!

Oops.. almost forgot. If you want a separate plate for your fruit, we've got the little Wedgwood dishes that belonged to my Mom, with some old plate fruit knives (Ebay, like most of my other silverplate).

There. Lunch. Look good to you?

Ah... wait! I missed something. Or, somethingS.

The doily under the flowers is from my Mother-in-law, crocheted by her mother.
The napkins under the forks are old soft damask -- 2 are green, one is blue.
The container with the flowers is a cachepot from TJ Maxx.

And . . . can you spot what else I forgot?
It's something that used to be commonplace in houses, but now is scarcer and scarcer.
It's something you can pick up for a song in thrift shops, because there's just no longer a demand for it.

Look closely, below.
No, not there. At the top of the picture. Beneath the wine bottle.

It's a crystal ashtray.

It makes a great wine coaster, and you can buy the most gorgeous crystal ashtrays for a buck in a thrift shop. I especially like the crystal ones, as the dents for the cigarettes are not too noticeable. Even so, no one buys them. Heck, it's not their fault that smoking is taboo in so many places. I say buy them, re-purpose them, and give them a second chance! -- Cass


  1. That is a great idea for the ashtrays. Apple wine? Never had it. Is it really fruity? Crisp?
    Might be good with spicy food too.
    The table is so inviting. Crap I would polish your silver. Darn kids butting into blog land.

  2. Would love to join you at such a pretty table. Great use for the ashtrays. I have 2 that have been stored away for years - need to get them out and repurpose them.

  3. That's an interesting bunch of stuff and it even looks like it was all meant to go together.

  4. BEAUTIFUL table. I love the blue stemware and mis-matched silver plated stemware (I like them tarnished and mis-matched). The luncheon looks delish and the sun-drenched conservatory, the perfect setting!

  5. Cass,

    This is so lovely.

    You ladies that set these tablescapes up amaze me. I love to look, but to take the time to do that? Not me. Thanks for being my entertainment!!! lol

    Becky K.

  6. I have my wine now in the pretty stemware! Love you used an ash tray, I thought, Oh, be great for candle holders too! I do love the fruit dish and those fruit knives, I would love to have!!! Now My Dollar Tree does not have lovely dishes as yours! lol
    I just love the bread, fruit, wine! Can we have a cup of tea too? The wine looks wonderful! You need to give one away! lol

  7. Lovely all around! Thanks for sharing!

  8. It is always a pleasure to see you table settings.

    I need inspiration from you so I can get excited about entertaining.

    Thank you.

  9. Lovely! I'm going to Dollar Tree right now. Love those basketweave plates!

  10. Lovely table...I like how you put all the different elements together. the soft colors of the quilted cover is very nice for a summer setting.
    Isn't it great how so many textiles lend themselves to serving as tablecloths?

  11. This is lovely, thanks for sharing!

  12. Very clever. As a former smoker I love the wine coaster. Don't you just love the old silverplate?

  13. Makes me remember this little ditty my mom used to sing at us:

    "Lazy Mary will you get up?
    Will you get up?
    Will you get up?
    Lazy Mary will you get up?
    We need the SHEETS FOR THE TABLE!!"

  14. There was a time when I only used quilts to dress my country kitchen table. I wanted to use quilts that would reflect the time of year, so my collection grew leaps and bounds as I chose beauties to represent each season. I've since moved and no longer use quilts to dress my table but still have the collection. Thanks for this reminder of country charm! ~Arleen

  15. Your tablescape is beautiful!!

  16. The whole get-up is beautiful, not to mention the food! I wanted to grab those grapes and bread through the screen!

  17. My what a nice table you set. I would sure like to have a meal with you. You make everything so inviting and pleasant. Truly a lovely post. Thanks for my comment today. You are always welcomed to drop by.

  18. Beautiful table..with lovely vintage touches. Have a great VTT!

  19. I love your pretty table grandma always had a pretty table like that even when we were just having leftovers.
    I think the wine glasses are cool! I saw those blue dishes at Dollar Tree too, and thought they looked quite nice.
    Thanks for joining!

  20. great post. That Annie is a lucky girl. Love the silverware and the wine holder idea. Love the table and I'm drooling over those dishes for weeks now at Dollar Tree...I am trying so hard not to buy them but I feel I gotta have them along with the other bazillion dishes I have. :o}

  21. Beautiful table, it is right up my alley! I loved the table cover, I loved everything displayed on it, and I especially loved your tarnished silver! There is something so endearing to me about tarnished, time-worn, chipped, battered, bruised, peeling, used, abused, loved items!
    I'm glad you didn't polish your silver! You made my day! LOVE IT!
    All the best,
    PS ~ I use quilts, coverlets, and sheets all the time to cover my tables! I even use evening shawls and baby shawls sometimes!

  22. I loved your was all so pretty, specially the quilt on the table. I just loved it all.. Happy VTT..have a wonderful weekend.

  23. This looks great - love your quilt - it's really hard to find good crusty rolls around here!

  24. Beautiful table. I love the blues ~ quilt, glasses, bowls and plates. Perfect!

  25. YOur table looks beautiful! Very colorful!

  26. What a beautiful, inviting table setting. And I love all the windows letting in all that amazing sunshine! Yes, eBay is a wonderful source for vintage silver plate, isn't it?

  27. Beautiful table! I love quilts, and this week there seem to be several used on the tables. Wonderful!
    Love the label on the bottle of Three Sisters Wine.

    Hope you'll stop by my place for a visit:

    I'm toasting Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch in honor of her Blog Anniversary!

  28. Heh-laughed out loud at your kids can read comment :)

    Your table is beautiful - as always!

    We have quite a collection of ash trays that are repurposed cause neither of us smokes, Tis a wonderful and super inexpensive find indeed.

  29. Hi Cass,
    I loved this post! Sorry I'm running late with comments. I literally laughed out loud several times ... the shrieking that bothers the neighbors if you try standing on a chair ... forgetting your kids can read!!! So funny!

    Great idea for using crystal ash trays ... wish I'd thought of it ... but ... nothing wrong with stealing GOOD ideas, right?

    Your antique silver pieces are so beautiful ... definitely my cuppa tea! That Limoges tray is a beauty as well!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Bye for now,

  30. What a beautiful table, with so many small details. I would love to come join you for a glass of wine and some nice cold soup....

  31. So pretty! I love the flatware. How nice you make it all look!

  32. A fun post! Thanks for sharing. Using quilts for tables are always so homey to me. Love that idea!

  33. Cass, I don't know what I enjoyed more, your sweet and fun hospitality, your beautiful tablescape with that GORGEOUS quilted table covering, or the repurposed ashtray idea :) Loved reading your article, so entertaining. Hugs, Debbie

  34. Cass,
    That is beautiful!!

    Love the bed cover on the table.

    Thanks for coming by.

    Yes, I will have to get something made =0) out of that old sprayer.

    Barbara Jean

  35. Love it Cass! I think old quilts are so charming as tablecloths and the table looks so charming and inviting! I love old flatware, has so much character! Hugs,Cindy

  36. What a beautiful and charming table. I would love to have a seat and enjoy some fellowship and all that goes with it. Those are some beautiful grapes!

    Love the quilt as the tablecloth.


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