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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Coffee And . . . Table For One, Please!

Last week Howard broke the carafe for our coffee maker. The odds were high for his being the one to break it; he makes the coffee every morning. And darned good coffee it is, too.

But I haven't been able to find a replacement that works -- replacement carafe, that is, not replacement Howard! My beloved 12-cup Braun sits unused on the counter. I have been using this gizmo:

A French press pot, which is a bit of fuss and bother, but makes outstanding coffee.

Let's have some, shall we?


Hahaha... you can see right through the roof of the conservatory in the lid of the French press!
Yes, that's me taking the picture. Ah, real life.

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It also has French in its name, but it is not my French press!

Meanwhile -- back at the ranch --

It is mid-morning, and time for a little "coffee-and."

Did your parents or grandparents call it that?

"I'm having coffee-and."

Which meant -- coffee and ... a cookie, a slice of pound cake, an English muffin, an entire cheesecake, whatever. Howard's family never drank just a cup of coffee. I'm not sure if they thought it would burn a hole straight through your stomach lining,
or if it was just an excuse to have a little bit of that yummy and.

But it always struck me as a pretty good rule to live by.


Let's have some coffee-and. The coffee, good freshly ground Colombian, is in the French press, steeping:

A Blueberry and Peach bar that Annie made
and a few sweet summer grapes wait on a small plate.

I like my coffee black and strong, especially when it's this good, so I pour a generous cup . . .

Now isn't that nice?

In this vignette:
the French press pot my daughter Alida gave me a few years ago,
a wooden tray I got on the Clearance shelves at Homegoods,
an early 2oth century hand-crocheted tray doily from my mother-in-law,
a Blenheim pattern silverplate spoon,
soft linen damask napkins, old, with hand crocheted edging, I think from a church rummage sale,
cup, saucer, and plate from my Mikasa Far East china, which I bought 30 years ago when we lived in Pittsburgh,
and have added to a lot from Ebay.

All that for a snack!

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Have fun! -- Cass


  1. Oh, I just love it all. Every time I click onto your blog, I think...what a beautiful home!

    I'll be over for coffee in just a minute too...even though I don't drink it..those bars look wonderful! ha.


  2. I need a cup right about now...lovely table setting, and love your coffee maker. I love your pictures, they are always so great.

    Have a great VTT!

  3. De-lovely! I'll be right there...6 hour flight? Keep the coffee warm please and thank you. LoVe your home...every little thing about it. **blows kisses** Deborah

  4. The French press does make the best coffee you can have as long as the grind of coffee is right. Otherwise you get too much sediment.
    I too drink my coffee strong and black. I always use extra rounded scoops.
    My in-laws always had "coffee break" in the afternoon. This invariably included pie or cake or cookies and usually whipped cream. Then they wondered why you couldn't eat dinner three hours later.

  5. Cass, I love french pressed coffee. It is like you say a bit of a fuss, but it never fails to deliver a good cup of java. My husband also makes my coffee every morning, and he doesn't even drink it! Beautiful tablescape, love the dishes you used.

  6. Such a lovely post..everything looks so beautiful,I would hate to disturb it. Happy VTT..have a most lovely weekend.

  7. That was just the most adorable post. Everything looks terrific. I'd love to come to your hourse to have a cup of coffee, only I don't drink coffee. I drink tea, though....all day long.

  8. Love the photos. Yes, coffee-and!
    I have never used a press, is it easy? I do remember my plug in perculators!

  9. That looks so romantic! And I love the reflection!


  10. Hi Cass...I have not been able to acquire a taste for coffee...tea is my drink of choice, but this could tempt me to try it again! I let my husband make the coffee for gueusts, as I couldn't tell if it was good or not! I would love to present him with a nice coffee maker like yours...either one! Your silver flatware is gorgeous, too! I think we should keep the husbands that make good coffee. Mine is even good at putting hot water in a cup and dipping a teabag to perfection!

  11. Cass, I so love your blog. Your home in your header makes me so wishful everytime I see it. Just beautiful.
    Loved your coffee and....
    Of course, now I want a French press. Gonna go look around and see if I can locate one.Thanks for the delicious tray...loved it all.

  12. Pretty AND delicious!
    Gonna go have some Coffee-and

  13. Oh the Micasa dinnerware is just gorgoeus. Everytime I see that pattern I just drool. Love the tray and the coffee press is fabulous. Great snack. Hugs, Marty

  14. I am not a coffee drinker but yourtablescape looks so appealing....I may have to try a cup....enjoy!

  15. The French Press Pot is lovely. Thanks for sharing. Connie

  16. I have never tried coffee that way. But I do dearly love my morning cup of coffee. You make everything look so lovely with your pretty things. Vintage linens always are a big hit with me. And your photography is unmatched!

  17. Great photos!!! My son uses the french press, and I think I am the only one who ever cleans it!! Pain in the but :)

    I love the "Table for One" concept...great tablscape!


  18. Wow! Such a lovely setting and your "sub" carafe is fabulous!

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. What a lovely tray. All of the little details are just perfect.

  20. Hi Cass !
    I love love your photos !
    I really want coffee NOW and it is bedtime....see what you did.....
    I love your press thing and that china....WOW !

  21. I just love this Cass...your lovely tablescape...and the French Press. They do make a good cup of coffe don;t they? And look so pretty while doing it! Your dishes are just beautiful...yes, I have relatives that call it coffee and...and right now I would SO like some of each!!

  22. place setting for one? Girl, I would LOVe to join you. That looks scrumptious!Thanks for participating in Thrifty Thursday this week! Some great finds, my friend!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  23. Cass,
    What a lovely setting, you made it sound so good that I feel like I was there right with you! Cindy

  24. Nope, "no coffee and" from my parents..They only had coffee in the had tea at night..
    Very pretty set up for your coffee and...
    The cup is just lovely!

  25. I'd have coffee with you anytime!
    What lovely photos, hungry now!
    Have a lovely day!

  26. My daughter uses a French press and you're right the coffee is great! I think it's so fun to make a pretty little tray up, it just makes everything so much better.

  27. Wow - I would come to your house for coffee in an instant! Great photos!

  28. Great post. I love your home too. It's so warm and inviting just like your table. Everything is gorgeous and looks delicious!


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