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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

That Old House's Favorite Pics -- On Three Or More Tuesday

Good News! My computer is fine; it was the monitor that failed. All those days at the Mothership, only to discover there was absolutely nothing wrong with the computer itself. Oh, my -- how very amusing.

Mr. Monitor gets replaced tonight, and I will have my computer back. Hallelujah! I plan to indulge in an absolute orgy of blog reading and commenting -- I need to catch up with everyone!


But first, a new post, part of Three Or More Tuesday's blog party -- one of my favorites.

Thank you, Tam, for hosting this at your lovely The Gypsy's Corner blog.
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If you have read my last few posts, you know I have not been able to load new pictures onto my temporary computer -- which is really my daughter Anne's laptop. Very frustrating; I love posting pictures -- usually too many!

So today I went into my blogger pictures album and chose some favorites from past posts -- Three Or More favorite pictures of That Old House, including the one that started it all!

Now . . . let's see if I can figure out how to load these pictures . . .
Yes! I can. (I am ridiculously proud of this.)

So, let's flip through a very personal little album of favorite pictures of That Old House.

Ring our high-tech doorbell,

and come on in.

We'll just wander around a bit, ok?
Please excuse any dust -- remember it is a protective coating on fine antiques.

I think my favorite room of all is our parlor. I fell in love with this room, naked.

The parlor was naked, not I.

It's just got such lovely bones:

(Much nicer than mine, which considering the fact that I am 120 years younger
than this room, is rather humbling. I creak more than these floors do!)

I have pictures of this room, furnished, but it's not done yet to my liking,
and these are favorite pictures I am sharing -- so you get the naked parlor pictures today.

Not so the dining room, which wasn't such a beauty in its naked state:

That's piles and piles of heavy draperies and elaborate lace sheers on the floor. They were donated to a thrift shop, and I hope have found a happy new life. The light fixture went also, replaced by a crystal jobby that looked way bigger in real life than it had on the Internet.

It's a bit over the top, but you can do that in a dining room.

We certainly go over the top at Christmas; I love this room at the holidays!

I wish I had a picture of the rest of the dining room all gussied up for Christmas.
Next year I will take more pictures!

For summer, I had planned on replacing the gold draperies with lots and lots of sheer creamy white -- floaty and dreamy. But, life interfered, and that particular project didn't get done.

We use the dining room a lot; it's cool in the summer, and always tidy and rather serene,
which is more than I can say for the rest of the house!

But this is my favorite use of That Old House:

Packed with young people.

This was taken after our House Blessing party in March -- these are friends of our daughters, who hung on afterward, helped us clean up (bless them), and talked well into the wee hours in the conservatory.

Ah, yes, the conservatory.

The newest part of That Old House is only ten years old, and it's a people magnet. We all love it, and although I am not yet happy with its looks, I do enjoy this room. It's especially fun in the winter:

Great fun, watching the snow fall. Coming downstairs and finding thick ice on the windows...

not as much fun, but at least the ice is all outside, and it's warm inside!

At Christmas, I loved sitting in the study, and looking at the big fresh tree in the conservatory:

Among the favorite pictures I found while browsing the online blogger album,
is this one of the bed in our yellow guest room:

Doesn't that look inviting? Love the light coming through the window, and I wish you could see the glass, closeup. It's incredibly wavy and wiggly, as the glass has melted over the decades into charming patterns. I haven't been able to get good closeups of the wavy glass in any of the rooms. Any hints?

Well I could keep posting pictures till I ran out of them, but this way more than 3 Or More!
I will close with the picture that started it all:

Back in March 2007, I was browsing through Internet real estate listings, and a picture popped open of an old yellow house, slightly abandoned looking, with crooked dark green shutters, some scraggly landscaping -- and my heart actually skipped a beat. It was love at first sight.

I told my husband that evening that I'd found "our house."

"Fine," said he, "but we've got a contract to buy another house."

Fate intervened, and 12 months after I first saw this listing, we bought That Old House. The honeymoon isn't over yet.

I think it looks a little more lived-in now, but we've got a long way to go:

Tomorrow -- new pictures of, well, something. Don't know yet, but I'll be so happy to have my computer back I just may sit up all night! -- Cass


  1. Hooray, hooray, just the monitor. Your naked house is splendid. It looks so much happier in the pictures after you have lived in it.

  2. I'd be dancing jigs, too, if it was just the monitor! You have an absolutely lovely home, undressed & dressed. TTFN~Marydon

  3. Glad it was the monitor and not the computer. To bad it took so long for the tech to figure that out. Your home is so pretty. Like your thinking about dust being a protective coating :-)

  4. I LOVE that old house!
    I wish I had a conservatory!
    Writing that last sentence made me laugh. My casita is little. :)

  5. Cass you ALWAYS make me laugh with your humourous nature my friend. Your home and all the photos are stunning! Love it!
    It's neat seeing the "Before".

    I'm glad your computer is okay. Yeah! Have a blessed day.
    ~Melissa ;)

  6. House love! Yep, you've got it.

    What a nice, friendly and lovely home.

    Becky K.

  7. Oh what a blessing to get your computer back. I love all the pics of your home. It is just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  8. Cass - I loved seeing those pictures. What fun it must be to help a home get new life. Thanks for sharing and have a great evening.


  9. So glad you are getting your computer back We need Cass to come out and play! :)

    Always love pics! And you...

    Looking forward to some Honest Scrap!


  10. Your home is so beautiful! Absolutely enchanting!

    Thank you for your words. You never know. Maybe I will live in that house one day. More than likely, no. What I can say for certain though, is that I will live in a historic home one day. Perhaps a little cottage as this would be more my style. (smaller size=less cleaning) ;)
    I look forward to dreaming about that house, though. I'm quite sure she is full of stories.

    Have a wonderful week.

  11. OK, I just have one question.

    May I move into that old house WITH you??? Please????

    I just wanna sit in that conservatory, work a couple jig saw puzzles and read a dozen or so books - - - then I'll leave, I promise.

    Oh, and while I'm there I wanna have a chat with the hungry ghosts - - - preferably in broad daylight and NOT at midnight.

  12. Hi Cass,
    There you go making me laugh again. HEHE! :)

    For drapery tassels I used a finial
    or metal or wood tieback holder and then "drop" them so they hang right. They are in all the drapery sections at BB&B and JCP, Target all the places that sells drapery hardware. I've seen them at Marshalls too for cheap too.
    Let us see when you're done.

    Have a blessed day my friend.
    ~Melissa :)

    PS MY next MM post will be about my new drapery rods for the master bedroom. I can't wait to get them hung. Yippee! :)


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