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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Christmas in July On Sunday Favorites

It's Sunday Favorites, thanks to Chari at Happy To Design.
On this bloggers' day of rest, I'm re-running a holiday post. . . . joining in the Christmas in July spirit.

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And now, from January 2009 -- O Tannenbaum!

So... this is the "alternative" tree in our Parlor; it's the 4th Christmas we've had a not-cut-from-the-forest tree and I never will love it, but I do admit that it does a bang-up job of holding those heavy ornaments that fall right off a fresh tree.

However, in this house, this year, we have a second tree... a "fresh" one, in our Sunroom. Yay! Can't beat the smell of the Frasier Fir needles, and the suspense of wondering, "Will anyone notice that big bald spot on the side?"

And now it is two days past Epiphany, and our house is still sporting its Christmas bling. Both the Sunroom and Parlor trees are up and decorated; in a way I hate denuding the "fresh" one in the sunroom, as it is still valiantly hanging on to nearly all of its needles.

See? A closeup, and still plenty of spiny green things.

We put a tree, of sorts, in every room on our first floor this year, and also in the front hall. My husband had his doubts about the little one in the powder room, but even he admits it adds to the holiday cheer.

A blessed 2009 to all!

(Next year: More trees. Shh.. don't tell my family.)


July 09 Update: Is this Kosher? I am adding a few pics to this old post...

of some of the other and smaller trees. . . like the powder room tree -- and don't ask me why, but I can't straighten up this photo; it is determined to be cock-eyed.

It's in a Santa Boot -- found at Michaels and I decorated it with teeny glass Santa Claus ornaments. It just cracked me up.

Every Christmas since they were small, our girls have had their own Christmas tree, with their own ornaments on it. This year, a small one in the study -- which got more and more crooked as the days went on from the weight of the decor!

In the dining room, I copied Mary of Little Red House, or I tried to; I meant to wire tea cups onto this little fellow. But he was not strong enough, so I tucked in glittered, beaded fruit.

That's it for today -- I still have no computer and am begging time on Anne's. Please forgive my lack of commenting -- my computer time is really limited.

That Old House is quite miffed at having no new posts about her,
but she, like me, is going to have to be patient.

The Mothership says my computer may need a new Motherboard. Dang.

Have a lovely Sunday!
-- Cass


  1. I have always heard of Christmas in July but this is the first time I've experianced it! Beautiful! :)

  2. Did you know there is only 159 days until Christmas. You had better start putting up trees now.
    I always have small tree up in my main bathroom.
    I love the way you decorate your trees. I think more is better at Christmas.

  3. I too go to Epiphany and beyond by a day or two. It's usually Jan. 6 or 7th that I take all of the ornaments off and other ornamentation and go with a white lighted tree til the end of January. We're in Nebraska and there's usually snow on the ground and winter winds. So, the decor is perfect. I have a small collection of those ceramic Christmas tree so, those are in the bathrooms and here and there through the house.

  4. Lovely trees, makes me want to start doing christmas projects. How do you repost an old post? I've seen others do it - but don't know how.

  5. The trees are beautiful. I do love a fresh tree but you can enjoy the artifical one for a long time. I leave my tree up until mid-January or longer. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  6. All of your trees are just stunning. I love trees that have a ton of different balls and ornaments. They just seem to really say Christmas to me. How wonderful that you decorate the whole house. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  7. I've always wanted to put up more than one Christmas tree - maybe this year.
    I hope your new motherboard arrives soon and that your leg is healing nicely.

  8. Love Christmas and the smell of fresh cut trees but we have gone to fake trees also. We want to have at least one fresh cut. I do a lot of trees throughout the house as well and hope to have one in each room soon.
    come for a visit and the free give away going on -- 3rd on for July

  9. Thanks for sharing your Christmas in July!


  10. Love your Christmas in July post. And I hope that your computer gets working again real soon. I'm lucky, I have a computer whiz son who fixes me computer right away.

  11. Thanks for sharing your Christmas in July! Your decorating is so pretty, and your dining room is just gorgeous and looks so inviting!!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  12. Hello Cass...

    So happy to have you join in with Sunday Favorites again this week, my friend! I'm so sorry to hear that you're still having computer problems...hopefully you will get whatever it is that you need...soon! I love Christmas!!! So Christmas in July just makes me smile! I loved seeing all of your beautiful Christmas trees...I especially love the real tree that you's so full of so many beautiful ornaments!!! Just gorgeous!!! Ohhh...and I love your little Santa tree that you put in the powder room too!!! Girl, I don't know how you do it...sometimes I have trouble just getting one tree decorated...I can't imagine decorating several! My hat's definitely off to you!

    I can hardly wait till this next Christmas...I'm just know "That Old House" is going to be stunning in all it's Christmas finery!!!

    Have a super Sunday, my friend...and thank you so much for sharing a little Christmas cheer in July! I just love it!!!


  13. Cass,
    How fun!! I love all your trees!! My ex was a Christmas tree grower so I just can't bring myself to have an artificial one but they do hold ornaments more sturdily! Come by and sign up for my giveaway! Hugs Cindy

  14. Oh, all of your trees are so beautiful. I love fresh trees, but allergies keep me from having one. Isn't it funny how many of us went with Christmas in July themes? Maybe we're just crazy from the heat - 30 days over 100 here and it's only the middle of July! Thanks for sharing this. Kathy

  15. My goodness! Where do you store all of those ornaments?!?! That could probably be a post all its own.

  16. Dear Sweet Cass:
    Update on Amy. She has PASSED the test. Yes, she has PASSED the test. The Dr. said her little vessels looked so good and she had such a wonderful blood flow. While the balloon was inflated she showed no signs at all of a stroke. They injected some die at the time the balloon was in there, and she is on her way for a scan of sorts to double check the brain and make sure there is no sign of a stroke. This is more or less a double check. She told Debbie, "No more tests Mom, no more tests." The Dr. said he saw no reason why she should not have the surgery, but would talk with them after this scan. Debbie did get to see Amy on her way to the next test, and she was teary eyed but glad it was over, and Praise God she PASSED. Keep up the prayers as they are so working. God Bless you, Love Sherry


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