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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Manic Monday -- Mosaics Wild, A Metamorphosis Mild, And A Thrifty Treasure Gild-ed

Triple threat today -- A Metamorphosis, a few Mosaics, and a Thrifty Treasure.

Whew -- that's a mouthful.

First, we're checking in with Mary at Little Red House, where she hosts Mosaic Mondays. (Click here for more.)


I'm not really good yet at this Mosaic thing; each time it's a surprise if I manage to do one. I use Picasa, because it's already on the computer and I keep learning something new.

This time, I learned that if you highlight an entire folder and tell Picasa to make a collage, this is what you get:

And it makes you laugh out loud.

How nuts is that? We can play "Where's Dion?" in this mosaic -- can you find the spaniel in the jumble?
He's in there; Dion manages to get his nose into most of what goes on around here.


Now, a more sane mosaic --- one that brings together the elements for today's metamorphosis:

And that brings us to the business at hand -- decently clothing a bare-nekkid Parlor fireplace.


Thanks to Susan at Between Naps On The Porch for hosting Metamorphosis Monday (click here!) and to Rhoda of Southern Hospitality for hosting Today's Thrifty Treasure (click here!) -- go ahead, click and find some great stories!


Our fireplace overmantel needed help. It was bare as bare could be:

My friend Suzanne, who is a decorator, said, "A big painting, that's what it needs."

That sounded good, provided I could find a big painting that I loved.

But, I was getting another message from another source -- That Old House herself was chiming in. And she is a force to be reckoned with, this old gal.

Do you see what living in an old house can do to you? You get a little batty.
(Although some might say you are batty for buying an old house in the first place!)

Well, That Old House told me that she wanted a mirror over that fireplace.
And not just any mirror.
A round, convex mirror with an eagle on top, and little balls strung all around,
representing the 13 original colonies.
A mirror that was cutting-edge fashion back when That Old House was a youngster.

I folded. I have learned to listen to my house.

For more than a year, I cruised Ebay, bid, and lost.
Then week before last, I made a low-ball bid . . . and won.

It arrived in an enormous cardboard box, and I had a moment of panic that it was too big!

Anne: "Mom, didn't you get the measurements before you bid?"
Me: "I didn't think I'd win!"

But by the time Anne and I cut and pulled and wrenched off the wrappings and paddings and Styrofoam peanuts. . .

It turned out to be just the right size.

So we hung it, all by ourselves with our lily white hands, and a big ol' hammer.

Yeah, we hung it a tad too high. We can fix that.

Well? Was That Old House right about what was supposed to hang on her wall?

I'm thinking the lady knows whereof she speaks.
And she wants one room in the house where the original owners would feel, well, at home.


One more mosaic -- I told you I've been practicing. This one with real live people. When our daughters went to London back in June, they took lots of arms-length self-portraits, together. Here are a few of them:

Digital cameras are amazing; the girls brought home something like 1,000 shots. Mind boggling.

I wish I'd had digital cameras and computer editing back when they were little and cute. Now they're old and they don't smell like baby powder anymore. (We were at a family baptism on Sunday -- lots of little ones underfoot, made me miss babies!)

Go visit! -- Cass


  1. Your mosaics are wonderful. The first one that the computer did really is a scream. lol Too funny. The mirror is just perfect for the fireplace. I really like it. Hugs, Marty

  2. The mirror is great but don't change those smiling daughters.

  3. Cass,
    You are just too funny! Have I ever told you how much I love your old house? TEEHEE! About a million times!--- AND-- I know that old house was talking to you in just the right way!! That mirror is just amazing and nothing, nothing, could be better!! Love the mosaics too, I am still figuring those out and mine look like your first one! Come see our fireplace redo when you can, hugs, Cindy

  4. Oh Cass, the mosiacs are wonderful, and This Old House was speaking right when she said mirror. It looks beautiful. I have a brick wall behind my fireplace so I couldn't hang my mirror, so I laid it on it's side on top of the mantel, and when I put things in front of it the mirror image is breathtaking. I just love mirrors used as such. She's a good old house. Country Hugs, Sherry

  5. Love the mosaics, that first one is riot! The mirror looks fabulous over the fireplace. Love it!


  6. Wow your mosaics are gorgeous. I love how the rooms turned out. Your home looks beautiful.

    Happy Mosaic Monday,


  7. The mirror looks great over the fireplace! Awww! I see that sweet face in the center. :)
    So many pretty smiles.

  8. What a beautiful room! I love the mirror over the mantel!

  9. Cass, thank you for leaving such a wonderful comment on my blog. It was awesome to hear your view on the book and the stories of the bonecrusher blankets. Too funny!!

    LOVE the mirror and the lady of the house was spot on in her desires of what she wanted in HER home. What a sweet story!!

    happy day,

  10. PS: Great mosaics!!! I DO spy your precious King Charles!!!!

  11. The mirror is just perfect. The mosaics are great I love the one of your daughters!

  12. That mirror must be very, very happy to have finally arrived HOME in that wonderful old house!
    It looks great!

    Your posts are always informative and very entertaining. Loved the one on the ironstone pitcher sisters --- wonderful fun, and they're all beauties!

    Bye for now,

  13. Yes I think it was the right choice. Would the old gal lie to you?

  14. Wow, that first mosaic a la Picasa. Um. Wow.

    Love the one of the girls, and really dig that mirror. Good choice, definitely.

  15. The mirror is just perfect! Love the mosaics...I just have to take the time to learn how to do that.

  16. Lovely pictures and lovely mosaics. I had a mosaic like yours with a hundred pictures all at once. Didn't know what happened. It was fun.

  17. Aint technology grand!!!!!
    Your mirror is perfect!

  18. thanks for your sweet comment! Your home is STUNNING! I can honestly say it is alot like the house I have in my dreams! only for me it will stay in my dreams, I am sure. I love what you did with the mantel, great mirror!

  19. The London mosaic is a great way to honor their trip, and their dexterity! I think it's so funny how adept girls are at taking their own pictures! I enjoyed your other mosaics, too. Dion did make an appearance... what a cute nose and eyes on that one. And your mantel turned out great. (You kept me busy over here, and I enjoyed the visit!)

  20. What a sweet find that mirror was! I love it and it looks great in your old house. Thanks for joining the party today.

  21. I love your mosaics, and love the mirror over the fireplace. Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comments and prayers*! I hope you are having a great afternoon*! I think I've told you before, but in case I didn't, I LOVE the pic in your header*!
    (((hugs)) _Ashley*

  22. My daughters take arm's length self portraits too. My married daughter and her husband make me laugh--the photos all look pretty much the same to me but to them they are priceless memories. I'm sure your daughters had a wonderful time in London by the looks of their faces. I've enjoyed the post and your sense of humor. Great mosaics! ~Kathy

  23. The mirror is fabulous! I've had the same wild mosaics happen to me on Picasa. I still haven't gotten used to it.

  24. Hello Cass...

    Girl, you had my eyes crossed on that first mosaic! Hehe! But I'll have you know...I did find your little cocker spaniel in that wild managerie! hehe!

    Ohhh...I do love your new mirror! I think it's just perfect for "That Old House's" fireplace!!! Soooo pretty!!!

    Love the photo mosaic of your daughter's too...they're beautiful young women, my friend!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  25. I think "that old house" was absolutely correct! It is beautiful and looks lovely above your fireplace. (Is listening to your old house sort of like listening to a woman's intuition? If so, I'd listen too.)

  26. Cass !
    I am laughing at that mosaic..poor little puppy getting lost in the middle, LOL !
    The girls mosaic turned out great - kids take sooooo many pictures now a days, I think it is wonderful !
    Love your mantle and fireplace - cool mirror - Have fun adding other pieces !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  27. Love the mirror and especially your ironstone!!!

    Thanks for the info on the vine. I'll have to look it up!

  28. Great mosaics! Everything looks so beautiful! I use Picasa too, try adding the grid spacing option to separate your photos just a tiny bit. I think you'll like the result :-)

  29. Wow! Your house talks to you, too? So does mine!! I don't always listen though, and I usually regret it. I always apologize.

    The mirror is perfect for that spot and those first mosaics are a hoot!

    Aunt May's Cottage

  30. Cass...I can't believe it....:)

    I was studying your beautiful mosaic and my eye was drawn straight to your new gorgeous mirror! I kid you not. I thought it reminded me of the Marine Corps symbol of the globe and anchor and I was wondering if you knew a Marine? Toooo funny!

    LOVE it above you mantel! ~WOW! Your home is just too pretty for words my friend. ~Stunning! :)

  31. You and your house was right! The mirror is perfect! So glad you held out and got what the house was telling you to get. (Houses talk to me too - whether they are young or old-I guess I'm REALLY crazy)! Your daughters are beautiful. laurie

  32. Hello Cass - love your beautiful home! That mirror above the mantel is fabulous and perfect for that spot. Enjoyed the mosaics too! Thank you for sharing.


  33. I just came over to your site from Charli and Me for a visit and I liked your blog so much that I ended up joining your followers and placing a link to your blog on mine. Your blog is full of interesting posts and photos. Please come over my cottage for a visit and some tea and if you have a moment while visiting please join my followers, much appreciated.

    Have a Happy Tea & Friendship Tuesday

    Duchess xx

  34. Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the nice comment. Oh, your new mirror looks perfect! Love your home too!

    Debbie :)

  35. Oh that mirror is amazing - and I don't think it's too high. It's the perfect height to fit something under - candles or a planter. That mirror is really great though. I can't wait to start looking around your blog!

  36. Yes, That Old Hosue was right about what is supposed to hang over her mantle - good for you for paying attention!
    Gorgeous daughters - you must be proud!

  37. You always make me giggle Cass...

    I love the mirror and the old gal was right, it's perfect :)

    Have I told you that your daughters are beautiful? They are and now you know, but I didn't have to tell you that, did I? LOL


  38. Oh Cass, I'm always grinning like an idiot by the time I finish reading your posts. :) Yes, the first mosaic is a little, well, busy... but I still love them both. That mirror is perfect. Your old house is so wise. And gorgeous, too. Thanks so much for sharing your wit and wisdom at Mosaic Monday. :)

  39. I love your mosaics and it is fun to see the spontaneous mosaic made up of all the photos in your folder! I did spot Dion right away - can't miss a cute little face peering out from all those pictures!

    Thanks for stopping by my place! Sorry your daughter rubs our CA winters in. Some of my in-laws live in Upstate and we have a tendency to do that to them too - but that's because they moved away and now they complain about the snow. hee hee.

    Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

  40. Love the old house - Looks like it could be here around East TN - I also love your ironstone - I have some gracing my mantel as well.

  41. Man, the collage or mosaic things really were scary ;-) . The mirror does look nice---thanks to Ebay love Ebay.

  42. What a great mosaic of the beautiful and happy girls and their trip! Oooh....I know they loved London! : )

    The perfect mirror in the most wonderful, gorgeous house!


  43. My gosh, they're gorgeous! The mirror, too!


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