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Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Table 'Scaped With Thrift -- It's Lunchtime!

You know those nightmares where you just can't seem to get going?

That has been my Thursday -- trying to get some time at the computer to get my Tablescape and Thrifties post up with Howard working from home, at my computer. (Da nerve.) Talk about late. . . .

Finally -- done. I'm hopping on three blog party bandwagons -- Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps On The Porch, Vintage Thingies Thursday over at Coloradolady and Thrifty Thursday at Bloggeritaville. Click on the blog names to visit, and read more. Thanks to our charming hostesses; they must be very organized to be able to do this!


Ebay, Dollar Tree, T.J.Maxx and some old free stuff have all conspired for this Tablescape, Vintage Thingies, and Thrifty Thursday post.

There will be three of us for lunch, and it's a simple summer menu:
cold tomato soup, crusty bread, and iced tea.

A simple menu calls for a simple table.

Three Dollar Tree dishclothes -- woven cotton in different black & white designs -- are our placemats.

Atop them, the basketweave-bordered plates, also from Dollar Tree.

I love these plates, and since I'll never cough up the cash to buy the similar patterns
in Wedgwood or Aynsley or whoever else has it, I'm very happy with these.

Then, the bowls. T.J. Maxx -- $2.99 each.

I love how the black design climbs over the rim into the interior.

The bread plates are Wedgwood. I found them in the beach house kitchen a few weeks ago;
I have no idea where my Mom got them -- probably a church rummage sale.

I actually bought the Lenox wineglasses retail, years ago from the now defunct and much missed Fortunoff's.

They will be just right for cold iced tea, and I've put coasters underneath to catch condensation; a single layer of cotton toweling won't protect the table well enough from that.

The coasters were a thrift shop find a few months ago -- 8 of them for a couple of bucks.

Napkins. . . I was going to use these old linen lovelies:

But for soup they are just too small. So instead of luncheon sized dainties,
we have great big old linens that can do the job.

For Howard, a huge German damask napkin -- smooth linen, and nearly 30-inches square.

For me, an old huck towel, not so huge, with wide hand faggoting along the border, and a big "C" monogram.

Not officially a napkin, but it will work. (Table linens don't belong to unions;
you can force them to work out of their job descriptions.)

Anne gets another piece of old huck, also monogrammed, and soft from many years of laundering. I think this monogram is a "C" also, but you never can be sure; some of those old monograms are pretty funky.

All the "napkins" are from Ebay; none cost more than a couple of dollars.

The flatware is my trusty old Georgian plate, and amazingly enough most of it even has the right monogram -- "L" -- considering I've collected this flatware piecemeal on Ebay with a wacky variety of monograms.

This pattern was introduced in 1912.
Great big soup spoons and little butter knives -- that's all we need today!

A few daisies and some blossoming hedge branches from the yard (thank you, Howard!) --

. . . and it is time for lunch!

Cold tomato soup -- that's goat cheese plopped in the middle --
slices from a baguette, and iced green tea. Yes, it was good.

On Friday I am blogging about how I hunt on Craigslist, and I'll show you some amazing bargains currently available here in North Jersey; I've got some beauties for you!

Join me on a Craigslist Caravan on Friday, and you will see why I am addicted, and why half my house is decorated in Craigslist bargains.
-- Cass

PS... a special note to Keetha of Keepie's Eclectic Stuff -- you wanted me to find you someplace to keep dining room china? How does free and gorgeous sound? You just have to come to New Jersey and get it. :-) Check in tomorrow!


  1. What a clever setting. All useful for other occasions ... very lovely bouquet. Love it all ... TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Cass, you silly, silly, goose!!! You may mention me, link to me, talk to me, anytime you want to!!! You certainly don't need my permission. As if bloggers don't WANT all the recognition they can get!

    I've seen pie safes with punched tin, but here's one with screen - - - so whoever told you it had to have punched tin was in error and you were, OF COURSE, right!!!

    I HOPE I can get here to your blog tomorrow to see about the free china cabinet - - - but I'll be on the road, on vacation tomorrow. Maybe I'll just have to halt the procession (friends are following us) to blog!


  3. What a beautiful table! That soup looks delicious. And your husband cut you flowers from the garden?! How romantic.

    Thank you for sharing.


  4. Oh I love the tablescape. Daisies are my favorite all time flower, so anything with them is wonderful to me. Your dishes are so pretty and the bowls are lovely with the way the design flows around the sides and then runs inside. Your menu also sounds so great. Very creative use of linens and so pretty. Hugs, Marty

  5. Love the linens... The C, for Crawford,(my last name)....Thank you for thinking of me... Why yes! I'd love to come!!!Ha! Love those coasters too, xoxo~Kath @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  6. You've set an absolutely gorgeous table! I can't believe those plates are from Dollar Tree!

  7. Cass, that table is perfect! Love that it's thrifted, and it is SO cute! You really did a bang-up job on it, and in addition to the dishes and other great finds, I love the simple white centerpiece... so fresh and summery. And I LOVE the way that pattern creeps over into the bowl. Oh, how cute is that!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  8. You watch your A on that Craig's list...never go alone...too many horror stories..
    Love those old linens..I have some from when Bridgehampton used to have a huge Trash to Treasure sale every year. I am talking 30 yrs ago. Lots of big old estates emptied out..pre ebay and yard sales, so there was always a lot to pick from!
    Love your mom's Wedgewood too!

  9. Those bowls are so unique and pretty. You are so clever to find different uses for such wonderful things. Your "placemats" and "napkins" are perfect, and your centerpiece is great! It is such an inviting lunch table. laurie

  10. Lovely table the mix of new and old!

  11. What a lovely setting. So sweet of your hubs to cut you fresh flowers.

    Thanks for sharing your pretty table!


  12. Lovely table setting, I'm glad that the linens don't belong to a union. LOL Neitehr do my dishes - I like to use banana split dishes for corn on the cob - just the right size.

  13. Better late than never right.
    Glad you made it. I like the way the black vine goes through the soup and comes out the other side.

  14. Cass my friend...I love it all girl..but the soup made me hungry now ha ha!! great table girl...May you have a great weekend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  15. Hi! I love the flowers! So sweet! I love love the huck napkins! I love the woven black and white placemats! I weave, but not a lot of placemats! I should be ashamed! lol Adore the coasters!!!! Oh the dishes are always so great! Oh, the soup, looks great, don't tell my hubby! lol Got to go finish putting up peas!

  16. Very nice. Love the simple bouquet and those white dishes. I am telling myself that I have enough dishes and should not run right out and get a stack of these.

    Very creative and lovely post.

  17. Love your table setting - what time is lunch? :-) The soup looks so good, but can I have mine without the goat cheese, please.:)

  18. Very lovely tablescape. Black & white always looks so striking. Great comment on "linens not belonging to a union" lol! So true, I find large napkins are so versatile. They can be placemats, runners, doilies, ...and even napkins!


  19. Really nice! I like those bowls! I've really got to make my way over to the Dollar Tree sometime soon! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Cass-I love the black and white with the daisies and I love all cold soup! I think I may have to make gazpacho now. Your comments about Howard made me laugh. When we married my husbands says that I said " for better or worse, but not for lunch"! :)

  21. I really love your table. I love your linens, and the monograms. Very pretty. I have a hard time finding anything with out initials.

    Have a great weekend and a happy VTT!

  22. Beautiful and creative. The food looks wonderful, too.

  23. What a wonderful table setting. I love your napkins. What a beautiful home you have. I'm so glad you swung by to say hello. I hope to see you again soon..
    hugs ~lynne~

  24. Hi Cass , Thanks for visiting. i am keeping an eye on my arm - using triple antibiotic ointment, If it starts looking worse or such, I will go to the Dr.

  25. I love your budget finds! I honesly believe that it makes it all even more fun. Did you get those plates from Dollar Tree recently? I would love to have some.


  26. what lovely photos and delightful table setting :)

  27. Such lovely table and I really liked the story of everything. The bowls with the design going over the edge, was my favorite piece. :) Hope you had a lovely lunch with your guests!

  28. Oh, Cass, you ARE a lucky lady! Your home is my dream home! The table is beautiful, and you are so funny - loved your "About Me" - just too cute! I'll be back for another visit soon!

  29. So, so...pretty...and love the color scheme.

    Beautiful favorite!!


  30. You actually set the table for lunch! wow! I am impressed. Hubby and I rarely sit at the table unless we have company.

    Your table is beautifully set!

  31. Hi Cass,
    I almost missed this post -- so many tables; so little time!!!

    I'm crazy about the monogrammed towels and flatware. The old mono's just add so much character, don't they?

  32. Love those basketweave plate---dollar tree??? wow!

    Love your monograms. The soup looks delish too!

  33. Elegant tablescape & beautiful linens

  34. I loved your tablesettings..and your amazing way of putting together things I never would have thought of. Your table was lovely..and the bargins quite wonderful. Happy VTT..have a lovely weekend.

  35. Cass, what a lovely table you set. Love both old and new.


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